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Angelic High: Part One: The Prince and the Wizard Meet the Angel

Suzuhara Misaki glanced around in a fidgety manner; it was her first day at Angelic High. Though Misaki could be as brave as anyone, she would have been dead lying if she had said she felt that noble trait at that moment.

Her uniform was crisp and clean, similar to the middle school one except where once there was an almost languid blue; there was now a conservative black. Despite its immaculate state, Misaki found reason to repeatedly look down at her skirt and smooth it absently with the flats of her hands.

Other students walked around her, chatting amiably with one another; even those who looked as though they too were only first years were socializing avidly. This made Misaki feel somewhat uncomfortable at first but she soon brushed it off. The school looked nice and it was supposed to be some of the best years of her young life according to her Aunt.

She would have to see.

As an after thought following her silent observations on the school, she pulled out the folded map of the rather large school and tried to find her first hour class. Without really thinking, she began to walk as she tried to read the map simultaneously.

"Umm... this way...and then this way...up these stairs...oof!" she ran into something and fell back. Being on the stairs, she attempted to regain her balance and when it seemed certain she would topple backwards, she felt herself being grabbed by the wrists.

She dropped the map.

Then she slowly opened her eyes, which had been shut in preparation for the impact.

"A-ano!" Misaki stuttered, her voice lighter than normal with anxiety. "Gomen nasai!" Misaki moaned, bowing immediately in embarrassment and apology. Unfortunately this caused her to step back again and she once more nearly fell...and once more was caught by the stranger who chuckled a resonant laugh, light and friendly. She looked up.

There were two boys there, her age...no perhaps a bit older.

"Daijoubu?" asked the one who saved her, twice, smiling. Misaki felt her face flush.

"H-hai, daijoubu!" she managed a nervous laughing reply, and then bowed again, careful not to step back, adding, "Arigato gozaimasu." Slowly she looked up from her bow and stood there, not certain of what to do.

"You are new," her savior stated rather than asked while his companion stayed remotely silent beside and behind him.

"H-hai!" she nodded, blushing again. Since when had stuttering been a dominant trait in her speaking?

"Are you lost?" he asked, his blue eyes kindly smiling at her through the short black bangs, giving him an attractive and intriguing air. Misaki supposed that this was due also to his simple presence; he seemed to have an entrancing charisma.

"Ano...a little," she frowned as she stooped to pick up the map.

But it was gone.

Her frown deepened into a worried one as she looked in a frantic haste for the only lifeline she had at this school.

"Where are you headed?" asked her savior, still wearing that ever-present smile on his handsome face; it said that he knew things other people didn't and that was the way things would stay. Misaki didn't mind presently. Rummaging around in her bag, she successfully pulled out her schedule.

"Um..." she paused. The boy beside her savior, lightly plucked the schedule from her small hands and glanced at it almost carelessly.

"Moritomo, first hour class A. Hmm, that's near us. Would you like us to show you where?" he asked in a bland manner that contradicted the sparkle in his bright blue eyes, somewhat hidden by his bangs, which oddly enough also seemed to be a blue tint.

"Iie, I don't want to trouble you. Arigato, demo I think I can find it..." her voice belied her true feelings of utter helplessness concerning directions and her savior chuckled that same resonant laugh from before. Misaki flushed slightly.

"It's not trouble Suzuhara-san," he smiled, eyes echoing his amusement and friendliness. She was about to thank him when she wondered...

"How do you know my name?" she wondered aloud.

"It was on the schedule you showed us," explained her savior.

"Ah, hai, demo, what may I call you two?" Misaki asked quietly, ringing her hands absently in front of her. Her savior stepped a bit to the side and pointed at his friend.

"This is Wizard; I'm Mihara Oujiro," Oujiro introduced politely.

"Arigato again Mihara-san, um...Wizard-san," she smiled brightly, tilting her small face upward towards them in a cheerful manner.

"It's nothing," Wizard politely shrugged away the unnecessary thanks. As they walked, Misaki tagged along behind them at first; to her surprise though, Oujiro did not agree with this. Blithely taking her hand he pulled her forward softly to walk between him and Wizard.

Whispers filtered like wind sprites in a full gale through the high school halls as the trio passed by. Groups of girls especially had vehement reactions to the sight of a little freshman walking with Wizard and Oujiro.

"Who is she?"

"Why are they walking with her?"

"That's...that's Wizard-san! He's so..."

"Yeah he is."

"And Oujiro-san, our Prince..."

"Hai, hai of course..."

"DEMO, what is going on?"

"Yeah, I don't know. But she can't be any older than a first year, a little freshman! I'm really lost myself."

"Haha, you're always lost!"

"Shut up."

"Sigh. But those two are the best looking guys on campus you know."

"Wait, what about Kotaro?"

"Well, there's him, but he's with Tamayo-san." "Oh yeah, I forgot. Well, just Wizard and Oujiro then...sigh."

"Not bad pickings though. That Wizard...must be magic the way he looks and sounds and..."

"Hai, hai! Not bad at all. And they don't call Mihara Oujiro the Prince of Angelic high for nothing. Even girls from OTHER schools want him."

There was an odd pause in the hot-fired gossip line.

"BUT, who is THAT girl?"

"Do you see that? Mihara is holding her hand!" This particular comment got notice of Oujiro who gracefully released her hand. Misaki didn't seem to mind; she was overwhelmed and flustered to what she believed to be her extent.

"Here we are," Wizard pointed at a door with A-101 on it. Misaki took a slow inhale. Oujiro watched her discreetly through his shaded eyes that never quite expressed all that they should. Wizard also watched her but it was in an even more unidentifiable manner that only Oujiro noticed it because he was Wizard's best friend. And even then, he brushed it aside. Absently, Oujiro thought: Suzuhara Misaki, freshman to Angelic High. Welcome. Surprisingly, Wizard seemed to pick up the cue of silence to voice what Oujiro was thinking, more or less.

"Pleasure to meet you Suzuhara-san," Wizard's voice conveyed sincerity even though his stoic appearance never broke to openly convey anything further. Misaki shook her head lightly as she snapped her attention from the door back to her...friends?

"Iie, arigato and the pleasure is mine. I, I don't know what I can do to repay you...um..." Misaki racked her brain for some kind of extreme show of gratitude that she felt she ultimately owned these two boys for being so polite and helpful. She had not expected to be able to talk to anyone due to her timid nature, but they had helped her anyway. She bit her lower lip slightly, a worried expression coming over her as she tried to think of a proper way to thank them when...

"Ano..." It was Oujiro. Misaki looked up, her blue eyes still somewhat puzzled but grateful.

"Hai Mihara-san?" she prompted.

"Uh-uh, first, just Oujiro is fine," he smiled and feeling Wizard's discreet glare from his peripheral vision, he added, "And Wizard can just be Wizard I'm certain. Formalities are fine, but," he paused and stepped a little closer to Misaki, who for her part was trying to unknot an odd sensation in her stomach and also trying to fight down that infernal blush she felt rise on her cheeks.

"H-hai!?" her voice was a bit too high for her likings at that instant, but what could she do? "But, I want to be your friend, and friends are just fine without formalities, ne?" his blue eyes reflected her own for a second, sparkling at intervals of the uncountable seconds that passed with a magic that perhaps was part of the reason for his reputation, which Suzuhara Misaki had yet to discover.

"Hai, I would like that!" Misaki's worry melted as quickly as it had come. If she became his friend, then surely she would have plenty of time to thank him...and Wizard. She turned to Wizard and bowed slightly. Wizard returned the gesture.

"So then, welcome to Angelic," Wizard spoke and as Misaki was about to enter her homeroom, Oujiro called out to her again.

"Misaki!" he called to her. She turned, having somewhat gotten a hold on that incessant blush on her cheeks...somewhat.


"I'll think about your offer of gratitude. I know I'll think of something," he smiled and waved. Perhaps she would have felt somewhat unnerved by that statement otherwise, but the way he said it, the way Mihara Oujiro said it aloud and the way Wizard said it in silence, those ways just didn't seem so bad.

Breathing in softly as she turned away from them, she opened the door to her homeroom, A-101, and walked in.

Welcome Misaki...the words rang in her mind. Her smile as genuine as the sunshine outside, she felt her heart lift a bit. High school had just lost a great deal of its fear factor and transformed itself into an adventure she thought perhaps, she might be ready for.

Misaki smiled again and found a seat.

The day had only just begun.



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