Only in Dreams
By Lyris Mendax

Rating PG

Part 12 Time Moves On

I was looking over the old chapters of this story again, recalling how much of my life had changed, even as I had started to write it. Part of me had to chuckle as I recalled each thing I had been gifted with. From wire chewing Goblins, I am still dealing with them by the way, to an angry possessive creature or two of the fay, to children, of all ages, running ramped in my house and in my life. Can you believe dear reader that I would not trade any of it away?

It's true I would not. Besides who would be able to live with the kind of crazy, zany madness that all of this could bring to a person? At least I no longer had to take care of a small baby that was screaming for any bit of jewelry that he could chew upon. What I had not been ready for was when I spent time looking upon the story on this site. When I started to place it here years ago, things had been very different. Now looking upon it I was horrified to find that part of the formating had been lost, that breaks had been missing, little things that had marked this story as mine where gone. I am sorry to say that this will slowdown some of my posting again, but maybe not as much as I fear. On the up side it will give me a chance to do some more editing. A thing I have come to love and yet hate doing.

So please forgive the slow updates, and understand that I am doing my best to make this story the best that I can make it.

I saw that day
Lost my mind
Lord, I'm fine
Maybe in time you'll
Want to be mine!
( El Mañana by Gorillaz, album Demon Days )

A few years had passed for Jareth and Sarah, they grew as all children must. The young princess soon forgot most of her other life, recalling only what she might know in small dreams. Their troubled and adventure filled start and mellowed into a more relaxed state of being. That didn't meant that they would not have times of fun and learning. That they did not get the chance to play pranks on others or grow closer as only they might. Most where happy with what was going on between the two of them but sadly not all.

Old master Dover never got his chance to have his questions answered about Sarah, it turned out that he was still to much of a coward in his heart to get a proper answer. If he had been a bit braver then things might have turned out differently for the two who where growing in love.

Jareth sat looking at his hands moving them slowly feeling the slight pull of scares upon the palms of his hands recalling the day he had found her and gotten his prize. It had been ten years now, he had gotten taller stronger and much wiser. Still one could see a shadow of the young boy he had once been. Some thought him to be a spoiled petty prince like all the others and he did play the part well but it was mostly because he wanted to keep most people away from himself. In fact if he had been asked Jareth would have told many that he needed only one thing to be truly happy and that all others could go for a long swim in the bog for all that he really cared.

Somehow he had ended up in a group of friends that at first did not quite click together. Or so it seemed, the four of them all had something to offer to the others. They had a kind of understanding that few could really match and all of them had one thing in common. To think that the people he use to fight with the most would turn into the ones that he had the most trust in. Anglos was still a evil prince, only showing a softer side when faced with the one thing that could undo him in a heartbeat. Rionu who had always been his cohort in making trouble and the loving clown of the group. The last was a person that no one would have ever seen him getting along with, if hadn't been for the special girl in their lives they might have remained bitter enemies, Rathlin learned what it meant to be a true brother. Funny thing was that would have never happened if Jareth had not tried to stop Tibi so long ago.

He had to smile a little because he could hear the main reason for all the good changes in his life now. She was moving along the twisted paths looking for him, it was a new game he had started with her, training her in a way. 'Thats right get her ready to face the Labyrinth so that when you ask her to be yours she will understand all of it and be able to play as it's mistress just as you will have too play it's master someday.' The thought of ruling it with Sarah was a grand one, if only he were the only one that was after her. In a way he was glad that her guard Tibi, liked him better than the other two or three that seemed bent on placing a claim upon her. "She is not some prize." He half growled under his breath. What was worse it seemed that his friends were also his rivals in many ways. He was not about to stop his friendship with any of them, but he was not going to let any have his Sarah either.

That was one thing that Jareth had started to hate as Sarah turned into more of a bewitching young woman, the young men about her started to treat her like some prize to chase after all of the time. He almost wondered what they would do, if someone offered to soap her down and let the one who could catch and hold her, keep her as a bride. Sadly it had been done before a few times among the more common of the races. Funny to watch but also sad in a way if the bride did not love her captor.

He would be sorely tempted to make a widow of her before night could fall upon that day, unless he was the one lucky enough to keep hold of her. Ever since the young girl had entered his life Jareth felt like what had been missing was suddenly found once more and he knew in his heart of hearts that it was not because of the pendant that she had given to him. Then he felt it a small seed of doubt that had been placed in his young mind many years ago. Does she really see me as a person of her true equal and not some goblin that looks better than most?

Jareth pushed away a mental shudder. His mismatched eyes moved to a bend in the path, he could hear her moving closer now, and was ready to see her smiling face as she rounded it. Jareth rolled a clear crystal in his hand working a small spell making it ready for when he would see her. A warm slightly wicked smile twisted his lips as he thought of her reactions to this little game of his. She might get a little angered at first but it would be so worth it, mainly because of what he had plans of doing with her and her alone today.

Already he could smell that light perfume that seemed to be a part of her now. Perhaps it was a new gift from her mother. She was always coming up with new ways to make Sarah seem more fay like so that very few could guess that she was only a foundling and not Cwen's true child. She had talent for magic and almost acted like she was born in the Underlands. Only Tibi kept insisting that she was not from the land below but rather she was a child of the world above their own.

Jareth could not recall much of his life after Sarah became a part of it. No that was not true, he could still recall it. He just did not wish too. Because it had been a cold and mostly lonely time. Sure he had Rionu as a true friend and maybe as a rival. 'At least Sarah would be in good care if she did pick Rionu as..' Jareth stopped his thoughts with a sharp shake of his head. No even then the thought of her with another was just too much.

He saw a trace of her shadow now and moved making ready to cast the spell before she might come up with a counter for it. 'Just a few more steps and I'll have you.' His smile became wider and he tossed the crystal, making it break open at her feet. With lighting speed he moved and took a light hold of her hand. Soon the two of them were covered in smoke and pulled from this part of the labyrinth.

"Jareth," she started, only to be stopped by his slim hand moving to cover her mouth. He was so tempted to do more than that, to cover her mouth with his own. It was the thought of how the others might act that stopped him most of the time.

"Shhh princess you'll spoil my surprise." He murmured in her ear and was rewarded by a bright wash of red color that stained her almost perfect skin. That just added to the charms only she seemed able to work upon him. It wasn't that he was blind to the other women about. In fact he had tried to date a few others mainly because some were convinced that she was still too young to be seen with him. It just felt so wrong on many levels, this one could not smile like her, this one lacked her whit, another her grace. All of them could not match his Sarah in beauty, for hers was from the inside, it was a pure part of her soul that could not be removed or hidden away. 'Or your just too prideful and only the best will do when it comes to giving your heart.' Then again he had almost always loved Sarah and a person would have to be very blind not to see it.

He had to smile recalling the first time he tried to pull her away from a group of friends, it had been just after Rionu had pushed her down the mud hill outside of her home. Cwen looked like she was ready to skin the two of them alive and Tibi, had to be stopped, by most of the mothers and some of the stronger fathers around them. Jareth could still hear the sharp crack of a that whip as it hit dangerously close to Rionu and himself.

All three of them had been covered from head to foot with mud. Jareth recalled Rionu starting a game of slide, by pushing Sarah down the hill, without telling her what he was about to do. He to help her get even right away, or so he kept telling himself, had pushed Rionu. Then when he heard her panicked cries jumped after her himself. Now it was a very steep hill and the speed could cause a person lots of harm if they didn't use a little magic to help slow down. He recalled how one child from Glashil had gotten a broken leg because no one had told him what to do before he had taken his own slide down the hill. A few others had their share of bumps and bruises simply because they hadn't slowed down in time. Jareth had done the wrong thing and used his magic to help speed himself up.

He made it so that he was even with Sarah then moved so that he was before her. He tried to yell to her what needed to be done, and then showed her with his own powers. He skidded to a stop covered from head to foot with mud and a sharp pain in his side. Then he was hit from behind by Sarah her small form moving into his with enough force to make them both slide a few feet. Rionu gave them a wild yell as a kind of warning and ran right into Sarah. That made them slide even more, and the three of them knock heads hard enough for Sarah to see black spots and Jareth to see blinding stars of light. Rionu it seemed was the only one to come out of this with out any kind of harm.

It was not long after they had gotten back up the hill that the three of them were pulled before the adults. Soon after Sarah was being lead away for a bath. Jareth had gotten it in his head however that he should have the right to at least say he was sorry for bringing Rionu when a part of him had known that something like this might have happened. It was then a crystal formed in his hands and surprised Jareth had dropped it. While most people were coughing and coving their faces to keep the smoke away. Jareth made a blind grab for Sarah, now he had another thing to say he was sorry for. He felt a hand in his own, a push of power and he and the other were gone.

Jareth and the person he had pulled along ended up in a garden part of the Labyrinth. Much to his shock and surprise Jareth saw that he had pulled some giggling girl from Príomhchathair, and not Sarah along for the ride. He was quick to drop her hand and after a few rounds of cursing calmed down. That was when he learned of how many girls were starting to like him and others in his group of friends. It was also then that he learned how to avoid most of their unwanted attentions.

The smoke cleared at last, leaving Jareth and Sarah in a globe shaped room that was filled by a gathering of young people that held a mix of ages. They were all dressed in rich colors, looking like a mockery of the high court in a way, and every face was hidden by a mask. Music moved about the two of them and that is what gave Sarah a clue about the place they where in. She took a small step away from Jareth and looked upon her changed clothing. It was a heavy dress of rich royal blue. A soft turn of her head and she could feel her dark hair move upon her bare shoulders.

She then looked upon Jareth and had to bite a little upon her lower lip to stop the soft gasp that wanted to escape her. He had on a mask of simple black held by silver and blue ribbons, he had not tried to dress like any of the others in the room and that made him stand out even more. She could already see the hints of the man he was growing into he was not overly muscled like a few of the others that he was always about, more like a dancer in make. He had on a simple shirt of plain cotton, slight off white in color and black pants that showed the slender shape of his legs, but not too well. He also had on boots of black, the ends of which was lost in his pants. For once his hair was moving freely, she could pick out just a hint of blue color in it. The mask he had on made it a little hard to see his eyes but that wicked smirk told her more than enough.

He was quick to bow to her and take a step closer. This was after all the place that most would whisper about, a place that young women and men would go to play, less then perfect games. Sarah could almost hear the muffled sounds coming from the darker corners of the room and tried to fight back that heavy wash of color from her cheeks. "My princess." His tone was one of power and command, the way he was holding himself made a part of her want to shiver and melt both at the same time. "Share a dance with me." Only a soft almost whittles nod of her head was given as answer.

His slightly warm and ruff palm pressed into her own and she was pulled till at last the two of them was pressed firmly against each other. She gasped as she could feel the warm press of his hand upon bare skin. No wonder she had that tickling feel, it was because of her silken curls playing upon pale skin. She watched almost like a trapped deer as his head moved, the warmth of his cheek was soon melting into her own, his warm breath caressing her skin.

Jareth watched her as they danced and part of him wondered if he had picked the wrong time to make such a move. Slowly he guided their steps away from most of the others, into a place that was empty and just right for the two of them. Once he found a spot that he was sure no other would try to invade he stopped dancing with her and took a seat. He made sure that his hand never moved from her own and a soft tug made the startled girl land in his lap. Jareth had to admit to himself that he liked seeing her this way, slightly unbalanced and dressed in a way befitting a wild water nymph. His free hand moved and laid claim to her waist, the one that hand been holding her hand set it free.

"You want to know don't you." Slowly he moved so that he could take off that mask, he wanted her to see his true face. "Why I have brought you here." A turn of his head and he could see that she had done the same. The mask that was so simple in it's make just so it might match his own, a way of marking her as his already and keeping the heartless dogs that hung out here away.

She had a look of thought and gave a nod of her head, at the tender age of fifteen he could see the beauty she would have as a grown lady. In many ways he was glad that she was still pure of heart not like many of the others in the under-kingdoms. "Yes I would like to know."Sarah gave a tilt of her head as if pointing to a dark corner and the raw sounds that where coming from it.

He picked up on her hidden meaning and could not stop what she would call his bad boy smirk. "Well if you really want to learn what that is" Her glare and soft hand covering his mouth made him stop. He had no intention of doing that with her, not yet anyways. He slowly claimed that hand after placing a light kiss upon her palm. His slender fingers locked with her own and he was pleased to see the ring he gave her playing with the light in the room. "We are here, because I wanted to ask a very important thing and this is the one place that no one will every try to disturb us."

He took that moment to look upon her face the stormy colors of her eyes clashing with his own mismatched orbs. He could tell that he had her full attention, not the playful child like part, but that deeper almost older part of herself, one that seemed to make her wise beyond her tender years. "Lady Sarah, princess of the Sidhe, named heir of Queen Cwen would you accept my suit for the rights of courtship?"

To say that Sarah was stunned was an understatement. Yes she liked the odd boy, no he was of the age now to be called a man, felt drawn to him even, but she did not know his feelings had run this deeply for her. She made herself look away form him, absently she nibbled upon her lower lip. One could almost read her thoughts as they worked themselves out in her young mind. "Wow" that was all she could think of at first.

Jareth had felt a little worried until he heard that, his hint of a thoughtful frown slowly lifted. "That is an odd way to say yes." He teased her a little, trying in his own way to help her relax.

That earned him an unladylike snort and soft thump upon the chest from her free hand. "Ok bad boy, I accept your suit."

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