At Sabaody

Penguin and Shachi hurriedly put on the marine uniform. Bepo had accidentally knocked two marines out, and said marines were tied up against a wall in the alleyway. "Somehow, they fit just right…" Shachi gumbled. "Hey, I don't like this anymore than you do!" Penguin growled.

"Stop bickering!" Bepo tried to get them to stop. Jean Bart just looked on in amusement at the forever arguing duo.

Looking like marines, the two pirates walked to the group that the two beat up marines were actually from.

"Where were you two!?" The head marine shouted.

"Sir, some pirates were attacking. We fended them off, but we ended up behind the group, sir!" Shachi managed to say, saluting for a good measure. Seeing Penguin standing there, dazed, Shachi poked him in the ribs. Their uniforms were covered in dirt and crumpled, since they had to knock out two actual marines. If no one knew better, their story was pretty believable.

Luckily, it was not noticed, "Very well. The rest of your comrades are in the mess hall. Please join them as soon as possible."

"Yes Sir!" The duo said in unison.

"That was close…. Also… where's the mess hall?" Shachi sighed as soon as the marine was out of sight.

"The mess hall is the eating place right?" Penguin asked back.

"I know what a mess hall is, I don't know where it is!" Shachi shot back.

On Level 2

Dropping down from the cell above, Buggy dropped in multiple sets of wax keys, courtesy of Mr. 3.

"Are you guys ready?"

"Anytime!" The prisoners chorused, "These copies of keys that brother 3 made out of wax are fine pieces." They all ran off to free more prisoners.

On Level 4

Ivankov was running alongside the Newkamas, and trailing at the back of the group were the Supernovas.

"Why are we even running?" Kidd asked.

"Cause we don't want to stay in Impel Down?" Killer replied.

"And we don't want to risk Magellan?" Drake added.

"Gahh! Stop complaining!" Bege rolled his eyes, using his Tank-Mode's wheels.

"You have wheels!" Bonney protested.

"Can't you use your devil fruit or something, Trafalgar?" Urouge asked.

"Don't want to." Law curtly replied. He did not want to tell his fellow Supernovas to know that his injury still hurt like hell, nor that the ceiling in Impel Down was too high for his ROOM to reach. His pride was already at stake.

Eventually, they caught up to Luffy, Jinbe and Crocodile.

"HEEHAWW! I finally caught up to you guys!" Ivankov yelled.

"Mugi-chan!" Bon Clay shouted, pirouetting to Luffy and hugging him.

"Well, he sure has weird friends in weird places…." All the Supernovas sweatdropped.

"Bon-chan! Looks like you got your juice flowing now!" Luffy said while being crushed by said person.

"Yeah! I'm more that fine now!"

He leapt off Luffy, and just happened to see Daz Bones run past, "MR. 1!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?"

"Huh? Who is he?" Luffy asked.

"He's the guy who was defeated by Sash-chan in Alabasta!" Bon Clay yelled while jumping around.

"Oh… then I don't know him…." Luffy continued, neither him nor Bon Clay noticing Daz Bones' face darken, "Sash-chan?…When you say Sash-chan you mean Zoro right?"

"Yeah… by the way, how's Sash-chan?" Bon Clay asked.

Now it was time for Luffy's face to darken, "Don't know….. Kuma sent him flying somewhere….. I hope he's okay…."

The Supernovas just stared at the younger boy. Unlike most pirates, Luffy was just like a book, one could tell what he was thinking from his expression alone. But sometimes, you just have to read between the lines to tell what he's thinking, which wasn't easy, considering it was Luffy they were talking about.

Suddenly, Luffy broke out into a smile, "But I have a feeling we'll be seeing him soon! But he has probably taken off his bandages again, and then Chopper will scold him for being reckless, and then Zoro will complain that he can't move, and then Sanji will call him a moss-head and then they will fight…."

Everyone sweatdropped at the sudden change in attitude in the rookie.

"Emporio Face Growth Synthesis!" Ivankov stabbed his face with his nails, and everyone watched, pirates staring, guards gawking, as his face grew to an enourmous size.

"Heehaw!" His voice, now much louder than before, reverberated throughout Impel Down, "Hell Wink!" His attack sent many of the guards off the bridge.

All the other pirates weren't doing nothing, either. Jinbe was knocking the guards around with his Fishman Karate, the invisible force pushing the guards away. "Arabesque Brick Fist!" More guards were sent tumbling into the lava pit.

Kidd was, happily with a crazed smile on his face, stopping the bullets that came near him and using Repel to send them back at their attackers.

Killer was right beside him, smacking away any marine that got close, and literally just sliced off a few of their limbs.

Urouge was simply allowing himself to get hit, before growing in size and punching the guards with double the power.

Bonney and Drake were, somehow, working together. Bonney merely de-aged a bunch of guards until they were nothing but babies, before tossing them to the guards. Startled that their allies were now babies, they dropped their weapons in shock to catch the de-aged guards, only to be cut down by Drake.

Crocodile couldn't be hurt by the guards, and he was literally a sand storm, sucking up unsuspecting guards and hurtling them around.

Bege had picked up two guns and started shooting the guards. Without his crew, he couldn't do his surprise attacks, but at least he knew how to use a gun proficiently.

Hawkins had turned into his scarecrow form, and with his sweeping limps, he sent several guards flying.

Apoo played the trumpet that was his arm, and the sound waves knocked more guards into the lava below.

Law and Luffy were guarding each other's backs, as if they had fought together before. Well, they had, but that was once. For some reason, Luffy had decided that the injured Law was where he was going to be, and Law had no objections with that. At least Luffy had the tact to not go blurting around injuries and weaknesses.

Bon Clay was still spinning around like a top, mowing down whatever poor guard was in his path before kicking them into a pulp.

The guards weren't the only ones with casualties, thought. Some flying guards caught the odd Newkama unaware, and they, too, were sent down into the fiery hell below. Occasionally, the guards also managed to snipe the random pirate or escape.

More and more reinforcements kept pouring onto Level 4, hindering the pirates from moving on to Level 3.

"This is getting annoying! Everyone stand back!" Luffy yelled, shoving Law behind him. Most of the pirates were behind him, and only Jinbe and Crocodile had taken the lead. Jinbe, wisely stood to the side, but Crocodile merely cocked his head, "What are you doing, Mugiwara?"

Without a word, Luffy stretched out his arms and grabbed the ends of the railings on the bridge, before letting himself fly like a slingshot, "Gomu Gomu no Rocket!" He ploughed through the guards like a knife through butter, knocking the majority of them off the bridge or unconscious.

"Damn it, Mugiwara! Why didn't you do that earlier!?" Kidd screeched.

"Crab-chan! Where is the staircase to Level 3?" Luffy yelled to Inazume, blocking out the red-head who was currently yelling, "Don't ignore me!"

"Across the bridge, then left!" Inazume yelled back, slashing the few remaining guards.

"Mugiwara-ya… what are you thinking…. NO! STOP!" Law yelled, as Luffy's arm wrapped around him, Kidd and Killer, pinning them together. He didn't care if he was losing face in front Eustass-ya and his first mate, but it seemed like the red-head and the masked man were having the same thoughts, "THIS BETTER NOT BE ONE OF YOUR STUPID IDEAS, MUGIWARA!"

"Nope, it's gonna be one." Law deadpanned, before Luffy stretched to the staircase and slung them all there. He dropped Kidd and Killer on the floor, and Law braced himself for the impact, only to find there was none.

He blinked, as Luffy set him down carefully, and in much more grace than Kidd and Killer. Somehow, when all that had happened, he hadn't aggravated Law's wound, and barely even touched it. And somewhere in his heart, he was grateful.

"Ok, what are you up to now!?" Kidd demanded after getting up, helping Killer get back up on his feet.

"Mag-something is gonna be here." Luffy said.

"You mean Magellan, the jailer with the Doku Doku no Mi?" Law corrected in his bored tone.

"So?" Killer asked, before his captain exploded.

"I figured we'd be best to fight him. I've fought him before, Torao has ranged attacks and is a doctor, Metal-guy controls metal and he probably won't leave you behind." Luffy said.

"Stop calling me that…." Law sighed for the umpteenthed time, although he understood that Luffy probably won't stop.

"My name's Eustass Kidd!" Kidd yelled. "And how does controlling metal help against a poison man!?"

"Mugiwara-ya is right, though. Some poisons are caused by heavy metals, or more dangerous substances. You're powers, either by magnetism, or electrostatic properties, may have a chance at controlling them." Law mumbled, thinking. Honestly speaking, he would prefer not to talk about all that, especially not after Flevance and the Amber Lead poisoning and Cora-san….

"Ok, what about Killer? He isn't poison-proof!? Why not call Drake or Bonney or Urouge or even that damned Apoo!?" Kidd growled, interrupting Law's train of thought, which the rookie was grateful for, not that he would admit it out loud. He did not need old and sad memories clouding his judgement.

"What? You admit you can't defeat Magellan?" Law jeered. Killer rolled his eyes. His captain may be 21 years old, but sometimes he acted like a 5 year old. Taunting him always worked, especially when his pride and ego was at stake.

"Oh yeah? You bet I'll be the one to take him out, Torao!" Kidd sneered back at Law, using the nickname Luffy had used.

"Oh shut up, and don't use that name. It just sounds wrong when you say it." Law gritted his teeth at the annoying red-head.

Suddenly, the entire jail shook, causing all of them to lose their footing.

"Our fight must have agitated the Sea Kings in this area, and they're now attacking!" Jinbe cried out.

"We'll go on ahead! Come on, Torao, Metal-guy and Mask-guy!" Luffy said, running up the staircase to Level 3.

"Well, we don't want to be stuck here. And that is still not my name." Law grumbled, following Luffy, and Kidd and Killer followed suite. They did not want to listen to the younger rookie that was insane and did stupid things, but they just followed, grumbling along the way.

The four rookies made their way to Level 3, knocking out the guards while trying to make their way to Level 2.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Newkamas and pirates set about freeing even more prisoners. Drake shook his head. These prisoners were here for a reason – they were dangerous. But they would cause even more confusion to aid their escape. He was surprised that Ivankov had thought of that idea, though it was possible that it was Inazuma's idea….

Blugoris came running in, and Drake took charge. "Keep freeing prisoners!"

Ivankov used his Death Wink, knocking out several jailer monsters. Drake charged in, in his Dino form, and thrashed the remaining of the jailers.

Bonney decided to hop in just then, transforming all the Blugori into babies.

And then Sadie and her demon guards decided to pop in. Sadly, before they could do much damage, Jinbe and Crocodile used Fishman Karate: 5000 Brick Fist and Sables respectively, knocking the Demon Guards away.

Sadie slashed her whip around aggressively, smacking a good number of prisoners unconscious. Jinbe got ready to take her on, but Ivankov just grabbed him and flung him to the staircase, "GO HELP MUGIWARA-BOY!"

As an afterthought, he grabbed Crocodile too and flung him at the staircase. The ex-Shichibukai flinched at being manhandled, but managed to land properly. He glared at the Revolutionary, before scowling and following Jinbe to Level 3.

"Heehaw! I will be your match!" Ivankov declared, before stabbing himself with more hormones, and changed into a girl, "Get out of our way, eccentric girl!"

Somewhere at Marineford

"Where the hell am I?" Zoro muttered, walking along a hallway, "Mihawk said he'd drop me at the side of Marineford. And those stupid maps are all wrong!"

He met a group of marines running towards him.

"It's Pirate Hunter Zoro!" "He's worth 120 million beris!" "What on earth is he doing here at the Communications Tower of the Gates of Justice?"

"Oh so that's where I am. Those maps in your base suck." Zoro said.

All the marines jawdropped. "ALL THE MAPS IN THE BASE ARE FINE!"

"Someone report him to - " The poor marine was cut off when Zoro swung his swords, taking out a good percentage of the guards.

"Now…. Who's next?" Zoro growled.

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