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Chapter 24

A week had turned into two months before they had known it and Hermione couldn't have been more happy with how their life had turned out. She had written Professor McGonagall about Tobias' little gift. Of course, she'd had to explain how she and Draco had come into guardianship of Tobias and Tabitha.

Her favorite professor had written back that it was likely nothing to worry about. That there had been several documented cases of something like this in the past. Hermione had questioned Tobias extensively and it sounded as if he was just hearing what spells and enchantments that had been used to bind the books together - akin to the way wandmakers could intuit what the wood and core material was 'saying' to make it compatible for a wand.

Draco and Hermione had talked about it that night, coming to the conclusion that Tobias could possibly have a bright future in bookmaking. Malfoy Industries owned several printing firms and with this new development, Draco was talking about possibly buying more. Hermione had talked him down.

The wedding preparations were coming along nicely and they had set a date of April 7th, a mere month away. Everything was in the finalization stages, which Narcissa had insisted on doing herself.

After she had penned her letter to McGonagall, Hermione had written her resignation letter to Harry as well. That had resulted in an unannounced Floo visit from her best friend and boss.


"HERMIONE!" Harry's voice echoed throughout the foyer of the manor as Harry left the parlor where all Floo travel was directed. Draco and Hermione looked up from the jigsaw puzzle they were working with the kids, trying to decide where a certain magically moving piece was supposed to fit.

Hermione grimaced, she knew that tone. "He must have read my resignation...I'll go talk to him. You stay here with the kids." She kissed the tops of the little ones' heads and placed a tender kiss on Draco's lips, then left the sitting room they were in.

She found Harry wandering the hallway, looking in every door that would open for her. It seemed he was rather determined to find her. "Harry."

Those vivid green eyes turned on her, narrowing in frustration, bewilderment and a little bit of hurt. He held up his hand, the expensive parchment she had used clutched in his fingers. "What is this?"

Hermione sighed softly and led Harry into the room they were nearest to. It looked to be an office of some sort, with a magnificent desk. Hermione chose to sit in one of the plush armchairs, while Harry chose to stand by the fireplace. "Harry, you know exactly what it is. You've read it. It's my resignation letter. I understand that you may be confused as to the suddenness of my decision, but so much has changed. You must see why I had to resign."

Harry stared into the dark fireplace, where the ashes of long dead fires lay. He was quiet for sometime, working through his emotions. "I know, Mi. You're a wife, a mother now. To two children who have been through a hell of a lot. I just wish you had talked to me about it first. We could have worked something out, fixed your schedule to be more accommodating."

"It wasn't just about fixing my schedule to be more accommodating, Harry. The work we do for the DMLE, it's not something we can do from home and I want to be home with the kids as much as possible. At least until they are more comfortable here, with Draco and I. I know that I should have discussed it with you first, I'm sorry that I didn't. Everything has been so chaotic that it's hard to think straight around here." Hermione sighed again, her fingers pulling a strand of her hair around and twisting the lock between her fingers. "Draco and I have talked about it, he is going to be stepping back into the role of being solely CEO and I am going to take over the post of CFO, which will allow me to work from home effectively, unless I am absolutely needed at the office. He and I will be able to be here for the kids and when we cannot be, Narcissa will. Between the three of us, we will oversee their primary schooling. Draco and Narcissa will focus on the wizarding aspect and I on the Muggle."

"You are once again simultaneously the most infuriating and inspiring witch I've had the pleasure of calling my family," Harry said, looking over at Hermione with a grin.

Hermione stood, walking over to hug her best friend around the waist. "I love you too, Harry."

*End of Flashback*

"Love?" Hermione was pulled from the memory by Draco's voice.

She looked over at her husband and smiled at him, "Sorry, lost in thought. Did you ask me a question?" Hermione was sitting in the deep bellied tub, relaxing in the depths of the warm and fragrant bubbles. Draco was sitting on a stool next to the marble basin, a book in his hands. He'd been reading to her, but as she'd zoned out, she had no idea how much she'd missed.

"No, but I did say that I would have to go to the office tomorrow and it will likely run over Tobias' school time. Since it is a wizarding subject day, mum will take over, but I just wanted to give you a heads up. Everything going okay in the financing department? I mean, I know it is, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask." Draco chuckled quietly, leaning down to kiss the top of Hermione's head.

Hermione gave a nod of her head, before relaxing it against the back of the tub again. She was thankful that Draco had cast a cushioning charm on the marble. "Everything is going great, I will probably go in next week, on a wizarding subject day, and just physically check in on the files. I am glad that I still get to work, but I love getting to be here for the kids so much. Speaking of, they should be getting back soon." Hermione looked up at the clock Draco had placed in the bathroom for her.

Narcissa had taken them to the magical zoo in London, tucked away in a far corner of Diagon Alley. It was a new addition after the war, headed by Rolf Scamander, Newt Scamander's grandson.

Every Wednesday, they had agreed to take Tobias and Tabitha on a trip, alternating between Muggle and wizarding destinations. It was always an educational trip and it got the kids out of the manor. They also alternated which cultures they would be teaching on which days. Mondays and Thursdays were wizarding days, whereas Tuesdays and Fridays were Muggle days.

A towel appeared in front of her unfocused eyes and she shook her head again, laughing softly. "I really am distracted today, aren't I?"

"It's probably because I shagged your brains out today," Draco said, watching as she stood, his lids dropping as he watched the water fall from her body. Hermione wasn't going to deny that she had been thoroughly shagged today. She was deliciously sore all over her body.

Hermione enjoyed the days when Narcissa volunteered to take the kids on their trips. She and Draco generally stayed home, giving Narcissa time alone with the kids to bond with them. That left the two of them in the giant manor alone, so long as neither of them had to go to the office. Those Wednesdays were usually spent naked, sweating and shagging in various exotic locations around the manor.

"Did we ever decide what the elves were cooking for dinner?" Hermione asked as she wrapped the towel around her body and walked into their closet. As she pulled on some comfortable clothes, she could feel Draco watching her. Even two months into married life and she still couldn't believe her luck.

"I believe that Tabitha requested steak and kidney pie and you know that those elves will deny her nothing. That little girl is well and truly spoiled. I'm surprised she doesn't stink yet," Draco chuckled, moving out of the door of the closet as Hermione moved to leave.

Hermione let her hair down out of the loose updo she'd had it in to keep it free of the water. "We are definitely mostly to blame for that. I'm just glad she's started talking a little more over the last couple of months. Alright, let's head to the library, that'll be the first place they look."


This wasn't the first time that Draco had been pulled away from Hermione and the kids because of something happening at the office. He had found out in the first thirty minutes of the first time that he didn't like it. Not one bit. He thoroughly enjoyed teaching Tabitha and Tobias all about wizarding culture. Though Tabitha wasn't old enough to fully understand everything, she sat studiously beside her brother, looking as if she understood every word.

Draco had never pictured his life being this full or this warm, but he loved his life the way it was. On the mornings when it was his turn to teach, he would bring Hermione coffee in bed and give her a kiss on the head. The kids would come in after he opened the door, climb in the bed with Hermione and give her hugs and kisses, causing her to giggle. Then Draco would shoo them out of the bed and off to school in the library.

"Mr. Malfoy, I have some papers here for you to sign, to approve the purchase of Page and Cover, that Muggle printing press. As well as the papers to turn it into a magical press and conceal it from the Muggles." Draco turned around in his chair, his eyes leaving the skyline view and looked at his secretary. This was the last piece of business he had to attend to today and he was so thankful. He was beyond ready to get back to Hermione and the kids.

He signed the pieces of parchment with a flourish, sticking his quill back into the inkwell, giving a fond smile to the Muggle Mont Blanc pen Hermione had given him for Christmas that was in a special stand that she'd also had made. "Thank you, Helena. If you need anything else, please owl me. I doubt I will be back in the rest of the week. Also, please make sure it is marked on the calendar that Hermione and I will be taking off the month of April. Everything is to be routed through my mother, Narcissa. She knows the inner workings of the company as well as I do, if there is anything that she doesn't understand or feels uncomfortable making a decision on, she will get in contact with me."

Helena gave Draco a nod, giving him a soft smile, "Yes, Mr. Malfoy. Congratulations again on your marriage to Hermione as well as your vow renewal coming up. I will see you next time, Mr. Malfoy. Have a good time the rest of the week, and tell those kiddos I said hello. They are so adorable."

"Thank you again, Helena. For all that you do. I'll see you one day next week." Draco stood as Helena left out of the office, giving him a wave. He looked around his office once more and Disapparated home, to where he felt complete and happy.