It was Sirius and James who usually went toe to toe with other students, getting into wand fights and brawls in the middle of the corridor, but when Remus Lupin saw Bertram Aubrey offer to carry Ambrosia Harkins books he understood why his friends did what they did, because when Ambrosia smiled at the Ravenclaw boy shyly, through her eyelashes, he wanted to simultaneously hex the boy and break his nose.

He was in the great hall, waiting for his friends, and Ambrosia was with hers when the curly haired boy sauntered up to the Gryffindor table with an arrogant glint in his eyes and calico smile. He knew part of the reason he was reacting so badly was because it was the eighth and there was a full moon in two days time but another part of him didn't care, all he cared about was that some blue tied hosier was making Ambrosia blush.

It wasn't like it's been with Nott, a month ago he acted on instinct, now he was trying not to take out his wand with malicious intents. Which was growing harder and harder as Ambrosia giggled. Remus clenched his spoon tightly in one hand while the other clawed at his knee.

"Hey Remus!" Sirius shouted, clapping him on the back as he took the seat next to him. Remus grunted out a response, not taking his eyes off the pair. Remus saw Lily and Mary share a look he couldn't quite decipher- because girls -and then to Bertram Aubry and then giggle themselves.

"What's got your cauldron bubbling?" James wondered, following his line of sight. Each of his friends frowned when they saw the Ravenclaw beater playfully tug at a strand of Ambrosia's long hair. Remus felt hot rage bubble in his stomach, for years he wondered what her hair felt like, and yet Bertram Aubry knew what it felt like after four minutes of chatting her up?


"What?" Remus hissed at Peter. Sirius frowned. "Hey, there's no need to snap at Peter." Remus sighed.

"Sorry," Peter nodded, "It's just-"

"Yeah," James nodded, understanding his friend. On the last Hogsmeade trip they'd caught sight of Lily on a date with some fifth year Hufflepuff.

"What do I do?" Remus whined, dropping his head onto the table.

"You could all pick up your panties and go snog the holiday stuffing out of Harkins right now," Sirius suggested. Remus gave him a dead-eyed look that told him no, snogging the holiday stuffing out of Ambrosia was not an option. Not matter how much he'd love to do it.

"Make his skin green?" Peter offered. The boys mulled it over for a minute but then shook their heads no when Lily moved over so Bertram could sit in between her and Ambrosia.

"I got it," James's eyes sparkled. He took out his wand, a smooth eleven-inch mahogany wand.

"You've got what?" Remus wondered as his eyes flickered back to Ambrosia, whose figure was blocked by Bertram Aubry's figure leaning far into the table. Remus felt the vein on the side of his forehead pulse in annoyance.

"This. Engorgio Skullus." a bright yellow spark flew from James's wand, over the heads of four students, and Lily Evans, and then hit the top of Bertram's curls.

Nothing happened for a moment, and then, as if someone was slowly blowing hot air into a balloon, his skull started to get bigger. Ambrosia noticed after a few minutes and looked past him, to Remus and his friends. When Remus caught her eye he tried to look innocent, as had James, Sirius and Peter, only she gave them a knowing look, almost in a mother sense because she raised her eyebrow at him. When he shrugged the tips of her lips started to stretch outwards.

By that time people were starting to look notice Bertrams head gradually growing in size. Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick had scurried down from the teachers' table and to Bertram who'd just fallen off of the bench. Ambrosia shielded her mouth with her hand so her laugh would become muffled. Lily and Mary hid their laughs by looking down in their laps, as did a few other students, though most other children chuckled at Bertrams steadily growing head freely.

Not that Remus cared, why would he? Ambrosia was still looking at them- him, she was looking at him and not with disdain or annoyance but joy and playfulness-smiling.

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