So, I decided I wanted to try something new. Because I'm just getting into this show, it's not going to be the best at the moment. I hope everyone will enjoy this story either way. It's like a different ending to Fright Knight.

The knights were in the dark woods, watching for Jestro, the book of Monsters of any monsters in general. Aaron, now separated from the other knights, was whistling and listening around him for anyone. Then he heard the crack of a whip behind him. He spun around, grabbing it.

"Ah-ha!" he cheered in victory. "H-h-h-hey, what gives?"

Whiparella pulled on her whip, trying to free it from Aaron's grasp.

"This, is what gives," she said, finally pulling it free. "And now, I will fill you with fear!"
Whiparella grew, towering over Aaron, who watched in amazement.

"Does my huge frightening self scare you, tiny knight?" Whiparella mocked.

"Whoa-oh-oh-oh!" Aaron cried out, in awe. "That is sick! Do it again! Do it again!"

"What?!" she cried in shock. "You're not frightened?"
Aaron laughed. "No way! That looks awesome!"
"Well, then," Whiparella said. "Maybe you have a fear of heights."
Her whip wrapped around Aaron's ankle. She flung him high in the air, higher than she was. Aaron cried out with excitement, landing on his shield and flying down her back. He flipped over, landing on with ground with his shield in hand.

"Mad props for the ride, Mullet Marie," Aaron smiled.

Whiparella called out to someone. "Let's how brilliant you are around my creepy crawlies."

Aaron looked around, the fire spiders crawling out towards him. He shook with excitement.

"I am so...totally….buggin' out!" Aaron cried.

Aaron hopped on his shield and flew laps around the monsters, laughing. They spun around in circles until they nearly threw up. He landed, looking at the spiders.

"Oh, oh, oh, that is so off the shield, yo," Aaron said. "So, what else you got, chili pepper pam."

"What?" she said. "That is not my name either."

"Oh, oh, whatevs," Aaron said, then smirked. "Hot anxiety."

"I am Whiparella!" she yelled at him. "With one snap of my whip, I can find your deepest, darkest fear and bring it to life."

"No way!" Aaron said. "No-whip Latte."

"Yes way," she replied. "And it's Whiparella! I have crushed all your friends with their greatest fears. Fear of hunger, the greatest meal always just out of reach. Fear of obscurity, a spoiled boy in a world that doesn't even care he exists. Fear of being a princess, who shall never become a true knight. Fear of failing, not just the beloved damsel in distress, but your beloved knights code as well."

Aaron laughed, holding up a drink. "Good times. Right? Wimparella."

"Stop that!" she growled at him. "And tell me why my fear magic had no effect on you. I got no sense of any fear whatsoever."

"That's because, I have no fear!" Aaron cried, jumping off the rock. "Whatsoever."

He cheered, pulling out his bow and pretending it was a guitar.

"No fear," he repeated.

"But that can't be," Whiparella said. "Everyone has fears. Some are just less obvious."

Try after try, fail after miserable fail, Whiparella tried to find Aaron's fear. Dentist, nails on a chalkboard, even being naked. Every time, Aaron just angered her more by being able to find a positive side to it.

"Rocking the commando look!" Aaron cheered.

"WHAT!?" she cried.

Before Aaron could ask for a Nexo scan, Whiparella lashed at him. His armour came back and he looked at her stunned. Then she wrapped her whip around her ankle, lifting him up.

"Whoa, where we heading, Whipper snapper?" Aaron asked, hanging upside down in the air.

"I'll find your fear if it's the last thing I do," she told him.

"I already told you," Aaron said. "I'm afraid of nothing. I have no fear."

"You have to be afraid of something," Whiparella snapped. "Anything!"

Aaron yelped as he was suddenly launched forwards. He tumbled across the ground, landing in front of someone's feet.

"A knight!" Jestro cried. "You brought him right to us! What were you thinking!?"

"Hey, you two," the Book of Monster called out. "Grab him before he gets away."

Two of the bigger monsters grabbed Aaron by his arms. Aaron struggled in their grasp, trying to pull free.

"Hey, what's the big deal?" Aaron asked.

"You're not going anywhere," the Book of Monsters said. "Your knight friends are running around the forest, probably scared out of their minds. Meanwhile, you are now our prisoner."

"That's not cool, man," Aaron said. "So how about you let me go and we pretend this never happened?"

"This guy's wit is starting to wrinkle my pages," the Book of Monsters muttered. "Silence him, would you."

Aaron's helmet was pulled off his head and, along with his shield, was dropped to the ground.

"Hey! I kind of need those!" Aaron called out.

"Not where you'll be going," the Book of Monsters called over his shoulder.

A piece of tape was placed over Aaron's mouth, silencing him. Aaron gave muffled cries, twisting and turning as an attempt to escape. He had no luck, stuck in the monsters tight grasp.

Meanwhile, on the Fortrex, Ava was working away quickly to help the knights.

"Aaron, come in," she said over the intercom.

"Ava, Nexo Scan!" Clay called.

"Merlock," Ava said.

"On it," Merlock said. "Get ready for Nexo scan."

They completed the scan and waited for the knights to return. About ten minutes later, Clay, Macy, Lance and Axl walked in.

"Where is Aaron?" Merlock asked.

"We thought he was here already," Clay said.

"You mean he's still out there?" Macy asked.

"I'm picking up his shield not that far from here," Ava said, back at the computer.

The Fortrex rolled towards where they thought Aaron was. They stopped moving and the other knights walked out.

"Aaron?" Lance called.

"Aaron, where are you!" Macy called.

"Guys," Clay called.

Everyone raced after Clay, who ran to Aaron's shield. His helmet and shield laid side by side on the ground.

"Aaron wouldn't just leave his stuff lying around," Clay said.

"Something must have happened to him," Macy cried.

"I think Jestro got him," Axl said.

Everyone turned, seeing tons of marking in the dirt, leading away from the shield and helmet.

"Aaron's been captured," Robin said, running out to join them. "Do you think he's alright?"

"Aaron's strong," Clay said. He picked up Aaron's gear. "We'll find him and get him back. I'm sure of it. Come on, let's start searching for him."

The others nodded, following Clay back to the Fortrex.

Aaron pulled on the chains while still trying to keep his balance in Jestro's rolling base. He looked out the bars in front of him, all the monsters surrounding them, making escape nearly impossible without his shield. They hit a bump and Aaron toppled over, landing on his back. He moaned, looking back at the monsters laughing at him. He looked up, staring at the roof.

"What did I do to deserve this?" he asked himself.

He sat up, looking out in front of him. He felt them slowing down, and he slowly stood up. He stumbled when they stopped. He saw trees surrounding them.

"I think this is a good place to hide out the night," he heard the Book of Monsters say.

"Those pesky knights won't find us here," Jestro agreed.

Aaron listening as Jestro and the Book of Monsters climbed down. They walked up to him, the book of Monsters smirking.

"So, you have no fear?" he said. "And that's why Whiparella's magic had no effect on you."

"Yeah," Aaron replied.
"We'll change that," he smirked.

The book of Monsters walked away, but Jestro stayed with Aaron. They watched the book of Monsters walk off to find Whiparella, and Jestro turned to Aaron.

"What?" Aaron asked him.

Jestro looked at Aaron, almost with sympathy, then walked after the book of Monsters. Aaron watched him, confused.

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