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Between episodes 11 and 12, we find:

In which we return to the story briefly before we return to it, well, longly

"English!" red eyes blazed toward ice blue ones.

"Japanese," monotone, his argument would have been monosyllabic if he could have managed it without being crude.

"English!" the redhead shot back, bringing her hands down on the edge of the table and leaning across it, bringing her face very, very close to the school wizard's. She figured this would get him to cave, if not jump back and try to quickly regain his renowned composure. Instead he leaned forward.

"Japanese," it was a whisper against her ear said like something else and instead it was Hikaru fighting for her own well-earned dignity through several shades of blushing scarlet. Throwing on a scowl quickly and hopping back, perching on the edge of the table, she waved her finger disapprovingly in Wizard's face, his eyes dancing at her in cool amusement.

"Listen mister, it's English or English, got that?" They had been having this debate/argument/friendly dispute for about an hour now and she was going to win by hook or by crook.

"I'll sit here all night. It's going to be Japanese." She wanted to sock the smug and lax look on his face off, but restrained herself.

"Misaki knows English fine and she'll surprise the audience. They're going to expect a J-pop tune, Wizard," she paused and her eyes flashed in challenge as she added, "Who knew you'd choose such a predictable path?" Wizard, never one to sit for such things...stood. He then made his way to the side of the table, which he leaned casually against, gazing calculatedly at Hikaru out of his peripheral vision, and then did something rather un-Wizard like.

"A wizard is anything but predictable," he replied calmly, still not looking directly at her, his voice hinted at inner laughter and Hikaru turned to refute his statement. Her eyes widened as smoothly and very, very quickly, his fingers tipped her chin up delicately and he brought his lips down on hers. Sure they had kind of had an image going, sure they had kind of done playful flirting. But apart from that kiss that day in the park and a few genial, light kisses, they had never shared any engagement like this kind. This kiss was not quite either the image or the playfulness; there was more to it, more behind it, and it was longer. Noticeably so.

He released her, eyes warm with an unusual glint of something unabashedly normal and teenage. There was a pause and then:

"Misaki will be singing in English, my Wizard," and she gracefully wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing a willing Wizard back for more of the unpredictable. Well, we are a couple, she reasoned to herself lightly. It's about time he made a move. My turn now, she smiled into their next kiss and greatly suspected the charming wizard of smiling back as it deepened into further exploration.

Okosu sighed, his exhale sending his jagged whitish bangs floating up only to land back against his face, an uneven curtain over his amber eyes. If not as well known as Mizawa—either of them actually—or the prince, or the wizard and their beaus, he was if anything, attractive and usually good-natured. He did not look for trouble, but somehow, in the form of one, Taori Higashi, it had found him just the same.

I don't want to hurt the first year, interest or not, maybe I shall just befriend her and see where it goes, he mused to himself, back against the windowpane that overlooked one of the school's courtyards. The sun streamed through, giving the boy a glow not his own entirely, and set off his calm demeanor with a touch of warmth. Said first-year happened to scurry out of her previous class as the bell rang, last as it turned out because she had needed to ask a question no doubt. Now or never, he decided and approached her at a relaxed pace, noting absently how cute she was with her pile of books stacked to her chin, marvelously trying to carry them all herself.

"May I?" he offered simply and she began thanking him profusely as he took more than half of the stack, but he shushed her. Misaki blinked her confusion as they walked to her locker. She had really not been shushed much. Most people just let her babble on until she could get a hold of herself. Her confusion melted away beneath a smile as Okosu said, without looking at her, "I know you would do it yourself miraculously but I just want to do something nice, so let me do it alright?" He certainly wasn't like anyone else she had met before. He treated her...normally.

"Arigato," Misaki restated as she took book by book from him and placed them into her locker systematically. Okosu peered in.

"Organized are you?" he seemed to state it more than query, but she answered anyway.

"I try," she said and he nodded.

"I can see that." He watched her secure the lock through the metal openings and ran his fingers through his short hair carelessly. What now? Just hello-goodbye-and thank-you? She turned to him jus then, brilliance in her blue eyes that had less to do with books and everything to do with a soulful way that Misaki seemed to practice.

"No really, I don't even know you and you helped me. I'm Suzuhara Misaki," she bowed slightly. Okosu was about to say "I know" but instead nodded and returned her polite introduction.

"I'm Okosu," he said and when she tilted her head to one side curiously he chuckled a chuckle of a timbre that matched the sun outside, warm and not in the least unkind. "Just Okosu," he affirmed for her and Misaki took this as well as she could.

"A-ano...I just call you Okosu?"

"I wouldn't begrudge you if you added a –san," he admitted and Misaki blushed lightly before nodding, seemingly assuaged by this allowance.

"Alright, arigato Okosu-san!" The bento under her arm slid a little and this caused her to readjust to accommodate it and then to have a sudden recollection. Her face fell.

"What's the matter Suzuhara?" he asked, leaning against the lockers next to her casually. She pointed to the bento.

"I'm late. I have lunch for everyone. I'm sorry Okosu-san, but I'll see you later...maybe I can treat you to something to thank you?" she called as she took off at an admirable sprinting speed towards the customary Sakura tree. Okosu watched the door swing back and forth behind her as she continued down the corridor and he put his hands in his pockets.

"Sure thing, Suzuhara. I'll hold you to that," he wasn't certain she had heard him, but it did not worry him. Walking in no great hurry to the window, looking back down into the courtyard where by chance or otherwise, the Sakura tree was, he let his eyes drift down as a small blur of brown hair and bento box hurled itself to the edge of the three already present. One with red hair, one with bluish, and the other black. Hikaru, Wizard and Oujirou.

"How goes it, partner?" an unnecessarily seductive whisper came at Okosu's ear and he didn't move an inch, nor did he show any signs of noticing said person next to him.

"Seamlessly, Higashi," he assured and when he did not turn, the slightly put-out girl flounced off to carry out some of her own advances. Okosu watched as the prince took the small brunette into his arms, noting how shield-like those arms acted and if the watcher's expression as a whisper of a smirk, no one would notice unless he or she was looking for it.

You don't know her at all, was Okosu's contemplative thought as he turned from the lunch scene to go get his own, possibilities now streaming rampantly through his head.



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