The first thing Remus Lupin notices about Ambrosia Harkins is her name when it's called for sorting. He takes note of the name not because it sounds funny like the names Bertram or Dorcas, but because it sounds nice; her name caught her ears like a beautiful book title would catch his eyes.

He's standing towards the back of the line, away from everyone else, but he can still see the back of a dark haired girl walking up the marble steps to the three legged stool and ratty old sorting hat.

The second thing he takes notice to is how long her hair is. Her jet black hair, despite being in a tightly done braid, reaches her mid thigh. He notices from, even though he's aways away from her, that she's taller than most girls he's seen and from her swinging hands that she's a light taupe color.

The third thing he takes note of is her smile. Her smile makes Remus's lung feel empty and his head feel dizzy. Her lips are pulled back, showing off her pearly white, perfectly aligned teeth and how not even the diamonds in Hufflepuff hourglass could outshine it.

What he doesn't notice though, is that his eyes went wide when he saw her smile and that his cheeks were now a light pink color. But he does know that he wants to be in the same house as her, just to see her smile even if that house is-