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Chapter 5

Sonya felt T'Challa running his hands over her briskly, obviously checking for injuries. She groaned and started to sit up. "What the hell?"

"There seem to be some men in masks and robes attacking the campus," he said.

"Oh no," she murmured, flicking her wrist and releasing her wand from its invisible holster. "Hermione!"

"Come on, we will go find her. Stay close, Sonya."

"The sea is a truly beautiful sight," T'Chaka said as he heard the man approach from behind.

"It is, my King."

The King of Wakanda turned to assess Kingsley Shacklebolt. "When I was told you had left Britain, and stopped contacting anyone, I was surprised. I thought you liked it there. That was why I never called you back after I sent you to assess that situation with the dark wizard."

"I found quite the surprise in Britain a few years ago. My reports detailed my time amongst the Order of the Phoenix, yes?"

T'Chaka nodded. "Yes. From what you told me, their leader is quite the chess master. A good strategist, but willing to take too many risks with his people's lives."

"He is why I stayed. My training, and my position as an Auror allowed me to alleviate some of the damage his tactics would do in battle. In the heat of the moment, people listened to my orders and I could get them out alive, where he would have left them to die."

"But something changed. The war still goes on, and you left. The wizards on both sides are threats to the rest of the world still."

"And a personal threat to our country, in a way you may not expect. The Order sent me to pick up, as part of a group, the young witch they believed is destined to defeat Voldemort. I saw her wrist. Sonya deserved so much more than what they were trying to shape her into. I tried to convince her to come with me to Wakanda, but her fear prevented it. It even led her to asking me not to tell anyone at home about her, so I left her out of my reports. But I did manage to help her keep up with her non-magical education. Sonya Potter now attends university here, learning to be a doctor."

T'Chaka smiled. "I had wondered over how quickly my son had bonded with this Rose girl from London."

Kingsley nodded. "I have done my best to alleviate her fears, and allow her to live her life. When I realised who she was seeing, who she was growing close to, I kept my mouth shut. I hope, when they discover each other's true identities, she will allow herself the happiness that can come with being with her soul mate."

"He intends to tell her tonight."

"That could go either very well, or very badly," Kingsley said.

"I hope well," T'Chaka sighed. "My son is enamoured with her. You did the right thing, keeping an eye on her the way you have. I do wish you had made a full report. I could have kept the information from my son until she was ready to meet him."

Kingsley was stopped from replying when the explosion sounded. Both men turned to look. "The university," Kingsley said, barely taking note of his Kings' bodyguards moving to surround T'Chaka. He turned and apparated away.

Sonya lashed out with a curse at a Death Eater and was surprised when the mask came off, revealing Mad-Eye Moody. "Moody?"

His wand fired a curse, but a shield formed around her. Suddenly Kingsley was there, throwing everything he had at Moody, locking the older wizard in a fierce duel.

"This is low! Even for Dumbledore! Did he think a fake attack would have us returning Alastor?"

"Something along those lines!" Moody growled.

T'challa grabbed another masked figure, and slammed their head into a wall. Sonya threw out a couple of curses at others. These were not Death Eaters, but an obviously desperate Order of the Phoenix.

"This does not look fake to me!" T'challa said darkly, moving as close to Sonya as he could, eyes scanning for threats. There was a mass of panic around them, as other students surged through the hall, trying to get out, to get away from the mayhem.

"These are the ones who tried to keep me in Britain. They must have thought pretending to be Death Eaters and attacking campus would have me going back to help face the threat."

"Well, they have made an enemy of me today!" He all but pounced on another wizard, bringing him down and knocking the wizard out with a punch.


Sonya reached out and grasped Hermione's hand, pulling her from the masses, glad to see her friend was safe.

"Sonya, look out!" T'challa howled.

She looked round, just in time to see a curse heading at her and Hermione from somewhere between the slowly thinning crowd. Kingsley blasted Moody and threw himself to the side. The curse hit him square in the chest, and he went down heavily.

"Kingsley!" Both witches called out, running for him, and kneeling beside him. Someone had used sectumsempra, that was clear. The gashes were all deep and covered his torso.

"Hold on Kings, hold on," Hermione said as Sonya tried to find a way to stem the blood flow. T'challa was beside them soon, and pulled off his jacket.

"Come on Kingsley, the Order are gone now. We'll get help," Sonya said to him, holding back the sob.

Slowly, his hand reached up and touched her cheek. "Stay… safe… be happy."

Sonya nodded, not able to hold the tears back now. "I will," she sniffed.

"You too," he looked at Hermione, who nodded, crying as well. Then he looked at T'challa. "My prince… It was an honour."

"Thank you, my friend. I will look after them, and ensure they are both safe. You need not worry about that," T'challa nodded, wrapping his arm around Sonya.

Kingsley let out a breath and his eyes closed. Hermione also latched onto Sonya as they both sobbed. The police had now arrived and they were swarming the grounds, and the hall, but the two witches barely noticed. T'challa kept an eye on the room, noting that all the wizards, bar one, had left. The one that Kingsley had been fighting was unconscious on the floor. He watched as the man was searched, and cuffed, as the paramedics came into the room, having been given the all clear.

Remus and Tonks found who they were looking for at the hospital, only to be stopped by bodyguards. "No I need to see them, I need to know they're alright! They're our family!" Remus said.

"Let them through!" A deep voice said.

Remus had never been so pleased to see Jaheem as he was now. These men and women obviously listened to him. "Thank you," he said.

"How are they?" Tonks asked.

"They had no obvious injuries, the doctors just wanted to be sure, and they seem to be in shock," Jaheem answered.

"Have you seen Kingsley? We haven't been able to get in touch with him," Tonks said.

Jaheem slumped. "I have some very bad news."

"What happened?" Remus asked, dreading the news.

"He took a curse that was heading for Sonya and Hermione. The wounds it left saw him bleed out quickly. I am sorry, Kingsley passed away before the paramedics could get to him."

Both of them gasped, but it strengthened their resolution to see the girls. They had lost their friend, but they knew Hermione and Sonya would need their support. They could grieve together.

It was only ten minutes later when a white haired older man entered the room, approaching his son and speaking quietly, mindful of the four others on the two beds, each of them crying. "T'challa, my son, are you hurt?"

"No, father," he shook his head.

"And your soul mate?"

T'challa looked at T'chaka in surprise. "I met with one of our people who has been protecting her. He told me just before that explosion sounded, then disapperated, no doubt looking to help."

He could not miss the way his son's shoulders sagged. "Kingsley. Sonya is uninjured. But only because Kingsley threw himself in front of a curse for her and Hermione."

T'chaka needed no more information and nodded gravely, clasping his sons' shoulder. "I will go and make a few calls. His funeral will be arranged quickly, and he will be taken home and accorded the highest honours we can give."

"Thank you father. It will allow Sonya to grieve without having to worry about anything else."

"I will call for more guards. If these people attacked once, they may do so again."

"One of them was caught."

"Then he or she will be questioned extensively. I will see to it that arrangements are made. Now, I must go and speak to my aide. This should not take long."

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