Chapter 1

Sharon lay awake near Lieutenant Andy Flynn. She couldn't believe that it happened. Not that it was any surprise, but it was repeated several times, several times a week. After every dispute, she ended once again in his arms. None of their team knew that in fact they almost live together and that they've begun a relationship. No, they couldn't share such nonsense with their team, because for them, they were simply enemies. Andy turned to her and snuggled in her silky hair, pulling her closer to him. Sharon backed away slightly and that made Andy open his eyes.

"What happened?" he asked sleepily. Sharon took a deep breath and looked at him coldly.

"Andy, why do we do this? What's the point?" she asked nervously. Andy rubbed his eyes and sat up, looking at Sharon confused.

"Sharon, I don't understand. What is the problem? What do you mean?" he asked several times. Sharon sighed wearily and bit her lip.

"Andy, I have in mind our relationship. Look, I don't know whether this is a relationship or any affair, but I want you to understand that I am tired after all our disputes to spend a passionate night as if nothing had happened. I'm tired!" Sharon almost shouted. Andy closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head.

"Yes, Sharon. We have disputes almost always, though, we are old enemies, but we can't tell anyone that we have a relationship and we live together - almost. Look, if we don't love each other, we wouldn't spent a passionate night together. " he said firmly. Sharon shrugged.

"Andy Flynn, I'm not your sex toy. Besides, I'm still married. I hate the fact that we have to hide our relationship from our team. I feel uncomfortable." she admitted sadly and got out of bed to get dressed. Andy couldn't understand what the problem is. He really loved Sharon. But, yes, they had to hide their relationship some time. They were afraid by their team's reaction. Sharon stood before the mirror and looked at her reflection. It was almost 6:00 in the morning. She again had spent the night with her colleague - Lieutenant Andy Flynn. But she couldn't hide the fact that she loves him. Suddenly, Andy wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her gently on the neck. She turned to him and stroked his face sadly.

"Andy, I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt you. I know that you are not Jack and you're ready to love me forever. I just feel awkward, hiding our relationship from everyone." she admitted, looking down, but Andy lifted her chin and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Hey, Shar, it's okay. I know everything. I love you." he said softly, then kissed her several times with the same passion. Sharon backed away breathlessly.

"Andy, I love you and it terrifies me. Everyone thinks that we are still enemies. I'm scared." she said quietly, tears were streaming down her cheeks. Andy shushed softly and wiped her tears.

"It's okay Sharon. I'm here." he said firmly. Sharon grinned slightly.

"Oh, Andy, I love you very much." she said again and kissed him on the lips, while his hands moved down her back gently. Andy broke the kiss and grabbed her face with his hands.

"I know I'm irresistible, but we need to go to the crime scene." he said, grinning. Sharon laughed and hugged him tightly. Oh God, she so loved this man. A few hours later, Sharon and Andy worked hard. Sharon was in the Johnson's office to give her a few reports. Andy sat pensively on his desk as Lieutenant Provenza was watching his movements.

"Hey Flynn, you look nervous. Is everything okay?" he asked anxiously. Andy sighed and nodded slightly.

"Yes, don't worry." Andy assured, but the truth was that he really was afraid. He was afraid of the fact that he succumbed to his feelings for Captain Raydor and the fact that he sleeps with her almost every night, no matter how argue with her and their past hostility. Late in the evening, the team was revealed the last murder case and in the department were only Sharon and Andy. Sharon was looking at some reports on her desk while Andy looked at her with admiration. Suddenly, Sharon got up and walked toward the break room. Andy quickly followed her and Sharon could feel his body close. When she went inside the break room, Andy immediately went after her and locked the door, surprising Sharon.

"Andy!" she gasped, seeing that he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Hush. Currently there are only two of us and nobody else." he said, grinning and kissed her passionately. Sharon backed away from his arms and took a deep breath.

"Andy, the fact that there are only two of us doesn't mean anything. I know what nonsense you think. But don't even think that we would do that." she said sternly. Andy sighed and rolled his eyes, then put his hands in his pockets.

"Sharon, believe me, I've never loved a woman so much. I love you and I don't want you to be away from me. I'll wait you in the parking lot." he said quietly and went outside. Sharon took a deep breath and shook her head. She didn't know whether this is sin, because she was still married, but she loved Andy with all her heart. A few hours later, Sharon and Andy went home. Sharon threw the keys tired, while Andy pushed her against the wall, then kissed her passionately. The kiss was almost frantic. He finally could kiss the woman he loves. He finally, after so many years of hatred and as enemies could have her in his arms. Sharon returned to his passionate kisses repeatedly. Andy lifted her skirt, while her hands went to his belt, but he stopped her.

"Sharon, not here." he quickly took her in his arms and led her into the bedroom. The air smelled of sex, their passion and love.

"You're just wow." Andy said breathlessly and closed his eyes for a moment. Sharon bit her lip and looked at him.

"What do you mean? This is not our first time. We sleep together almost every night. What surprised you so much?" she asked, frowning. Andy sighed and shrugged.

"I know, you were with Jack for years and ...- '"

"Andy, what nonsense are you talking about? We'll talk about Jack? Right now?" Sharon quickly got out of bed and grabbed her clothes from the floor. Andy grabbed his own clothes because he could see that Sharon was terribly angry.

"Sharon, you got me all wrong. I didn't mean it." he defend himself. Sharon shook her head and grabbed her jacket.

"No, Andy Flynn. I'm not your sex toy or affair. Moreover, what we do is a mistake and a terrible sin. I'm leaving." she said angrily and walked toward the door, but Andy took her hand.

"Sharon, I can't believe that you're leaving because of a similar conversation. Look, if you leave now, I'll never have a relationship with you." he said with anger. Sharon swallowed the lump in her throat and opened the door.

"It doesn't matter. It's just a mistake." Sharon said sternly, and left without saying anything more...

~~~ TBC ~~~