There was a soft rap on the door. Ginny and Harry entered the room quietly. Ginny lay the food on Hermione's bed stand. Hermione lay in bed, curled up into a ball beneath her blankets.

"'Mione?" Harry sat down on her bed and rested a hand on her figure. She slowly rolled onto her back, and Harry pulled his hand away. "I'm sorry."

"It… it's okay," Hermione said as she wiped her eyes. She sat up and leaned against her pillows. "I think you need to know some things about the past. We should go talk to Sev… Snape. Ginny, want to tag along?"

"Of course," Ginny smiled and helped Hermione out of bed. Ginny linked arms with Hermione and pulled Harry out of the room. They headed out of the Gryffindor tower and down to the dungeons. Hermione decided to take a longer route and dragged Harry and Ginny by Tom's old room. The portrait still sat there.

"What are you hiding?" Hermione asked the portrait. The woman laughed at her. Harry and Ginny stood there in confusion.

"You look just like the girl that used to visit the boys every day about a decade ago. My password has been changed since then hun," the lady stated with a smile. Hermione sighed and walked down the hallway. It would not have mattered much - she did not know how to get out anyway. They entered the corridor he was on and rapped loudly on his office door.

"Come in!" Snape yelled in response. Hermione opened the door, and they all slipped in. He looked up from his desk and smiled slightly. Hermione grabbed a chair and placed it in front of his desk, motioning for the other two to do the same. "You are ready to further discuss what happened?" Snape asked.

"Yes. I think Harry needs to know about what happened. I can tell him some things, but I still do not know everything. I need your help Severus. I think we should first of all tell him about my son… Then we should tell him about you," Hermione said with a weak and sad smile. He sighed and nodded in agreement. "And Sev… What happened to Tom's secret room? The portrait told me the password was changed… but I wanted to see if his notes and paperwork was still there."

"We changed the password after you left, and he became the Dark Lord. Dumbledore has the password. I do not know it for security reasons - we don't want him to access the room through me. The original copy of Draco's adoption papers remain locked in that room for now, as do any notes Tom might have written about it and any letters he kept that dealt with you," Severus said. Harry and Ginny were in shock.

"Draco?" Harry asked with a look of complete shock. "Draco…"

"Yes," Hermione sighed. "Draco is my son. He's no pureblood. Tom raped me when he was drunk after a quidditch game one evening early in the school year. I was extremely unlucky and wound up pregnant. At that point, Tom had already started transforming into Voldemort. He knew he could not take care of a child and did not deem me as fit, either. Lucius would be the best fit. He could then keep little Riddle close and remain assured that the child would grow up following him in similar footsteps."

"But you allowed it, Hermione?" Ginny asked. She was even a little upset by this.

"What options did I have at that point, Ginny? I wouldn't give him to James and Lily - I knew they would be killed by my 'lover' soon thereafter. Tom was stubborn, and I did not know many people. I also knew when I heard the proposal that Riddle was Draco. Tom and I would charm Riddle to look like Lucius, so it would appear that Draco was Lucius' true son," Hermione frowned.

"She really did not have many options, Weasley. Give her a break. It's hard enough for her as is. She has to deal with knowing that her son hates her. She can't even tell him that he is her son. The Dark Lord is out to get her right now simply because of her name. He did not believe she was from the future; he thought she ran away from him," Severus said. "But enough about that for now. I think the situation with Lily is a bit more important to Harry." Snape paused. This would be extremely difficult to explain to Harry. "Harry… You are not an only child." Harry stared at Snape.

"I.. have a sibling? Was he or she killed by Voldemort?" Harry had a worried look on his face.

"No, she wasn't. Voldemort did not want her because she was not James' child."

"What? My mother cheated on my father!" Harry was half in tears. Hermione broke down a few minutes earlier. Hearing everything, reliving it through this conversation, was so difficult. "You must be mistaken; she would not have done that!"

"She did, Harry. Your sister was put up for adoption. James did not know it was not his child. They felt they could not handle supporting you and your sister, so they put her up for adoption."

"Who was the father?" Harry interjected. Hermione opened her mouth to help Severus out, but he stopped her.

"I am the father," Snape said quietly.