(Me playing Doom)

Me: This game is brutal!

Grimlock: I wish I had a BFG.

Lane: I wish I had a big cannon myself.

Grimlock: (punches Lane in the face)

Me: Thanks man.

Grimlock: No problem.

Me: He really tells sexist jokes.

Grimlock: He's really annoying sometimes.

(You enjoy Ninjas in Avalor. I don't own Ninjago or Elena of Avalor)

It was a late night in Ninjago, some white Nindroids are guarding a stronghold. Then a mist of green surrounds the Nindroids. "Who's there?" The Nindroid commander stated.

The green mist attacks the Nindroids and reduces them to scrap metal, a Nindroid's head rolls on the ground and the eyes slowly fade into darkness. The green mist fades and it reveals a cloaked figure, the figure entered the stronghold and she finds a room with a golden rib cage like armor.

"Perfect." said the figure and grabs it, but it triggers an alarm. So the figure runs away.

Meanwhile at the Ninja HQ, P.I.X.A.L. has received an update from the stronghold. "Ninja! We have a problem!" P.I.X.A.L. reported.

The Ninja run to the computer room and enter it. "This better be good, I was about to beat my game on extreme hard!" said Jay.

"What's the problem P.I.X.A.L.?" Lloyd asked.

"Someone has broken into the stronghold and has taken the golden armor." P.I.X.A.L. replied.

"Who would steal that?" Nya asked.

"The reports say it was a mist of green smoke." P.I.X.A.L. answered.

"Ghosts?" Kai asked.

"Not ghosts, I read a heart beat. said .A.L.

"Can you get the thief's location?" Lloyd asked.

"Yes." P.I.X.A.L. turned to the computer and found the thief's location, the computer shows a canyon. "The Corridor of Elders."

The Ninja all ran to the Ultra Sleath raider, Rock Roader and Nindroid Titanium tumbler. Cole jumps in the Rock Roader, Zane jumps in the Nindroid Titanium and the rest of the Ninja jump into the Ultra Sleath raider and drive off.

The cloaked figured has a fire set up and she was about to perform some kind of ritual. "Time to get what was rightfully mine." said the cloaked figure.

"Stop right there!" Lloyd shouted as he and the rest of the Ninja run towards the cloaked figure. "Hand over the armor and come peacefully."

"The answer is no." said the cloaked figure.

"Wrong answer!" Kai shouted and he shot a fireball from his hand at the cloaked figure. But the cloaked figure ducked the fireball.

"Lightning!" Jay shot a stream of lightning from his hand, but the cloaked figure dodged the lightning strike.

Then a green portal opens besides the cloaked figure, and the cloaked figure is about to pick up the golden armor. "No!" Lloyd shouted.

(A/N: Pretend this part is in slow motion)

Lloyd fired a beam of green energy at the cloaked figure, but the beam hits the golden armour shattering it into four pieces and gets sucked up in the portal. The cloaked figure fell to the ground and the hood came off. "What have you done!?" The cloaked figure revealed to be an elderly woman with long grey hair, fair skin and wears green earrings.

"You're a woman?!" Cole shouted.

"You ruined everything!" She shouted. "No matter. I can find the pieces myself." The old woman jumps in the portal, but Zane noticed something about the portal.

"The portal is closing!" Zane reported.

"What have I done?" Lloyd questioned his action.

"Lloyd! Come on, the portal is about to close." said Nya.

"Coming!" Lloyd replied as he watched his friends jump in the portal. Lloyd jumps in the portal just in the nick of time and the portal closes.

Meanwhile in the kingdom of Avalor, a slender 16-year-old girl was looking at the night sky. She had olive skin, a sharp face, rosy red cheeks, red lips, long wavy brown hair in a ponytail and amber brown eyes. She wore a long red sleeveless over-skirt dress stylized with matching coral gauze ruffle/flounces around the elastic neckline and on the side and bottom with an attached ivory colored underskirt. Around her waist is a golden belt held in place with a golden buckle. She wears brown high heeled shoes with flowery patterns. Her jewelry included a pair of golden engraved hoop earrings, a braided beaded bracelet on her left wrist, and a flower hair comb clip on the right side of her hair.

She noticed four golden shooting stars landing in different parts of the kingdom. "Where did those stars came from?" She asked.

The next day, the Ninja were laying down on the forest. Zane was the first ninja to wake up and looked at his surroundings. "Guys, wake up!" Zane shouted.

"I'm up!" Jay jolted up and the rest of the Ninja woke up.

Kai and Cole groaned and Nya rubbed her arm. "I don't remember being in a forest." said Nya.

"Maybe that portal took us to another part of Ninjago?" Kai guessed.

"Um guys. I don't think we're in Ninjago anymore." said Lloyd, pointing to a kingdom across the lake and the castle was near a waterfall.

"Where the heck are we?" Jay asked.

"I do not know." said Zane.

"Something tells me that old lady could be here." said Kai. "Let's find her and the golden armor."

"Well what's left of it." said Lloyd.

"Hey least there's a bright side. We have the time we need to find the pieces." said Cole.

Then Lloyd noticed that a pirate ship is coming near the harbour and fires cannons at the city. "The pieces can wait, we have some pirates to fight." said Lloyd.

The Ninja all run to the city and Jay smirks. "Ninjas vs pirates. Round two!"

(Me putting away Doom)

Me: Someday I will beat that giant demon.

Grimlock: Good luck with that.

Lane: Yeah man. I'm not usually into sci fi stuff. But it was ok.


(Grimlock chases Lane Loud around the base)

Me: Anyway you reviews please review and all that.