This is Hermione's fifth year. Year 2003.


Hermione's parents dropped her off at the train station. She ran into platform 9 ¾ and began to walk toward the scarlet steam engine. Hermione saw Harry with a group of boys and girls she did not recognize. She decided to leave him alone, though; he seemed to be enjoying himself. She walked to the train and went to the usual compartment; she knew Harry and Ron would find her. She shrunk her trunk and put it on the floor right in front of her. She let Crookshanks out of his cage, who stretched then jumped on her lap and purred. She stroked the ginger cat's soft hair. She eventually fell asleep waiting.

"Hermione!" she heard someone say her name and nudge her.

"What?" she asked, her eyesight was blurring and she was trying to adjust.

"We are almost to Hogwarts, you need to change," she heard the voice again.



"Okay," she said, realizing it was him. She got up and found an empty compartment to change in. She quickly got her uniform on and headed back to the other compartment.

"So, how was your nap?" Harry asked.

"Good. Where's Ron?" she asked.

"Buying a few sweets," Harry said and the two laughed. Crookshanks jumped down off a seat and walked over to Hermione. She picked him up and sat down.

"We should be there any second," Harry said, quite happy.

"Yea," Hermione said. The train eventually came to a stop and Harry and Hermione got up to get off the train.

"'Ello 'Arry! 'Ello Hermione!" they heard Hagrid yell and saw him wave.

"Hey Hagrid!" they said in unison and waved. They walked over to the horseless carriages and got in one with Seamus and Neville.

"I think I've forgotten something," Neville said.

"Oh no..." Hermione said, that could not mean anything good. The rest of the ride to the school was silent. They entered the school and walked to the Great Hall, taking their seats at the Gryffindor table. Hermione watched the first years get sorted. It seemed to take forever, but was over soon enough. She began to eat, listening to Harry and Ron talk about Quidditch, and watching them stuff their faces.

"You two are such pigs!" she exclaimed.

"Thanks!" Ron said, knowing it would annoy her. Hermione turned her attention back to her food. She was not that hungry anymore, so she pushed her food around on her plate. She got up with the first years to go to the common room. She was not the Prefect and she did not even know who this girl was! Hermione was not too happy about that.

'If I am not Prefect next year... OH!' she thought. Being a Prefect or Head Girl was what she had dreamed of since her first year. She now knew the password and decided to go up to her room.

"Oh, double Potions with Slytherin first thing!" she sighed. Classes did not start until tomorrow, but the first class with Slytherin stunk. "Well, at least I have Herbology, too."

She walked back down to the common room.

"Hey, Hermione, where are you going?" she heard someone ask. She turned to face Ron.

"To the library, of course. Where else would I be going?"

"Figures," Ron muttered and walked away. She walked to the library, the halls were empty; everyone would be in his or her common room for the first day. She quietly walked into the library and began to scan the bookshelves for a good book.

"Hm..." she said as she put her finger on a rather large book that said "Year Book."

"This should be interesting," she laughed softly and pulled the book out of the shelf. She carried the heavy book over to a table and sat down in an over-stuffed couch, causing her to sink in the seat. She opened the book and some dust filled the air, she coughed and quickly fanned it away.

'I guess this is not looked at often,' she thought and turned the pages. She came across a picture that looked like Harry.

'That must be James,' she thought and looked at the caption under the waving picture. It said James Potter. She looked at more pictures from that year, 1988, James´ fifth year. She saw Lily Evens, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape, who looked like an ugly git with greasy hair, Lucius Malfoy, who looked just like Draco, Tom Riddle, and then she saw a picture that looked like herself. It even had her name, Hermione Granger.

¨That is impossible!¨ she exclaimed, loud enough that the librarian scolded her. She looked at the year before, the fourth year, and the year after, the sixth, but that girl was only in the fifth year photographs.

She decided she needed some sleep and walked back to the common room, which was filled with Gryffindors, so she decided to go up to her room and go to bed.

AN - PLEASE NOTE - This is a fan fiction story, I read more FF than I do the actual books, so I do not know how old these people really are, but it has to be fifteen years ago for a certain reason...You will understand later.