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Chapter 8: Epilogue

Six weeks later…


"That's an amazing shot of you," Carmen gushes as we look at the action photos she took. Carmen Denali is the photographer for the fitness side of Canvas, and happens to be Irina's cousin.

"Hey, Carmen!" We turn to see Leah, the newest model in Irina's grasp, jogging up to us. "Mary needs to see B as soon as you two have a break. She said five minutes should be enough."

"Okay, I think we can do that now." She turns her focus on me. "Go see what she needs and get some lunch, too. I'll see you back in thirty minutes."

I walk to the dressing room, quickly putting my shorts on over my outfit. I slide on my shoes and then I'm out, pulling my loose shirt on as I go. I'm so happy our home office has a gym where I can do what I love. It helps that the pole is in its own room off to the side, and can easily become a photoshoot set.

I take the elevator up to the top floor. When the doors open, I greet Maggie, who is Mary's assistant. "Hey, is she ready for me?"

"Yep, go right in."

I thank her and walk to the door. Knocking, I wait for the okay, which comes a second later. "You wanted to see me?" I ask.

"Yes, yes! I have the issue you've been waiting for!"

My eyes light up and I smile. "Oh, good! One or two?"

"I was able to pull some strings," she says, opening a desk drawer and reaching in, "and I'm happy to say that you get your requested number of two." She lifts her hand, showing me the two print copies of my and Edward's issue.

I release the breath I'm holding. "You're the best, Mary! Thank you so much for doing this. It really means a lot to me." I take the offered magazines, loving the feel of them in my hands.

"I should hope so. That article was great and even tugged at my heart strings a bit. That man truly loves you—it was easy to see it that weekend."

I blush at her words, remembering everything. I'm not at all embarrassed by what transpired, but I sometimes wonder if someone who isn't privy to certain details knows what all went down?

"Now, go finish up with Carmen so you can go home to your man. I'm sure he'll be happy with all your surprises."

Yes, he certainly will.

It's midnight on Saturday when I quietly open the front door to Edward's—our—house. My shoot with Carmen had ended just about two hours after I went back, and I immediately changed my plane ticket to an earlier flight. Depending on how the pictures look after everything, I may need to fly back one more time, but hopefully not at all.

Edward doesn't know yet—and to be honest, our friends don't know either—but, I was able to talk my way into amending my contract. Instead of being a full-time model and a pole fitness guru when I could, I'll be doing what I love most and modeling on the side. I have enough money and exposure added to my name to open my own place of business, and be successful with it.

It's not just me and our prints that are the surprise.

I set my bags down quietly and disarm the alarm, only to reset it after. You can never be too careful when it comes to security. Once the keys are on the hook, I slide my shoes off and walk softly through the hallway to the bedroom. Aside from the week off after we finally got together, I've only spent four nights in Edward's bed … well, once we could stop fucking in different areas of the house so we could sleep.

I'm so thankful he doesn't live in an apartment anymore. There might be some noise complaints if he did.

When I get to the room, I'm greeted by a shirtless Edward, lying on his back with the top sheet covering his bottom half. He has an arm over his head and behind the pillow while the other rests on his stomach. Since his lower half is only covered by the thin sheet, it's easy to see one of his legs bent out to the side a little and the hard-on he's sporting. I smile and lick my lips. I'm tired and smell like I've been on a plane, but I have yet to wake him up with my mouth wrapped around him. I simply cannot pass it up.

I make my way over to him, stripping my clothes off quietly as I go. Once bare, I carefully move the sheet away, and then slowly climb up and position myself between his legs. I keep watch of his face, waiting to see if he'll wake up. He must be in a deep sleep, because he doesn't move at all. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to me; always knows when I'm near, even when I'm taking a piece of clothing off when he's sleeping. Looking back down, I think it's time to get this party started.

I lick him from base to tip, loving the little twitch it makes when I go over the lip of the head. Sliding my hand between his shaft and his abs, I lift it and wrap my mouth over the tip, holding it there to let my saliva pool. Once there's a sufficient amount, I slide more in. I can only handle so much of his length, so I use a hand at the base. A few more bobs of my head and I only get a brow crinkle from him. I wonder if I can make him come without waking him? Of course, what's the fun in that?

I take my other hand and start massaging his balls as I set a little bit of a faster pace. It doesn't take long for him to wake up more. A groan slips through his lips shortly after and a hand comes down to brace my head. His eyes open and he lifts his head to look down at me after he runs his fingers through my hair a few times.

"Bella? What…" His head falls back to the pillow and he moans when I suck him in harder. "Fuck, don't stop."

Now that he's awake and can actively participate, my pussy starts to feel wetter and will need some attention soon. Wanting to be completely ready, I let go of his balls and slide my hand down to play with my clit. I hum in satisfaction at the sight of me pleasuring him while I get myself ready. A minute later, I have us both where we need to be, so I release his cock and sit up, crawling over him.

Grasping his cock again, I line myself up and slide down, sighing once he's fully sheathed inside. I start moving slowly, getting reacquainted with his girth and length, then I reach up and grab the headboard for support. Our moans and breaths escalate as I tilt my hips and move up and down on him, building my orgasm. Edward reaches up to cup and squeeze my tits, rolling and pinching my nipples before lifting his head to suck on them. The sensations blast my system faster than usual and I begin to come. My body tenses, my pussy walls pulse, and I start to shake. Edward releases my tits and grips my hips, pulling me down hard onto him as he lifts his own hips and pounds into me. His groans and the sudden onslaught of pleasure from his pounding keep me coming, eventually triggering Edward's release.

I collapse down on him, resting my head in the crook of his neck as we come down and regain our breathing.

"That was the weirdest dream I've ever had that turned into amazing reality," he says finally. I giggle and kiss his neck. "Best surprise wake up, baby. Did everything go okay? I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow afternoon."

I lift my head to look at him. "Yes, everything went great—fantastic, really. I got done with my shoot and couldn't wait to come home. I saw you in a very vulnerable position, and I couldn't resist." I say, drawing lazily on his chest.

"Good. Now let's clean up and go to sleep. I still have plans for us tomorrow."

As I clean myself off, I determine that I can give Edward the rest of the good news over breakfast. Tonight, I just want to relax and decompress from my travels.

I wake to the sunlight peeking through the curtains and an empty bed. Rolling to my back, I take a deep breath and immediately smell coffee. Looking over to the nightstand, a smile forms as I see my favorite unicorn mug with steam wafting up. I sit up and lean over to breathe in my caffeinated savior, letting it wake up my soul. Not wanting to burn myself, I let it sit and cool a little while I throw the covers off and dress in the sleep tank and shorts I meant to wear last night.

Coffee cup in hand, I make my way around in search of Edward, who I find in the kitchen.

He spots me when I round the corner. "Good morning beautiful," he says, giving me a chaste kiss. "What do you say to pancakes for breakfast?"

I express my approval, setting my coffee down on the counter before hopping up next to it and the stove. Picking my coffee back up, I sip it and watch him cook one of the few things he knows how. After a couple minutes of just enjoying each other's company, I break the silence, not wanting to delay my news.

"So, I have a couple more surprises for you."

"Oh yeah?" He pours the first pancake into the pan and then sets down the mix, turning to look at me.

I hold up a finger, telling him to wait. I put my mug down and hop off the counter, walking over to my purse. Once I have the magazines in hand, I hide them behind me and walk back to where I left Edward.

"I had asked Mary for another favor, knowing full well that it might not happen. But, she pulled through and…" I move my arm and hold out the magazines. "I was able to get us two print copies of our shoot before they hit stands!"

Edward steps forward and snatches one up, immediately flipping through the pages to his article. "Baby, this is great!" While he looks through it, I take over the cooking and finish up the pancakes. "Seriously, Bella, you're an amazing woman. Thank you," he says, kissing my cheek from behind. I giggle, wondering what will happen when I drop my last surprise.

When the final pancake is on a plate, he takes them to the table, which is already set up with everything we like to top them with. We eat and talk about everything we missed during our separation that we hadn't already talked about over the phone. We finish eating and he cleans up while I sit and look at our printed images. It was hard not to look at them in the airport or on the plane, wanting us both to see the them together, but I made it through without peeking. I have no doubt that Edward loves me now, but looking back at these, I can see what Mary was talking about; Edward loved me before we were us.

Seeing these only solidifies my decision more.

"Hey, Edward?"

"Yeah?" he calls from the kitchen.

"Do you have the name of that realtor that helped you with your building?" I hear the water shut off and the dishwasher close.

He walks into the dining room. "Yeah, why?" He doesn't sit, but leans against the entryway.

"Well, I was thinking that since I have a new contract, I'll have more time to do what I love," I say, dropping a rather large hint.

Edward's brow crinkles in confusion. "You have a new contract?" I nod. "I thought you had another year before new talks were on the table?"

I bite my lip and stand to face him. "Well, I was able to put in an advance, so to speak. I haven't really asked them for much, so they were more willing to give me what I wanted. If I agreed to stay their first choice, which I'm allowed to decline when they call, I can be in fitness full time. I want to start my own studio."

He stares at me, a hopeful expression on his face. "So, I think I know what you're saying, but tell me anyway."

I smile and walk to him, raising my arms and clasping my hands behind his neck. His hands go to rest on my lower back. "It means that I hope you're ready to be distracted a whole lot more, because I'll be home more days than not."

His answering smile is wide. "Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not, but what made you do this?"

"Because of you and us, and these last six weeks. It was easy to be apart before I knew our feelings were equal, but ever since that weekend, it's been hell each time I've had to leave," I confess.

He cups my face and pulls me in for a soft, but heated kiss. Pulling away, his green eyes lock with mine and they hold so much love, confidence, and support. "Anything you want or need help with in making this studio a reality, I am behind you one hundred and ten percent."

My smile is so big, it might start hurting soon.

Edward reaches down, grabs my ass and lifts me up. My legs automatically wrap around his waist. "And I'm so ready to be distracted by you."

He starts walking us somewhere. "So, you want me?" I ask just because as he kisses my neck.

He scrapes his teeth over my collar bone before answering.

"Oh, I want you bad, in every intimate sense of the word, baby."

The End…

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