It was a nice day on the Thousand Sunny. The fresh wind blew into the masts, pushing the ship of the future pirate king along on his journey. This was the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, one of the strongest rookie pirate crews to ever set sail.

Ever since Luffy set off on his journey to be the Pirate King, they had gone through many adventures. They defeated all the pirate brutes in the East Blue, liberated the Kingdom of Alabasta and gave them back the rain, while defeating the Shichibukai Crocodile, wrecked Enies Lobby, evaded a Buster Call, retrieved their stolen shadows, defeated yet another Shichibukai Moria, and survived an encounter with Kuma right after that.

No one expected that this crew of nine, would be such a pain in the ass for the World Government. What was even more surprising to them was that this crew had only been around for less than a year. Moreover, they were from East Blue - the weakest of the four seas - and that this brave bunch of teenagers only set off from the East Blue to the Grand Line with only 5 members. Heck, none of those a members were even a doctor. How the heck did they survive for so long? many people wondered. They only had a perverted cook that kicked his enemies away, and money, tangerine loving thieving navigator, a long-nosed, scaredy-cat snipper, a former bounty hunter moss-haired swordsman who used 3 swords, with a rubber-headed reckless idiot.

Over time they slowly acquired more members. They got a reindeer who ate the Hito-Hito no Mi (Human-Human Fruit) as a doctor, a former Baroque Works Agent who ate the Hana-Hana no Mi (Flower Flower Fruit), a perverted cyborg who wore nothing more that a speedos and a shirt, and a revivied musical skeleton who ate the Yomi-Yomi no Mi (Revive-Revive Fruit) that asks every girl he meets for their inner wear.

Currently, the Straw Hat pirates were on their way to the Sabaody Archipelago, the final island before heading off to the New World. It was pretty normal on the crew, if you count the usual behaviours of the crew members normal. Brook was singing Bink's Sake, Franky was restocking the cola barrels for the Coup de Burst, Robin was reading, Chopper was making more of his special Rumble Balls, Sanji was cooking desserts for the ladies, Nami was mapping out the previous island that they were at, Usopp was working on his Chilli Ammo, Zoro was napping on the deck and Luffy was, being Luffy.

"Hey! Everyone! The seas look so nice today. Let's go swimming in that inflatable pool Franky built!" Luffy suddenly, sitting on the lion head of the Sunny. The gentle waves were calmly lapping at the hull of their ship, fresh seawater softly spraying onto the deck. "That's a SUPER idea, Luffy-bro! Let me go set it up!" Franky yelled back, running back to the lower levels of the Sunny to set up the pool.

"Hmmm... Okay, but be careful Luffy. We do not want to have to fish you out of the ocean again." Nami said, walking out of the room. "Nami-swan! You are so beautiful when you are being harsh! I just made these tart with the tangerines you gave me! Please enjoy them! Oh you too Robin-chan!" Sanji swooned, kneeling on one knee and holding up the tray of pastries. "Arigato, Sanji-kun." Robin said, slowing taking a tart. At the mention of his name, blood leaked out of the cook's nose.

"Oi, stupid cook. Go bleed to death or something." Zoro grunted, opening one eye to stare at the chef. "What was you marimo?" Sanji snapped, his nosebleed suddenly disappearing. "You swirly eyebrow, no one wants you here, maybe if we did not stop by the Baratie we would have gotten a real cook." "You shitty swordsman!" A fight between the two almost broke out if not for a certain runner idiot yelling,"Hey guys! Let's swim! Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin! I'm going to call Chopper!"

"Okay" the four replied. Just then, the newspaper bird came, squawking. Nami sighed and dropped some belis into the pouch of the bird, before grabbing a newspaper. "They raised the price again" Nami mumbled, flipping through the paper, before stopping to stare at the page,"What is this? We have new bounties?" She ripped the bounties out of the newspaper and quickly headed to her room to change.

At the pool, Luffy and Usopp were splashing water at each other, Zoro was napping at the shallow end of the pool, with most of his body covered in water (seriously how the heck can he sleep anywhere he is?), Sanji was bringing snacks and drinks to the poolside, Chopper was sitting at the side of the pool, too small in size to actually get into the pool, Robin and Nami were chatting by the side of the pool, Brook was playing some song on the violin, and Franky was working on something at the bottom of the pool.

"Usopp can you hand me the wrench? I'm trying to speed up the drainage system so that we can quickly get ready in case of an attack." Franky surfaced, gulping down the much needed oxygen. Usopp tossed him the wrench and Franky went underwater. "What are you doing?" Luffy bounded over. Usopp told him that they were fixing something. "Cool! I want to see!" Luffy exclaimed. "Luffy don't-" Usopp tried to stop him, but Luffy jumped into the deep end of the pool, and immediately started sinking. Zoro immediately jumped in and pulled him to the surface. "Phew that was close. Thanks Zoro!"Luffy panted after getting fished out. "Geez what would you do without us?" Zoro rolled his eyes. "Shishishishi" Luffy giggled.

"We have important things to discuss. Some of us have new bounties." Nami said. "Really? Did i get a bounty?" Chopper asked. "Yeah Chopper, all of use have new bounties, and I think they also added Brook's bounty to ours." Nami said. Currently, after seeing the new bounties, Luffy had a bounty of 300 million belis, Zoro had one of 120 million belis, Sanji's was 77 million, Nami's was 16 million, Usopp's (Sogeking) was 30 million, Chopper's was 50, Robin's was 80 million, Franky's was 44 million while Brook's was 33 million. "Yes! I'm worth 300 million beli! It's closer to Ace's now!" Luffy yelled. Zoro simply smirked, while Sanji was groaning at the santoryuu user having a higher bounty. Chopper looked rather dejected, but Brook and Usopp tried to cheer him up. Franky was doing his "SUPER" poses, with Nami facepalming at the boys reaction, while Robin was giggling at her crewmates childish reactions.

Meanwhile elsewhere on the Grand Line, there were other reactions to the increase in the bounty.

"Captain, the Straw Hats have some new bounties" A masked man passed a few bounty posters to a red-head. "These guys are interesting. I want to fight them." "Yeah me too captain."

"So the Straw Hats have new bounties? Whatever, I'll still crush them when the time comes. HEY, WHY ISN'T THE FOOD HERE?" A pink haired girl yelled.

"What do we have here? New bounties? Oh its the Straw Hats again. Not surprising." A tanned man mused, his kind-of-small wings flapping uselessly.

"Ahh! The Straw Hats caused trouble at Enies Lobby? I hope when they get to Sabaody they would not attack the Celestial Dragons. Knowing them, they would if they saw anyone get shot. Luckily I can understand the Marine codes, so I can evade them easily. The black Den-Den-Mushi is rather useful." A pirate with a cross on his chin muttered.

"Hmm. Fate has told me that something would happen to them, and we would cross paths with them soon." A blond man said, staring at the cards in front of him.

"The Straw Hats have new bounties? What the hell did they do this time?" The door on his stomach closed. "These guys are so troublesome."

"Why did you give me these bounties now? I'm practising my singing!" He sighed. "The Straw Hat pirates? Whatever, I need to practise my singing."

"Hmm? Mugiwara has a new bounty? That's interesting." A polar bear bent down to look. "Hey it's that new rookie pirate! He is part of the Eleven Supernovas, right Captain?" "Yeah, his swordsman too. I want to meet them."