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Enjoy! And before you read, this will be told in Sadness' POV.


Wow. It felt like hours ago that I won the Mind Games. I mean, I won. Literally. And I already have a king. I had that feeling that I was never gonna find a king, ever since my love of my life is dead. It's been a year now and yeah, things have changed. Not that mental type of change, where you suddenly feel really special as a queen (I actually do, but I would've felt more special if Tony was my king), it's those extremely physical changes. First of all, Audrey was guilty of breaking a major Mind Games rule and she has not only been fired from being manager, but she has to do community service and physical therapy. And boy, am I glad that she is gone. I'm still pissed off that she crumbled up Anger's card...and put my name down.

So now, I'm wearing this royal red velvet gown with royal high heels and a ton of makeup. I mean, I have the most reddest lip stick in the world. I can even see it with my own eyes! Anyway, I was standing on the convention stage, next to my king, Anger. Since my old love of my life died, he was, well...he was my new one. I needed a king, and I never even meant to kiss him. I guess we really liked each other...in an accidental way. So yeah, with our hands touching softly, we were smiling at the applauding audience, nodding and waiting for them to stop patiently.

Standing next to me was a grinning Disgust. You may be wondering why she's on the stage. Well, it's because she was chosen as the new Mind Games manager! She has been feeling excited ever since she earned her certificate and signed her civil document about all the rules of a manager. Ever since Audrey did that writing-my-name-down incident, there has to be a guard by the manager, so he can watch her closely and carefully. So right now, the 2nd annual Mind Games was about to start. And speaking of which, right in front of the audience were four brave and strong people: the 2nd annual Mind Games champions.

Looking at those champions made me have a flashback to when I was accidentally chosen. Scared, confused, dumbfounded; it wasn't a very good flashback. But anyway, the four champions were Nate Walker, Gabriel Jenkins, Kennedy Owens, and Hannah Reyes, who was Jessica's little sister.

Ever since Hannah heard about her sister's death, she had to go through a huge battle. But after fighting depression for months, she was brave enough to write down her name on her clipboard and got chosen. She looked just like Jessica; she actually looked like a mini Jessica, to be exact. The same body figure, the same hair color, and the same smile. This makes me remember Jessica.

I realized that I was dozed off into my thought for a second because Anger was looking at me, waiting for my speech. I got myself ready quickly.

"Hello everyone," I said calmly. "First of all, before we begin, please give a round of applause to our new champions." Everyone did so for about 2 seconds, as the champions smiled shyly. "It feels amazing to be starting this again, after going through so much when I did this. You four champions have been chosen for a reason; four of them actually. Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, and Strength. This is what you will be showing during your time of the Mind Games. I am Sadness the Emotion, the Queen of All Minds and the champion of the first annual Mind Games." Everyone give a round of applause as I did a little nod before continuing. "Not all of you may be here after the final course of this event. I had to go through that." I looked at Hannah, and she gave me an understanding look. This made me feel awful, because I blurted out, "Hannah Reyes, would you come up to the stage please?"

Hannah, with a nervous look, obeyed. She did a little bow when she was next to me, and I said a little "thank you" to her. "Now, this champion right here was the sister of a fellow champion from the first Mind Games. But unfortunately, she never made it through all of the courses. What do you have to say about this, Hannah?" I allowed her to use the microphone, in which she did so.

"Well...um..." She had this light, shy voice. "She...She was...um..." I could tell that she has never done a public speech before. "She was, well...my best friend. We've had...so much memories...together and...I have never thought that I would lose her...I, um...I did this f-for...well, I'm doing this for my sister...to show her how much I...I care about her..." The audience muttered an 'awwww' before giving an applause for Hannah. We gave each other a soft hug before Hannah exited the stage, heading back to the champions.

"Now, I would to thank everyone for your support and remember..." I paused for a moment. "Champions don't play nice at all; champions fight, try,and win." I nodded. "Thank you. Now, to the champions, you may head to the limo and you will be taken to the Mind Games module." Everyone applauded one last time before the four champions left for the limo.

As I exited the stage with Anger, I couldn't believe that I said that final quote. It just popped into my mind because, well, it was something that I did as a champion. I may be short and fat, but you know that I'm proud of that.


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