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Sonic Adventure 3: Merge!

Chapter 8: Treasure...... Kewl!

Cinema Scene:

Knuckles looks at Sonic uncertainly as Tikal hugs him.

Tikal: Oh, do be careful!

Knuckles glides off in fear.

Hero: KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA Stage 3: Sonic's Backyard

Knuckles starts to run out of the back door and punches through a couple of statues to find the first emerald.

PERFECT: 200,000

Sonic: Hey! That costs a lot of money to get!

Knuckles ran around a couple of trees and to his right, expecting to see an emerald. The anticipation grew unbearably as he ran around the corner. Alas, all he saw was a big ruby, definitely not the Chaos Emerald. He then looked around to see a glowing place behind some trees. That had to be one!

Bu there was a problem...... There was a narrow space.

A very narrow space

In front of it was an Omochoa.

Knuckles started towards the place and tried to get past the OC in the narrow space. He wiped his forehead there was a lot of sweat.

The OC with nothing else to do, turned towards Knuckles. Daring him to touch it.

Knuckles scooted by.

Sonic: (From the opening) hurry up!!

Knuckles: (Shakes his fist at Sonic, a red hair comes loose)

The hair floats down......... Knuckles stared at that hair as it floated down.....A single hair that normally ment nothing in the eyes of the experienced martial artist/treasure hunter. But today, right now, it ment his LIFE. Where ever that hair decided to land was crucial to the mental well being of our protagonist!

And you know what, the hair wasn't on his side......

OC: Hi!

Knuckles screamed NOOOOOO as he tried desperately to get away from the evil that is Omochoa! Sonic chuckles and backed away as the OC leered at him. The look said 'Your next!". . . . . .

Knuckles rushed out into the open place, running away from the dreaded bringer of obvious information! He crashed right into the emerald that was floating at chest level in that clearing.

OC: (Blah, Blah Blah, play SA2: B to find out all of this.....)

Knuckles ran, and ran towards where his instinct lead him. As he ran around trees, turning and letting his feeling guide him, he felt that he was getting closer. He ran.... And as he felt that emerald in his grasp, there was this hole! The hole with an emerald 20 feet over it?

"Great!" Knuckles yelled as he looked around for a high tree or some kind of leverage that he could glide from. He turned 900 degrees as he looked for a place to climb, but he saw nothing!

Then, he felt some wind.......

"Let's go!" Our hero yells as he rushes into over the cliff and takes a big leap of faith.

He glides.

He falls.

He landed in the hole and the emerald fell! He caught it!


Stage end! Yada yada yada! Points points points

Rank A: 'The Chaos will end NOW"

Rank B: 'I'll just have to try a little harder"

Rank C: 'If I would have trained that extra minute!'

Rank D: 'The Master Emerald will be disappointed!'

Rank E: 'I almost let the Master Emerald down!'

He looks at the slippery edges of the hole.

And he looks around at the floor. Do you know what he sees?

That's right. Omochao! Hundreds of them. They stare at him with those overly evil/happy eyes. Knuckles stood there, staring at them, them staring at him. Knuckles looks up to the sky.

"God, please.......SAVE ME!!!!!!"

He looks at the edge, and who other than.......Sonic? No! This hedgehog was orange and had purple spikes, plus, he has a scorpion like tail that has electricity at the end. He has these eyes! Oh those eyes! They were cold and EVIL, Knuckles shivered at the sight. Then, he had this strange looking diamond in his forehead. Those eyes!

The hedgehog looked down at Knuckles. "What's the big deal?" asked a REALLY high and fast voice. Knuckles could barely understand what he was saying. Plus! His mouth wasn't even moving! Knuckles stared up at the strange hog in disbelieve.

"These are OMOCHOA! The axis of ALL evil information. Even SHADOW was afraid of these!"

The hedgehog stared at the echidna and did the unexpected, disappeared. He then promptly appeared at Knuckle's back! Knuckles turned swiftly to find the hedgehog kneeled beside the omochoa.

"Nooooo!!!!!" yelled Knuckles. The hedgehog didn't move. "Uhhh.../" The Red Rave began. (Sonic is the Blue Blur!) "What's your name? Because we're as good as dead anyway."

The hedgehog talks in that voice "I'm Bio, Bio the Hedgehog!" as he said his name, his body sparks electric. It touches the OCS!

"Hi! I'm Omochoa!" x 500

Bio disappeared! And reappeared behind Knuckles. The next thing you know, Knuckles and bio are in Sonic's house! Niiice!

Knuckles looked over at Bio and thought for a bit. He was frozen in surprise! But that only lasted a few seconds though, you know? Knuckles fell back.


Knuckles got back up as he brushed himself off.

Bio was gone!

"Bio...." Knuckles whispered to himself.

Any way, this is long enough

Next, the gang from SH and SA2:B appear in the game and there are teams.

Here is the list.

Sonic Sonic Knuckles Tails

Dark Shadow Omega Rouge

Atomic Merger Radius Bio

Rose Amy Cassie Topaz

Ancient Tikal Chaos Zero Beanzo

Chaotix Espio Vecter Charmie

Metal M. Sonic M. Shadow M. Espio

Okay! Merger the Hedge hog, Radius the Tiger, Bio the Hegdehog, Cassie Rose, Topaz, Metal Shadow/Espio, And Beanzo the Eagle are Trademark to T.J. Infinat, and Spider monkey, together forming Infinat INC.

The teams are different.... Are you? play to find out....

Next time, the teams are formed! The teams are locked until you play a level with each of their characters. Next!

See ya on the flip side!