"Naruto, don't be a picky eater, just eat a lot so you grow up big and strong. And make sure that you bathe everyday and that you stay warm too. Also, don't stay up too late, make sure you get plenty of sleep. Don't forget to make friends as well. You don't need a ton of them, okay? Just a few is fine. As long as they are ones you can really trust. And, you mom wasn't very good at this, make sure you study hard and learn your nin-jutsu. Always remember, everyone is good at something and not so good at others, so even if something doesn't go well, don't get depressed okay?

When you're at the Academy, respect your teachers and the upperclassmen. Oh, now this is important, regarding the three prohibitions of the shinobi, be extra careful about lending and borrowing money. Take your pay, put it in savings account. No alcohol until your of age. To much Sake is bad for you, so practice moderation. And another prohibition is women. Remember I am one so I don't know too much about it. Keep in mind that this world is made up of men and women, and so at some point you'll notice girls and that's normal. Just be careful, don't fall for the bad ones. Just go out there and find someone who's like me. That reminds me, speaking of the three prohibitions you should be wary if Jiraiya Sensei, ya know.

Naruto, I'm sorry to say there will be plenty of hardships and painful times ahead. Just be true to yourself. Make sure to have dreams and the confidence to make those dreams come true. Oh Naruto, there's so much. There are so many things I wish I had time to pass onto you. So much more I want to tell you. I wish I could stay with you longer. I love you. Minato I'm sorry. I used up your time."

The man known as Minato shook his head. "No, It's alright. Naruto, my words to you, well I guess your talkative mom said it all. Eight sign seal."

Tears slid down her cheeks as she watched the couple deliever their first and final words to their newborn son as the demon fox impaled a claw through each of them. The scene before her faded and she was met with the same boy in a nursey. Nurses relucantly fed the baby, scowling and whispering how he was 'that child'.

The villagers kept their children away from him and often gave him dirty looks and refused associate with him. She couldn't do anything, she was just dreaming after all. "I wish I could help him," she whispered to no one as she reached out for the blonde boy.



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