Theme: Life

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Difficult roads

often lead to

beautiful destinations.

She couldn't stop crying.

She just couldn't.

Sasuke didn't even know what the problem was. His wife had always cried when they were young. Now that they were adults, he seldom hears even a sob from his wife, although she does have her fits once in a while, and those moments were quite rare.

He understood that pregnant women were prone to crying fits supposedly, suddenly without any reason (He knew thanks to a certain someone who ran to him to rattle on and on about how his wife was crying, saying he couldn't stand to see it because she looked like she was suffering and in pain.). Now that he could see for himself his own wife's emotional imbalance due to pregnancy, he was sure he didn't like it one bit.

He heard her cry first before he saw her come to him, walking slowly as if she were afraid. The sight of her crying was more heartbreaking than he thought possible. He liked to think that he was a kind of man that didn't care too much for emotional outburst and thought thoroughly with rationality. In this case however, he found himself frowning and concerned, hurt even, to see his wife cry. Her face ashen as though someone she cared a lot for had gone and died. He checked her physical appearance first to see if she was hurt, though he honestly doubted someone was even capable of going near her if she was ever threatened. When he couldn't see even the slightest blemish on her skin, he feared the worse. The only thing he could think about that could make her cry that much was if something happened to their unborn child. A chill ran down his spine.

When he asked her if she was alright, he decided that something serious had happened because her cries became louder and more heartfelt. He came closer to her and she immediately latched onto him, hugging him with her clenched fists.

"Shhh. It's okay Sakura. Just tell me what's wrong." He whispered, gently trying to comfort his wailing wife and running his palm smooth circles on her back.

She didn't answer him, just smashed herself closer to his chest like she didn't want to separate from him. He hugged her closer and waited for her to calm down.

It felt like a few hours had gone before his wife's cries became mere sobs. He tried to ask again, "Sakura, tell me what happened.".

A few moments passed by before his wife finally looked up to him, her eyes were red and puffy. He felt his heart clenched at the sight, internally swearing to make sure that his wife would never have to cry like so again.

"Sa-sasuke.." she called, her voice small and slightly hoarse from crying.

"Tell me." He tried again. The sooner he knew what happened, the sooner he could take care of it.

"Sasuke." She called again, clearer this time.


"Y-you have to make sure to die before me."

It took Sasuke a grand total of three seconds to comprehend what his wife just told him. Whatever it was that he thought was the reason for his wife to cry that hard, he wasn't expecting what he just heard. Admittedly, he was more than a little shocked.

"...what?" He asked, a little hesitant and tried hard not to stutter.

His shock must have been apparent to his wife because she immediately followed up, "I-I mean don't die young! But when the time comes, you have to die before me. I can't - can't stand to think that you'd be growing old, missing your wife while life goes on before you. Who'd take care of you if I go first, what if you die with loneliness. I just - please." She cried again, tears pouring from her eyes.

Sasuke thought about what she said.

"...where did you get this idea?"

His wife was still sobbing when she answered, "I was watching the television and ..." at this point, Sasuke didn't hear anything else she said. He knew it. He should've never accepted the television Naruto gave them.

"-so sad that his wife died. He wanted to go after her every day, just wasting his years and-"

"Sakura." He interrupted.

"I- what?"

"Do you think I'd want you to experience what you don't want me to?" He asked, serious.

"I- no! But, I'd rather it was me than you. You already lost your family once, I don't want you to feel any loss ever again."

He felt warmth inside him. He brought his wife into his arms and firmly held her, once again, thankful for having her in his life.

"Sakura." He whispered against her ear.

She answered by clenching her hands on his back.

"Although I'd rather die first if anything happens, now that you're telling me this, I'm having second thoughts."

Before his wife could say something to chide him, he continued, "-so let's go together. When we're old and when our child, maybe children, can live their own lives."

Although his wife cried harder, Sasuke felt at ease. When he was a child, he'd never thought to want a family and to live so long, now, he was content. He smiled to himself, bringing his wife closer and resting his head on hers.

Now, all he needed to do was to get rid of the television.

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