Chapter 8

"Spock? How was school?"

It was Julie again. Spock was beginning to find himself illogically attracted to these visits. He turned to face the young girl in the doorway.

"It was informative." Spock was not sure what else the point of school would be.

"Uh huh. That's the point. But Spock, I've heard about the way you were acting."

Spock felt something contract. He done something wrong. He should not have spoken up. It had been a gross breach of…

"Uh, Spock? I didn't mean you did something wrong. Are you freaking out?"


"Okay… well I just meant that you're acting like you want people to steamroll you."


"Spock, you're acting like you expect everyone to hate you. If you keep acting like people will hate you, then that's how they'll treat you."

"I do not understand the error in my conduct."

"Be more friendly. Try to make friends."

"Friendship is illogical. It has no purpose."

"Actually, friendship is logical." A light turned on in Julie's eyes, and she shifted her posture into her argument stance. "In humans friendship inspires people to be better than they would be by themselves. It also gets us to fight harder, and learn more about everything and everyone around us."


"Because friendship is motivational. And if we humans don't care deeply about something, then we won't do much of anything."

"That is not logical."

"That is true."

"I see. In that event… I do not know how to socialize."

"Hm. Well, how about first I take you to see my siblings."

"The rest of Power Pack?"

"Yeah, they've been curious about you. Um… what to expect… Okay, so Katie's the youngest. She'll probably completely disregard the whole no touching thing. Drastically. She's only 8. That's 3rd grade. Very energetic and hyper. She's also really emotional. You'll probably get along great with Alex, my older brother. He's 14. He's a great guy, and I think you two will warm up to each other real fast. Um… and then there's Jack. Jack… Mass Master… he's 10 years old. And watch your back around him. He goes out of his way to annoy everyone. Me, mom, dad, everyone. He loves practical jokes. Feel free to turn his pranks on him if you can. I'll help you. Yeah… you'll have to deal with Jack."

"That is acceptable." Spock wondered if he should try to somehow encourage Julie. He did not know how, and it was not Vulcan. As they left the building, Spock experienced the Human emotion of guilt. She was giving him so much, helping him so much, and he was doing nothing for her in return. He had not even informed her of his Human half, his eternal disgrace and shame. He did not deserve this… but they were leaving, and there was no logical way to stop now.