The Merger Legacies

I'm TJ Infinate and welcome to my fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

A blue detail less hedgehog sat on a cliff overlooking Mobius. ..Emerald what-ya-ma-call-it, wherever Sonic lives. It seemed to have no face, and all it could remember was a hatred for a hedgehog named Sonic. It's mind wandered back to the first minute it could remember living.


"I have finally found the answer!" yelled a high, madman-like voice. The creature's eyes opened. "Wh-wh-where am I?" It asked, kind of like Mewtwo in the Pok'emon Movie. " You, my friend, are in the lab of the greatest scientist ever." Said a person in a white coat. "Who am I?" said the creature.

"You are Merger."

Merger stood up, jumped down to street level, and started walking. Three or four miles later, Merger sat down in thought. There it sat, it's faceless head strained with the effort of making a plan. After three second a plan started forming. Merger would use its unique powers to separate the 'Blue blur' from his friends and then attack. Merger chuckled at the thought of what it could do. It would lay low for a while and put its plan to action.

Well. What is this strange power Merger has? What is its plan to put a stop to our blue spiked hero? Let me know what you think. And remember, all flames will be used to cook, burn trash, light fireplaces, and make pottery. TJ Infinate over and out.