Only in Dreams part 1
By Lyris Mendax PG
Part 1 His Dream

"Hmmm it's dark here almost too dark. How long have I been sleeping I wonder?" I peek out of the place that I had been hiding in, tucked away from the world giving it little thought or care. I look about and feel drawn to a faint light. It is that of an old monitor that is hooked up to a rebuilt computer. The keyboard shows the neglect that it has seen. Dust sits upon the keys in a thick blanket. So heavy that it can not be blown away.

With the ratty tail of my shirt I wipe at the keys making a mess of the file that was left open and aging there, being saved by the program but never changed. Not until I had done my little cleaning. "Oh well." I blink a few times coming more awake as I do and look upon the screen. "Only in Dreams "

I shake my head trying to recall the line of the story what was going to happen next. "Oh damn I can't seem to recall..." I felt a touch of frustration tickle at the back of my mind. Then an idea came to me. I sat at that computer and save the file, then after a much needed reboot I open the first part of the story.

"Part 1 Jareth's Dream" I start to read it and see a dozen little things that I want to change. After a little time thinking upon it I do. Slowly it comes together again and I start to read over my piece. Only to be rewarded with a feeling of dissatisfaction and start again. Adding here taking away from it there. Finely with a soft sigh leaving my chapped lips, I look over it one last time then debate with myself. "Should I... will it be good enough? I have been away for so long. People might have forgotten this story" I am reading over it one last time getting a feel for the work I have done, when it hits me. Someone is watching me, as I sit in this darkened old room. Slowly, I turn puzzled at first until I see him.

Jareth stands there arms crossed and a slight smirk twisting his lips, his long blond hair falling about his shoulders in it's haphazard fashion. His mismatched eyes almost burning into mine as I shyly meet that steady gaze. 'Why is it he never seems to feel that creeping touch of age the rest of us must face.. No I will not let that thought get in the way right now or I'll have a whole new story to send out before I even get this one done; and if I know Jareth at all a fresh pack of Goblins to teach a new song too as well.' ( Read Mr Goblin if you really must know what I'm talking about )

He does not say a word to me only looks for a long time. Making me wonder what his thoughts might be, then it happens he gives me a slight nod and fades away. With that bit of approval the decision is made and I know what I am going to do. "Who am I after all, to go against the wishes of The Goblin King? Don't answer that dear reader; we already know what trouble that might lead too. I am still chasing goblins from this room because of the last time I had tried to go against him. I know I will have a few more to play with before all of this is done"

"So I give to you any reader that I may find this story of mine... Be it good or bad what you want or need. A tale from my imagination of that rascal of a Goblin King."

Only in Dreams:Part 1 His Dream

If we shadows have offended Think of this and all is mended.
That you have but slumber'd here While these visions did appear.

(A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare)

The chamber of the king was dark, not even the crystal moon or the sliver stars could penetrate the blackness; they only made gray shadows wash over everything in what might have been a grand room. It seemed empty now and lacking of any life. Oh that did not mean that you could not tell that someone kept their things here. Clothing, shoes, bits of sparkling jewels were scattered everywhere. Mixed with all of it was a thick coating of dust. It was so thick upon the floor and other places that it was almost surprising that one could see a bit of the carpet underneath the grand jumble of stuff left upon what should be a bed. From that mixed mass of things a soft whisper was heard, and in the dark under that gathered stuff something shifted. "Sarah no please stay and dance with me." A rich voice pleaded, sweet heart broken tones colored each word. It was almost enough to break a heart or two, that was why most had stopped coming in here. Too keep away from that voice to stay out of reach of the speakers raw pain. A fresh bit of sound, this one harder to pick out, and a pale hand moves into view. It looked as if were reaching for some ghost or image, something that only the dreamer could see. Another turn upon the bed and a few things fell off of it. Now that bit of carpet could no longer be seen.

For a moment in the darkness of his chambers Jareth the Goblin King smiled in his sleep, all because he was gifted with the sight of her face in his bittersweet dream. Her name danced in his heart and rolled without any effort from his tongue once more. "Sarah." The word to him had come to mean so much. Life and love; pain and hate, often he found himself held by the wonder of it all. Often he would sit and marvel at the feelings that were lock within such a simple word. Words now teased him playing in his heart and mind almost like a bitter sweet song. Each note of it gave him a new image of her. Each word screamed what he now felt. It was what she would not let him say to her face, or even try to whisper to her, in her deepest most darkest of dreams.

There are things that I need to tell you.
Things that I cannot say in my dreams.

He could see her standing, in the doorway of that grand ballroom. A place he had brought her too, a secret place in his dark world that only a few would dare to walk into. It was one she had not been ready for. In many ways he had started to awaken ideas that should have been sleeping for much longer, but in the heat of the game they had been playing he had forgotten just how pure and young she really was.

Sarah was dressed in moonlight, because of the spell he had cast, part of him was pleased by the small star like flowers that where laced in her dark hair. Everything he had done, added to her look of purity. Showing clearly to all that she did not really belong in this forbidden place. She had a soft glow about her that whispered to many of her power, so they all wanted to gather about her drawn to that bit of living light that she held. He did not wish to look away from her part of him fearing that she would melt away into nothingness and leave him alone in this place of lust and sin.

So he watched her, like a blind man gaining sight for the first time and seeing all the wondrous colors of the sunset. He did not let his mismatched eyes move from her slight form; drinking in every moment that she stood there without seeing him. Her look of wonder and awe almost made him chuckle. He could feel the smirk that pulled upon his lips as her jaw dropped a little that stormy gaze of hers fixed upon some new thing, of amusement or extravagant beauty. That smirk slowly pulled into a wicked smile as he saw her start to gather her wits, and look about as if hunting for something. She showed him and the others how she was able to adjust to almost anything.

Yet I can not help but want you
In this place of the unseen
To pull you away from many

Her light colored eyes where shining with wonder, fear, and just a touch, one small touch of love. Could that love be for him or did he just imagine it there? He could not tear his gaze away from her fully, part of him felt that he could spend his whole life watching her, and loosing himself in her bewitching storm like eyes.

The crowd of costumed people shifted and they both had to move. Slowly he made his way over to her as she moved about the dark people of the place. Taking his time as he did so, getting pulled upon to dance with a lady here or their, but never would he let his gaze fully drift or waver. She seemed to float about the room her small graceful steps showing her hesitation to move or look upon something for too long. Hinting at how determined she was in this hunt.

Just so I can watch you in my sleep
So that I might have you in my dreams

That stormy gaze of hers would linger upon faces of people even as they remained hidden by many grotesque masks, making a mockery of the monsters in the underlands. Her gaze would soften then slowly sadden like she had yet to see the object of her hunt, disappointment started to touch her eyes, and paint her sweet face. 'Who is she looking for?' he asked himself even if a part of him already knew the answer.

He shadowed her now, moving like a ghost upon the floor, feeling his laughter mix with the sound of the others at times she would slip past him not knowing that he had been so close to her and yet so far from her reach. 'Does she really wish to see me?' He could feel his heart speed slightly at that thought. Jareth knew that he was not ready to face her just yet. He dreaded what was about to happen. Other bodies pressed against his almost like they wanted to hold him back. Then, like magic, she was there standing before him, her storm like eyes seeking his own. He could see that slight tremble pulling upon her lower lip. He was held by the power of her gaze, all of his tricks for slipping away willingly forgotten. It was time for him to face her in this dream.

You worth more to me than diamonds
Or other petty material things
I would die if I can not hold you

He took a hold of her hand and started to lead her in the dance, to show her a piece of own his darkness. Again that twisted smile of his pulled upon his lips and turned warmer. He let his slender fingers trace over the back of her right hand, it seemed to fit perfectly in his own. He let his other hand move to the small of her back just resting upon it. Jareth did his best to keep a little space between the two of them. With slow graceful steps he moved turning her this way and that letting the haunting feel of the music wash over the two of them. He tried to use the dance to show her that she had little to fear in his dark world as long as he was at her side. He was taken over by the feeling that as long as she was with him, he would never be lonely or bored. That in her he had found that missing thing.

In his sleep Jareth could still feel her in his arms, that stolen dance had done so much for him. That one moment almost helped him forget it all, his loneliness and boredom. It had become something that would change him forever. The infatuation he had for Sarah changed at that moment and became deeper, stronger. The bold way that she faced him the pull of her will upon his own, in many ways she was more than a match for him. All it had taken was one dance with her for him to awaken to the fact that slowly she was winning him over and that gave him a new more frighting challenge. Jareth was falling in love with the child like woman that he held so tenderly in his arms.
Even now he had to guard that moment. Keep it fresh in the both of their minds. High Ones be damned it would not be taken away from them. In that single moment he had seen what they could be for each other.

Then he felt it that seed of doubt that had been planted. Could he let if fade, could he let go of his dream? Could he keep living as he had before if he did? "NO" The king called out in his sleep, answering his unspoken worries and questions, clinging to that moment of happiness, like a needy child.

To keep living, I live a lie
Holding you the only way that I can
I do so in my dreams

He shivers a little in his sleep, longing for the warmth that can only be hers. In his dream he moves closer to Sarah, gloves gone from his hands, his touch light and warm on her waist. The music seems to call to the two of them leading them both. He couldn't help smiling a little when he felt her heart start to speed up, and saw that small touch of wonder and possibly love become a brighter glow in her storm like eyes.

But I know that holding you might
Be the end of me

He had been told to let it go and move on. Could he let her go? Turn his dark attentions to another who even now looks at him with need in their eyes? No, he would not be able to go on. Sarah was his reason now even if she did not know it. He could not hold her for real, so he must in his dreams. Stolen bits of time with her in his sleep fogged mind was all that he had now to make him want to go on.

Yet I can not help if I cling like a child
Holding on to my treasured dream

If only she would come to him once more give him what he needs the most. Damn the rules! Her telling him that he could have any power over her closed most of the doors, that he could have used to win her over.

You have taken over all that I have
My world, my mind, my heart

It was her saying that she still needed all of them, that left only a few ways open for him. He just had to find a way to use them and win her over, regain her love, or win it if he had never had it before.

But still I give them all to you
Willingly in my dreams

He felt his heart give that bitter ache, one that had touched him the moment that he had seen her; that moment that he had first loved her. The one that help to crush him when he had to let her and her brother go, unable to make any more offers of bargains. It was a bitter warning of what was coming, already he could feel his heart giving a pained whimper of loneliness. His mind screaming for some release.

Because of you I sit on the edge of madness
But I would never have it any other way

He held her in his arms, her face before him locked with fear, and held by need. He watched it as it changed to a look that matched his own. In that moment she showed pure love. The pull of the music became stronger, and held them both in the dance. He could almost feel his face inch closer to her own. Slowly the space between them was melting away.

In my minds eye you hold me tenderly
I am afraid to break away

She moved a little closer, almost fully touching him. He schooled his fear. His need for her, but it is so driving so pure. It was almost like his very soul was on fire. Whatever he wanted to say remained trapped in his heart and mind. Held in place by her closeness, her living light that now glowed in his arms. Her eyes looked deeply into his own and he had to smile. This young woman did what many had tried to do and failed at attempting. She made a lead weight of his tongue and dulled his sharp whit.

You are the one that has shown me
You with your gentle ways
Your strength is for all to see
That is why I need you now here with me

He moves closer to her, his lips almost touching her own. That soft scent of her skin tickling his nose, making his lips ache to taste her, his body want her more. In his bed Jareth groaned his arms where in a death grip about a pillow, pressing it close just as he was holding Sarah in his dream. His hands having a hint of a slight shake to them as they moved upon the sides of the pillow like he almost had her soft curves.

So I bring you again to my world of madness
To tell what is in my heart
I give to you all that I treasure
Just say that we will never have to part.

She pulled away from him, and looked about the room with fear, something clicked in her mind and he knows that she is about to run. The pillow slips from his grasp just as Sarah moved away. Jareth whimpers in his sleep, he has a look of pleading upon his face. He can hear the slow chime of a clock, and knows that the spell had been broken. All that she was starting to show melted away, only worry and fear lingered in her storm colored eyes.

And I know that my love might hurt you
But I can't push away what I feel

"No not this time," his called out in his sleep, in his dream his eyes where pleading with hers. "Trust your heart," she will not listen or see it, she cannot. She has a different need calling to her one that has made him the villain. That is what marks him as evil. Because of it the two of them are enemies. Never meant to feel more that hate for each other; what a joke he now wanted so much more. She moves away from him. Sarah looks almost sickened by what she had started to feel. One step, was slowly taken, then two she turns quickly upon her small heel and runs from his side.

The pillow falls off the bed and Jareth again curses the rules. They where what had kept him from her before, and they were like heavy chains upon him now. It had taken her making a selfish childish wish for them to meet, a moment of anger and jealousy was all it took for him to be able to walk fully into her life. He had watched her before that slightly amused by the games that she would play. It when she had started to play a part in a story that was about him. That had become almost too hard for him to resist. She had done so much to capture his attention in a few moments of mortal time.

So Come to me my lost angel
I will never make you leave
I will give to you a love ever lasting and real

Even in his dreams he cold not stop her from running, but he would catch that longing in her soft gaze as she looked back over her shoulder at him as if reaching for something she was not quite ready to have. Her look turned to one of fear and confusion. Her eyes would meet his own and he would reach for her only to have the others move in his way, and add to her feeling of unease. He gives one last look of pleading his mismatched eyes seeking her heart and soul, before his voice was lifted to mix with the others. His hand fell lightly to his side. He looks for a long moment to the ballroom floor and hiding his feelings of hurt and shame. The mocking laugh of the others move in the air and he lifts his own voice to join, only his lacked the mockery and sounded hollow in his own ears.
She had looked so afraid of what he has made her feel but he will not regret it, he will have his chance. Steal it if he has too. He has made this moment for the two of them, sure it had started as a bit of amusement a trap to catch her with, but without his meaning to let it happen. That dance turned into so much more. Why couldn't she see it? He had broken so many laws with that dance. Even now he was paying for it. In his dream Jareth gets a look of determination, he makes his way though the others in the ballroom, almost fighting his way to her side, the only place he wanted to be.

Till then I will have to treasure
The moments that I hold you in my dreams

His smile becomes softer, more at ease. No he would not let them keep him from what he wants or needs. This time he catches her before she can reach the side of the ballroom and have a chance to get away. His strong hand moves to lightly take hold of her own making her turn and look upon him fully. This time he will get a taste of her. This time he will get his kiss, she must taste like peaches, sweet and pure, so light in taste that it would melt on your tongue. That is how it will be. Must be, because this is, after all, his dream. His arms find another pillow, and lock about it.

Soon I will know
And make it something more than a dream
Soon I will make it my reality

The last thing he felt was his lips upon hers. The taste of her seemed so rich and real. Jareth opened his eye hoping that this time it would be her. All that he could see was the cloth that covered his pillow and the sunlight that played around the edges of it. He set the pillow to the side, a heavy sigh pulling from him as he gazed to the window. He saw the sun as it barley peaked in to his chamber making parts of it look gold in its soft light. His eyes glittered with what looked to be unshed tears and he felt almost at a loss for words.

"Come back to me Sarah please." Was the last this he said to the image of her, hovering at the edge of his mind, tempting him to go back to sleep. To spend his days lost in dreams of them together. He was tempted to spend the rest of his life lost in dreams of him and her together dancing for all of eternity. Yet he knew that the reality could be better than any dream. Because the reality could think feel and respond on its own, show true feelings not what he wanted them to be. He would do anything for her, as long as she would become a piece of his reality. It was still nice to cling to dreams; he closed his eyes. That wicked smile of his came into place, and he held her for a moment more. Enjoying the feeling of her form in his arms. That was before he put his mask back in place and reminded himself of what he needed to do. "Soon my love I will have my chance to win you"

With a heavy heart Jareth pulled himself out of his bed and started to look again for the spell, one that he hopes will help him win her heart. He looked haggard and drained of all of his energy. It was a price he paid for his dreams. His looks had dropped and he had an air about him that said that he had given up on almost everything. What was worse he did not seem to care.

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