Ok, so this is something I wanted to give it a try. I saw this anime in when it debuted, and I loved it. I was the same age as Hachiman then, and I also had almost the exact same position in school. I might be putting each chapter like around two thousand words around there.

But now onto this story. Had an idea in my mind, since so many fans considered Hachiman like Batman, I wanted to try this story. What will happen if Hachiman's actually a complete amateur rookie vigilante, because he had a certain inspiration years back?

Updated as of 7/7/20

Chapter 1: The Symbol

"Komachi, why did you take my MAX Coffee can?" A fourteen year-old Hachiman asked with no expression in his voice, staring at the open fridge that was lacking his can of coffee.

"Eh sorry Onii-chan. But I was really thirsty, but I did not want to just settle for water. And since there were no other drinks I had to settle for your coffee." Komachi said while sitting on the sofa watching television. It was a school night and dark red clouds filled the skies. Hachiman was longing for his coffee at night oddly enough after a long, lonesome and painful day at school, which unfortunately was taken by his sister.

"How about I go buy one for you now onii-chan? I will definitely win a lot of Komachi points for that." Komachi asked still on the sofa.

"Never mind forget it, I'll go buy it myself, and I don't want you out there at night." Hachiman said and grabbed his zip up blue-green hoodie from the coat hanger.

"Hey, hey Onii-chan. Check out the news." Komachi called to her brother eyes fixed on the television. "It's Bruce Wayne. He's here in Chiba for some business matter. He arrived this morning. How cool is that?"

"Ok?" Hachiman asked.

"Oi, don't you know he is?" Komachi said, surprised that her brother was not dazzled.

"The billionaire in America right? What's the big deal?" Hachiman said lamely.

Komachi pouted, "You are no fun at all Onii-chan."

"Bruce Wayne? That guy, all money and girls. So lucky for him huh?" Hachiman judged in his thoughts.

"I'm leaving." Hachiman said standing at the door.

"Be careful Onii-chan." Komachi said.

Walking down the streets, Hachiman's night trip was taking longer than usual due to the fact that the closest convenience store closed early. "A convenience store is not so convenient now if you are going to close early, how ironic." Hachiman thought.

At last he reached the store that was still open. He went to the drinks section of the store which was at the back. Taking a can of coffee from the fridge he turned to head for the cashier, but stopped when he saw someone already there. A man whose back was facing Hachiman. He was in olive green cargo pants, black jacket and beanie, there was also a tattoo behind the man's neck. Hikigaya squinted his eyes, it looked like there was a bulge at the back of his belt line, covered by the jacket. The man was buying cigarettes and Hachiman decided to hang back and wait for him to leave.

"Should probably get home quick now." Hachiman thought. After his coffee was paid he stepped outside. He did not know what time it was, he did not bring a watch to check the time. He did not even bring his phone or wallet, just enough loose cash to pay for the drink. It was supposed to be a quick stop at the store closest to his home, but that was the case when he had to make a longer trip. The clouds were very thick now the heavens will soon open in the night. "Crap."

Popping the can open, he drank his coffee. Walking down the streets, it started to drizzle. Hachiman decided he needed to cut through some alleys if he was going to get home quick. He figured no one was going to really bother a fourteen year old kid who had nothing on him.

As he turned into a dark alley, the drizzle increased and a storm was coming very soon. "Dammit." He thought as he took another gulp of coffee.

"Pipe it down you stupid idiot." He heard someone said. Hachiman froze, unsure of what was happening further down the alleyway. With a bolt of lightning and a thunderclap, the rains poured down hard, drenching the teenager, not that he was too bothered by it now.

Hachiman crept up to the turn, poking his head out to see what was going on. It was the same man he saw at the store, this time he was not alone, there were several other men dressed in a similar fashion. With them was a van with the engine running, the back door opened to reveal a number of certain boxes. The men had torchlights, they shined their lights on the boxes. Hachiman could see the box had a peculiar logo on it, Hikigaya could not tell what it was but it looked like some sort of black mask.

"What the hell is going on?" Hachiman thought. He leaned forward a bit and heard them talking.

"Keep watch you dumbass."

"Who's going to come here at this time, when it's raining and in a quiet neighbourhood?"

"I don't care just do get to it. And keep those boxes dry."

"Why does he want them here? It's in the middle of nowhere."

"Stop asking questions already."

Hachiman's jaw slowly dropped. What the hell was going on in this alley? Hachiman was not prepared when one of the men's torchlight beam headed his way. His face was noticed.

"Hey! There's someone there!" The guard shouted.

"Shit." Hachiman dropped his can, quickly turned and ran.

"Get him!" He heard someone else said. Hikigaya ran through the alley with the stormy night, shouting for help would futile with this storm muting his voice, and he had no phone to call for help. He ran as fast as his legs could carry, but Hachiman was not a runner, he wasn't on the athletics team in school, he wasn't on any team in school just a loner. The sounds of splashing footsteps were closing in and Hikigaya felt a force striking him from behind, knocking him forward and pinning him down with a splash. His face hit road and rainwater.

His mouth bled, he felt his arms tied behind his back. A hand gripped his hair and pulled him up to his feet, they brought him back to the van. Hikigaya struggled to try and free himself, but to no avail. He screamed but the storm was silencing any chance of anyone hearing his cries for help. A fist from the one who caught him struck his gut. Hachiman coughed out and wheezed, heaving heavily and blood rolled down from his lip to his chin. They continued to push him back to the van's location.

Hikigaya then stood in front of the van with all the men gathered. "It's a kid. What do we do?" One man asked. Hachiman turned his head to see the man whom he saw in the store, the man said. "Waste him and put him in the van, we got enough trouble as it is."

Hachiman's dead fish eyes turned pale, his whole face turned pale. He was going to die, right here with no one knowing. "Someone! Please! Help m-" Hachiman's scream was cut short when the man placed a pistol on his forehead.

"Too bad for you kid." The man said.

"I don't want to die now! No! No please!" Hachiman's mind raced with these thoughts. Hachiman was hyperventilating, his end was near.

Before the trigger was pulled, however, something zipped through the air, sticking itself into the gun's barrel. Hachiman cried out in shock. Through Hachiman's eyes, it looked like some sort of boomerang, but shaped like a bat.

Two more of those things soared through the rain, sticking into the man's arm. He screamed in pain, dropping down on the floor. "What is it?! Who's there?!" The other men spread out, whipping out their pistols.

Another man grabbed Hachiman and used him as a shield. But something was shot in his thigh. Hachiman turned his head to see a cable attached to the man's thigh. Before he knew it, the thug was hoisted up into the air, screaming in fear as he was pulled upside down, up into the rainy night sky and dangling in the air.

Smoke then erupted around, scaring and confusing everyone. Hachiman still hands tied up stumbled and fell. His eyes looked up to see his saviour descending down from above, almost like it was gliding down with large black wings spread out like a demon, or like a bat. The saviour landed in front of him, back facing him.

Through Hachiman's terrified eyes. The saviour's black wings slackened, now it looked like a cape. The saviour had two pointy ears. The saviour didn't say anything, the smoke was soon clearing. Hachiman laying on the ground watched in awe and terror as Hachiman's saviour dashed towards the armed men in the dark rainy night with almost inhuman speed.

The saviour went for the closest thug, disarming the man breaking his wrist and delivering a punch to the gut and another to the face. Going after the next thug, the saviour jumped up high the cape turned to wings and the thug had a hard kick across the face. The saviour quickly turned taking something around the waist, it looked like a very unique belt. Another thug fired off a few rounds, but the storm and thunder still muted the shots. The saviour did a roll, standing up there was something that looked like a gun but at the same time, not. A cable was fired from it, piercing the shoulder of the firing thug. The saviour pulled hard, yanking the thug over and giving him a massive punch. The man who got kicked in the face slowly got up, along with one last thug, the two thugs charged for the saviour. Taking on two men, Hachiman's guardian got one man's arm in a lock at the same time kicking the other man in the stomach. The guardian broke the arm, and gave one final punch in the face, with teeth flying out.

All of them were down, every armed thug was taken down.

Hachiman's guardian turned to him, showing his front. The saviour had black boots, black plates around like armour with a symbol on the chest resembling a bat. Gloves with sharp edges like blades. The black cape behind. And the face, two black pointy ears, the eyes were not human but plain white like a lenses. And the mouth, it looked like a mouth of a man.

Hachiman's saviour. The guardian, like a bat and a man. Batman.

The Batman approached Hachiman who was still on the wet floor breathing hard. Hachiman's body couldn't move for some reason.

"Are you alright?" The Batman asked with a gruff and low voice. Hachiman hearing the Batman was brought back into focus. He was not expecting that the Batman could actually speak, in Japanese too.

"Are you alright?" The Batman asked again, cutting his bonds free and offered a hand. Hachiman's jaw dropped, staring at the Batman in wonder.

"Yes, I'm fine." He said, slowly took the hand and he was helped up. Standing in front of the Batman, the height difference was very clear, definitely taller than any average Japanese. Seeing the mouth, Hachiman saw it through. This was just a man, and he did all those incredible things, saving his life and stopping those criminals.

"Quickly go home. I will take care of this here. Go home now and be safe." The Batman said to Hikigaya with authority in his voice. Hachiman obeyed, and ran away from the scene. Hachiman did not look back, he was out in the night for too long, especially a school night.

Hachiman finally arrived home. Hachiman stopped in front of the door panting heavily. He turned once more to see the streets with the raining night. Letting out a sigh, he entered his home, unaware the Batman was observing from across the streets on the rooftops, watching him return home safely.

Hope you enjoyed this first chapter. I hope to see you in the next one.