Visions of Love

C7: I Do

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Bella's POV

A week later we were underway to Denali, and I was glad that Rose and Emmett had given me my own car so I could drive there myself. Of course Alice was next to me, and in the backseat were Tanya and Esme, cuddled up to each other.

I now also understood why vampires loved driving fast, seeing everything blur by as if you were running, knowing that you could easily outrun any car on the road.

Behind our car were Rose and Emmett in her car, that also held Victoria and Julian, which in my mind was a disaster waiting to happen, since I was sure that Rose and Victoria would have no qualms in kicking them out of the car when they went too far with their jokes.

Behind them were Jasper and Kate, who were driving at a more leisure pace, no doubtedly enjoying each other's company.

"I'm so excited to see Irina and Carmen again, I can't help but wonder how they've managed to keep things together." Tanya said with a bright smile.

"I'm sure they are fine love, surely it isn't the first time the three of you have been separated." Esme said with a soft smile.

Tanya smiled at that. "Actually, it is the first time since we were turned that we are separated for any length of time. It was the three of us for more than 500 years, and I must admit that I sometimes struggle with the fact that I don't see Irina every day." She said softly.

"Maybe we could ask them if they all want to join us. I know Vicki would love to have Laurent around, and that way Irina will be there as well." I said with a smile.

"And are you sure you are ready for another mother close by sweetie, Carmen is even more a motherly figure than me or Tanya." Esme said with a smile.

I smiled at her. "I already have four mothers, so I have room in my heart for another mother, especially if she comes with a similar father figure."

Tanya and Esme smiled at that, and Alice gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Eleazar is a lot like Jasper, as in he's a huge history buff and a curiosity to match, so I think you two will get along great. And of course he will embrace you as a daughter just as easily as Tanya has." Alice said with a smile.

"That he will, like Carmen he has always had a wish for a child, so I know they will quickly see you as a daughter." Tanya said with a smile.

I smiled at that, still amazed that I could be this popular with not one, but two vampire families.

Alice seemed to notice and put a hand on my leg, squeezing softly in reassurance. I smiled and gave her a quick kiss as we turned onto the driveway of the Denali home, which looked a lot like the home the Cullen's had in Forks, and of course the entire Coven was waiting for us outside, even if it were only four people at this point.

Alice's POV

As soon as we got out of the car, I could feel my eyes glaze over, giving me a glance of the future.

I saw us all living together in Forks, using this mansion as our second home, although I saw Bella and I getting married here.

Soon enough I was back to reality and the first thing I saw were Bella's light red eyes looking at me with joy. "You okay love?" She asked softly.

I nodded and smiled. "I just saw what will happen, and it is exactly as we expected. We will be one big family at the end of today." I said softly.

She smiled and gave me a quick kiss as Rose and Jasper also stepped out of their cars. "It's good to see some things haven't changed over the past two days, since we know how difficult it must have been to keep your hands to yourself." Emmett said with a smile, although that ended with a slap to the back of his head. "What did I say Emmett. No more embarrassing Bella while I am around." Rose said threateningly.

He rubbed the back of his head, which indicated she meant it. "Dude, whipped much?" Julian asked with a smile.

"Shut up Jules, you're just as bad as I am in most senses." Emmett said with a pout.

Julian smiled at him, as he was also slapped on the back of his head by Victoria. "Stop trying to bait each other into these childish games. You especially should know better Julian." She said with her hands on her hips, which in and of itself looked threateningly enough.

The two looked quite contrite and followed their mates silently, much to the amusement of the rest of us.

"I see the family dynamics haven't changed a bit since we last saw each other." Carmen said with a loving smile.

"Of course they haven't, I dare say they have gotten even better since Alice brought Bella back to us." Tanya said with a smile.

"Ah yes, young Bella, the girl we all heard so much about, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Carmen, and this is my mate Eleazar." Carmen said with a smile.

Bella smiled at them. "I'm glad to meet you too, I've heard a lot about you in the last few days." She said with a smile.

Eleazar and Carmen smiled at her. "As we heard a lot about you and your gift over the past few months, but I must say that it is stronger than I imagined, but I think that is one of the reasons you came here." He said with a smile.

"That is true, and of course to talk about some things. I have a feeling we have similar feelings about some of the things we have already talked about." Esme said with a smile.

The four nodded and led us inside so we could talk a bit more comfortably.

"Before we talk about things, I think we should do the Volturi the favor they asked and confirm Bella's gift, so Eleazar, what can you tell us?" Tanya asked with a soft smile.

Eleazar smiled at her. "It is quite easy. Bella has a strong mental shield, which is already quite advanced for a vampire so young. I can understand why Aro thinks she is an enigma. I must admit I am curious as well." He said with a smile.

I shared a look with my darling mate and smiled at her. "So the Shield and the Seer. It sounds like a match made in heaven." I said softly.

She smiled and nodded before she gave me a soft kiss. "It does baby, but even without me having a gift I am sure we would be as much in love as we are now."

"Of course we would, I saw us together before you even set foot in Forks High." I said with a soft smile.

She smiled and gave me another kiss. "I love you Alice, now and forever." She said with a smile.

I smiled and cuddled into her, both of us a bit lost in our own little world.

Esme's POV

As we seemingly lost Bella and Alice to each other again, I couldn't help but smile at my two daughters. They were as much in love as Tanya and I were, which reminded me of the secondary reason we came here.

"Now that we settled that, I think we should address the elephant in the room. We have become aware now that everything has changed, there is no other reason to keep our two families separated. I know it would mean the world to both Tanya and Victoria to have you all close again." I said with a smile.

Carmen shared a look with the others and smiled. "We of course talked a lot about this over the last week, and of course we would love nothing more than to form one big family, but as you suspect we have some questions about this." She said with a smile.

I smiled at that. "It is what we expected Carmen, that's why we want to talk about this. We want to make this as easy as possible for everyone, so I think the easiest way to do this is just to try and answer any questions you all may have." I said with a smile.

"That is what we expected Esme, and our main concern will of course be what the Volturi will think of this, we all know that they are not fond of big Covens, and of course there is the question of where we will live, because as Tanya well knows, we are quite partial to this house, just as you are to your home in Forks."

I had to smile at her. "Well, when it comes to the Volturi, we have an ace in the hole, Bella's mother has been revealed to be Heidi's mate and we have gained a lot of favor with them because of that, so I think they will allow this. When it comes to where we will live, we can travel around easily enough between Denali and Forks. And since Bella and Alice want to get married in a few months, we would love to have that wedding here." I said softly.

Carmen smiled at that. "And we would love to host that wedding here, so I think we can make this official." She said softly.

Tanya and I smiled at that. "Then may I suggest we go out tonight to celebrate?" Tanya asked with a smile.

We all nodded at that. "That sounds like a great idea, it's been too long since we did that together." Irina said with a smile to her sisters.

"Since we lost most of our children to each other again, I think we should ask them again when they join us again." I said with a smile.

"We heard, and we would love to join you for a night on the town." Alice said with an almost dreamy smile.

"Yeah, let's do this, we need to figure out some outfits for tonight." Kate said with a smile.

I could hear Jasper groan softly, but I knew he wouldn't mind going out with us.

"If it's okay with you, Jules and I are going to stay here, you know how we get among too many humans." Emmett said with a smile.

I smiled at them. "That's okay Emmett, but under no circumstance will you and Julian wrestle in the garden, because I will not save you from Carmen's wrath if you do." Tanya said with a smile.

They nodded at that as Rose and Victoria dragged Alice and Bella back to the cars to get their clothes. "I think we'll have to keep an eye on them tonight, those four can get a little too excited when they are together." I said with a soft smile.

"I think we can let them go for one night, my love. We'll see what happens tonight." Tanya whispered in my ear.

I smiled and gave her a kiss, while she led me to her room so we could change as well.

About a month later everyone was gathered in Carmen's beloved garden, which had turned into a beautiful, almost paradise like place where Bella and Alice would have their wedding.

The two young lovers were currently being taken care of by their Maids of Honor, for Bella of course that was Rose, and Alice had chosen Victoria to help her get ready, while Jasper would be the one to walk her down the aisle.

Renée, Heidi and the Kings had just arrived and were glad to see us again now that we had combined our two Covens.

"Hello Esme, good to see you again, would it be okay for me to see Bella?" Renée asked with a smile after she hugged me.

"Of course Renée, she's positively dying to see you, follow me, I'll take you to her." I said with a smile.

She nodded and gave her mate a quick kiss before she followed me into the house. "I must say you look absolutely stunning in that dress Renée. I see your time with the Volturi has done you good, even with the red eyes." I said with a smile.

"Thank you Esme, you look amazing too. I can see you've truly blossomed in your role as a mother to Bella in the last few months, and for that I will be eternally grateful to you." She said with a smile.

I turned to her and hugged her. "Being a mother to Bella has truly been the most natural thing I have done over the last 700 years. And since I am far from alone in this, it makes it even easier. Bella now truly has five loving mothers and a father that loves her like she should be loved. I swear, she and Eleazar have been almost attached at the hip for the last month." I said softly.

She smiled at that. "Bella has never had the best relationship with her father, even before she came out to him. He always wanted a son, and as much as he tried, he just couldn't bond with his daughter the way he should have. So that she clings to Eleazar that much, who no doubtedly showers her with fatherly love, is not that big of a surprise."

"Eleazar and Carmen almost gobbled her up from the first moment we arranged our move here, and Bella of course enjoyed that loving attention immensely, but I'll leave you with your daughter and her Maid of Honor, I'll see you soon." I said with a smile.

She smiled and knocked on the door, revealing a smiling Rosalie as I walked back outside.

Alice's POV

When I got the word Bella was waiting for me outside, I had to smile. The last month had been a whirlwind for both of us, and now that our day was finally here, I couldn't be happier.

Jasper was already waiting for me and was smiling at me as he offered me his arm, dressed in his Captain's uniform.

"You look stunning, darlin, you deserve this day more than anyone." He said with a smile.

I smiled at him. "Thank you Jazz, that means a lot to me, I'm glad you found the same happiness with Kate, you deserve it even more than I."

He just smiled at me as we walked outside, where I could see Bella already standing with Rose by her side in the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. It was a white gown that flowed deliciously over her curves, and it contrasted amazing with my own ivory colored dress.

When we reached the dais where Aro stood to perform the ceremony, Jasper placed my hand in hers and placed a kiss on top of it. "Take care of her Bella, she is such a delicate creature, and Alice, you do the same for her, you both deserve this happiness after everything." He said with a smile before he took his place beside me.

We both smiled at him before we turned our attention to Aro and each other.

"Good morning everyone, and welcome to this wonderful occasion. We are gathered here today to join these two young lovers in the bond of holy matrimony. I believe you two have written your own vows?" He asked with a smile.

We both nodded and turned to each other. "Alice, my love, a little over two years ago you came into my life like a hurricane and a steamroller wrapped into one little pixie vampire. I loved you from the first moment you walked into that canteen on Jasper's arm, and I loved you when you stepped through my window six months ago, and I promise that I will love you forever, until fire separates us."

"Bella, my love, I saw you in my visions long before I saw you in real life, and you held my heart from that first vision. When I met you for the first time, I knew you were the only one for me. I loved you then, I love you now, and I will love you forever. Thank you for all the love you have given me." I said with a smile.

"Those were beautiful vows indeed. But I think we should move on to the most important part of this ceremony, since I don't think anyone present will have any objections to this marriage. Mary Alice Brandon, do you take Isabella Marie Swan as your lawfully wedded wife, in richer and in poorer, until the afterlife rips you apart?"

I smiled and looked my mate in her honey colored eyes. "I do." I said softly.

Aro smiled at us "Isabella Marie Swan, do you take Mary Alice Brandon as your lawfully wedded wife, in richer and in poorer until the afterlife rips you apart?"

"I do." She said with a smile.

"Then by the powers invested in me by the Volturi, I pronounce you both married, you may kiss your bride." Aro said with a smile.

We smiled shyly at each other and kissed, the world seeming to stand still around us as only we existed for those few seconds that truly felt like hours.

I could honestly say that I never felt happier than I felt at this very moment, in all my undead years I never felt as complete as I felt right now with my mate in my arms, even as we slowly parted to turn to our family.

The next couple of hours were a blur as we were swept up in the party that Carmen, Tanya and Esme had organized for us, and I couldn't help but smile as Bella danced with Renée, Rose and Victoria, since it would be at least a year before we saw everyone again, since we were leaving for our trip around the world, since we couldn't agree on where to go on our honeymoon.

By the time the party died down a little and the Volturi had left again, Bella and I hugged the family a hearty goodbye before we made our way to her car, which we would use for this trip, and I was glad Rose had given Bella a crash course on fixing the car when it would be necessary.

I was so glad that for once my visions had come true, since it had given me the girl of my dreams, all thanks to one Vision of Love.