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"Are we reaching Marineford yet?" Thatch asked, holding a sword his hand.

Marco sighed.

"Not yet, my son." Whitebeard said. Ever since Teach's betrayal, he had ordered that everyone must have a partner while on guard duty.

And for some reason, Thatch had refused to be alone for long periods of time. Hell, the fourth divisiom commnded had whined to Marco so much that the exasperated phoenix had allowed Thatch to sleep with him once he was allowed out of the infirmary, and had helped Thatch move his mattress into his room.

No one blamed him though. The near death experience had made its mark on the Whitebeard Pirates.

And now Ace was going to be executed.

And Teach was now a Shichibukai.

"Pops. I want first dibbs on him -yoi." Marco solemnly said.

It was clear who Marco was talking about.

"Marco! I want first dibbs!" Thatch whined.

"He almost killed you -yoi!" Marco retorted.

"Exactly! I want first dibbs!"

Marco sighed. There was no arguing with Thatch when he started whining.

"Fine. I get second dibbs -yoi." Marco said, "Happy?"

"No. Ace gets second dibbs." Thatch deadpanned.

"Ace isn't here!" Haruta said.

"Yeah! Cause of him!" Thatch replied. "Ace would wanna fry him!"

"Hey if Ace fries him then we won't get a turn!" Haruta shot back.

"Technically didn't Ace alreay have his turn?" Jozu said. "He went to seek him out."

"Doesn't count." Thatch snapped.

"Ok. Fine I want third - " Marco was cut off.

"And we'll find Mugiwara no Luffy and let him beat him up too." Thatch smiled.

"What!? Why does he get third dibbs?" Vista asked.

"Cause based on what Ace said, his darling little brother would want to beat him up too."

"Kuma sent him somewhere -yoi." Marco retorted. "We have no idea where he is -yoi!"

"He could be in Amazon Lily, petrified as a stone statue by Boa Hancock." Jozu said.

"Yeah right." Namur spoke up in a sacarstic tone. "He was probably sent to Impel Down and poisoned by Magellan."

"Or he landed somewhere with mushrooms." Atmos said

"Why mushrooms -yoi?" Marco asked.

Atmos shrugged, "Why not?"

"Well if everyone is betting on what Ace's little bro is doing, I'd say he's on a Marine Warship beating up marines!" Thatch exclaimed.

"We're betting?" Haruta asked snarkily, "I say he's freezing to death somewhere cold."

Stroking his moustache, Vista said, "Maybe he's stuck with weird okamas. What about you, Izo?"

"Eh... probably stuck with the Supernovas. He's one of them right?" Izo asked.

"Um.. the Supernovas were caught at Sabaody and sent to Impel Down." Namur said. Izo hadn't read the papers yet.

"That's out then. He's beating up some Zoan devil fruit users than." Izo decided.

"Why zoan in particular?" Haruta asked.

"Don't like them. No offence Marco. Ain't Kaido building an army of them?"

"Or maybe he's at Marineford -yoi?" Marco pipped up.

All the heads turned to him.

"What? I met him before! He was so worried about Ace's vivre card burning up -yoi. No doubt he'll be running to Marineford when he hears about Ace's execution -yoi." Marco reasoned.

"Not if he's petrified."

"Or poisoned."

"Or beating up marines."

"Or freezing to death."

"Or stuck with Okamas."

"Or dueling Zoans."

"Or eating mushrooms."

"Really? Why mushrooms of all things?"

"Why the hell not!?"

"Seriously, the chances of him getting to Marineford are as likely as getting the man-hating Boa Hancock to fall in love with him." Namur grumbled.

Everyone realised how ridiculous that sounded.

"Agreed." Haruta said.

"Impossible." Izo agreed.

"So.. the bets are in?" Thatch asked.

"Yeah. Those situations are so ridiculous that only one of us will win." Jozu commented.

"If any of us win." Izo rolled his eyes.

Whitebeard only chuckled. His sons were acting perfectly normal. Now if only Ace were here...

As if reading his thoughts, Marco pipped up, "Ace would probably kill us for betting on his little brother."

"Yeah. Let's free him from Marineford and then pour ice cold water on him for making us worry." Thatch said.