By Funkiechick

(Well, everyone asked for a sequel so you got it! Lol, I didn't even plan on making a sequel for this, but then I read all your reviews so...I'm sitting at home sick right now, eating frozen blueberries. First thing I've eaten since yesterday morning, so I hope I don't spew. Anyway, this fic is set right after Kelso finds out about Jackie and Hyde, and they both decide they wont break up. If this is received well, I'll right one last part to this, and it'll be a TRIO. WOW. Yeah. So. Enjoy. *cough* )

Well, there's an exception to every rule.

I mean, I can end it with her anytime I want. I just figured she's alright, and she's hot, and it's pretty sweet having a guaranteed make out every time we're together, so I might as well keep us going. Maybe for a month or two. You know.

I mean, I LIKE her and everything. I wouldn't be around her if I didn't. And she is cute, despite my old opinions, but it's not like I actually care. I just figure I'll be with her as long as I can stand her.

Besides, Kelso deserves it. After everything he's done to her, I think he should get this, and add a kick in the groin for good measure. And kicking him in the groin would be funny, which is another plus in my books. I don't know why he'd ever hurt her in the first place. I know I wont be doing it anytime soon.

Well, you know. Not soon being like, a month or two. 'Cause it's Jackie man. And it's not as if I'm getting attached to her or anything. Getting attached to people is something I try not to do. Hell, I stopped being attached to my parents when I was fucking eight years old. I mean, you have the guys in the basement, and Red and Kitty, and I don't mind them. Not that I'd ever tell them this. But truthfully I try not to care about them.

And sometimes that's hard.

Anyway, man. It's not something I talk about. My point is if I start to have any feelings for Jackie, any like, Eric and Donna-esque feelings, we'll just end up going into a downward direction. As soon as I tried anything with Donna way back then, she repeatedly pushed me away. If I had kept trying, I would have lost her for good.

I thought Chrissy at least would have been something. But she upped and went to New York, and I didn't go with her. I could have, but unfortunately I was starting to like my 'gang'. And we were all slowly turning into an Archie comic.

Which is weird because no one really wants Jughead and Veronica together, but here we are anyway. And I really don't care what anyone wants, either.

My point is, getting attached to Jackie is the last thing I want, which is why I'll end it all in about a month or two, after we've had some fun. Having a girlfriend isn't as bad as I thought it would be. But then again, it's not like I'll make a habit out of her or anything. She's started nagging me and acting like my wife, which is technically my cue to run for it, to tell her to shut up.

But she's cute when she does it, so I figure that makes up for the irritation. The worst is when Forman keeps looking at me like I'm insane, and even worse than that is the fact Donna isn't glaring at us anymore. She's smiling. She thinks we're 'kind of cute'. All of this is slowly turning into a relationship. And I've never been with a girl for longer than I had to be. Namely getting laid and then I'm gone, man. My girlfriends last a week, tops. And yeah I know. Jackie and I haven't had sex yet, which didn't even really occur to me until now.

There. I have it. we'll have sex I sound like Kelso.

Okay, maybe sometimes I'm just bullshitting. But when something like this, with me and Jackie, things that shouldn't be happening, sometimes I let more of me show than I mean to. It's getting harder to lie about everything. But I wont let her break down a barrier I've worked on my whole life just so people like her, and everyone else wont get to me.

Which is why I really plan on ending this in a month or two. Because the longer I stick around with Jackie, the more hard everything is getting. The more I can't lie, the more I can't hide everything, and the more I start to get attached to seeing her all the time.

Listen to me, man. I don't want anyone to think I'm blowing this out of proportion. And I'm still the king of zen. And I'm still not some pansy-ass like Forman. Just every once and awhile I do something nice for her because seeing her smile isn't so bad, I guess. Maybe Forman has something, with the way he acts.

Of course, nothing is perfect. She still expects too much out of me, and that just means she'll be more hurt when she realizes I'm not going to let this go anywhere. And seeing Kelso glare at me as if I stole something from him is no picnic either. Especially since I don't think he ever loved her in the first place. Not that I do, because love is just something I don't do.

Still. It's getting worse. Maybe I should take a month off and end it sooner. Otherwise who knows, I may start going soft. Which isn't a good thing. Listen to me now, not swearing, talking like fucking pussy. There we go, fuck fuck fuck. Take that, I'm still me. I'm going to have to watch my inner thoughts from now on. They're getting way too frequent, and lame.

I feel like I don't have any options but to just be with her. Man, this basement is turning into some deep, Jackie oriented thought bin for me. This can't be any good for my image. But at least I have time alone, what with Donna and Eric off on a date, and Fez at work, and Kelso brooding back at his house. And Jackie...

Is now coming down the stairs with a bag of cookies in her hand.

"Well, I talked to him." Jackie announced, sitting down next to me, and stuffing one of the cookies in her mouth. "And wnow hesh cfant gwet mad."

"Lady like." I answered her, grabbing a cookie for myself. "I didn't hear a word you just said."

"It's nothing important." She said, swallowing. "But he agreed that he's still going to be my friend."

I looked at her. "So you and Kelso are friends again?"


"So are we. Sort of." I grabbed another cookie. "Where did you get these?" I asked, watching her take two more.

"I stole them from Donna's place. They're her dads, but I'll just blame it on her." She started chewing. "Sfee hwow badassf I'm?"

"Oh yeah, Jackie." I nodded. "Especially with cookie all over your face. Extremely badass. I'm so turned on I can hardly breath." I took the bag of cookies, and looked inside. Two left. Man, she polished off nearly a whole bag of cookies by herself. And as I've said before, she's about the size of my torso. It doesn't make any sense.

"Shut up." Jackie said, grabbing the bag from me, and also peering inside. "Two left! You pig!"

"Me?" She has to be kidding, that little..."There were about four when you GOT here? What are you? Godzilla?"

"I'm not Donna." Jackie said, taking a cookie and stuffing it in her mouth. It was like watching a vacuum.

"Man, I didn't even know you ate."

Jackie swallowed. "That's because Donna's a lumberjack, and I'm a bird compared to her." She smiled. "And this last cookie is for me."

"You wish."

And then I jumped her and grabbed the bag. "Steven!!" Jackie exclaimed, trying to grab it back. But being about a head taller than her has benefits you wouldn't believe. "Steven, give it back!"

"You want it?" I took the cookie out. "Fight me for it."

Needless to say, kicking my stomach is unfair. But she did it anyway, and while I was down, she grabbed hold of the cookie and stuffed it into her mouth. "HAH." She said, mouth full of chomped up store bought pastry.

"Jackie, you disgust me." She really did.

"No I don't." She swallowed, and laughed. "You already said I didn't."

"I was lying."

"Were not."

"Was too."

Jackie burrowed herself in next to me, and slipped my arm around her shoulders. "You can't keep your hands off me. AH." She covered my mouth when I tried to speak. She did that way too often. It was supposed to be really annoying.

"Brat." I muttered, but she wasn't listening.

She made a face as she looked at me, and poked my beard. "Now all you need to do is shave this off and you'll be perfect." She rolled her eyes then, and looked away. "Ugh, Red is right. You ARE Hungarian."

"And you're a leech." I answered. "Just because we're still together doesn't mean I'm encouraging you to do any more talking."

Jackie shrugged, but then she shot me a glare that I pretended I didn't see. I suppose she expected us to be more couply-ish now that I made it clear I wasn't breaking up with her because of Kelso. But I'll be dead before I start acting the way she had me in her ABBA infested daydream of the way we hooked up. Either way, I'm not going to lose it. I'm not going to turn this fling with her into anything more than it has to be.

But when I looked down at her (which was a goddamn mistake) she was just smiling at me. "See? We don't have to make out to spend time with each other. See, Steven? You CAN be good at this."

"Whatever Jackie."

"If you didn't care about me-"

"Shut your piehole."

If I let her get to me, then I wont be secure anymore. If I let us become anything, then I'll have lost it completely. And I can't let her say another word right now because I know everything she's saying is right.

All I have to go on now is my gut feeling to make sure I let her go soon. Real soon. But as I look down at her now, pouting like a little brat because I wont let her go on a Jackie tirade, I find myself wondering what she's thinking about. And whether or not she's pissed off at me.

I look up at the ceiling, and take a breath. "I didn't mean shut UP, I just meant change the subject."

And without looking, I knew she was smiling. And without looking, I knew she knew me more about what was happening to us than I did. I'm not in control of how I feel anymore, but I guess it shouldn't be so bad. So maybe we can be together a little longer. Maybe we can give it more of a try than just making out every time we're in a room together. Maybe getting close to someone isn't the crap I thought it was.

Hey. What the hell. I'll give getting attached a bit of a shot. Because I think by now, she's attached to me.

End of part 2

(Yes, there will be a part 3 even though I hate how this part went. Sorry, now that I read back on it, it's really not very good. The next one will be, hopefully. Anyway, see ya. I'm gonna go to bed.)