So this is my first RWBY fic but my third over all story. Everything else I've written has been Game of Thrones so this should be a nice change of pace. Fair warning that spelling is not my strong suit so there is bound to be a lot of spelling mistakes. Also I just want to admit right off the bat that Jaune is my favorite character so this fic will focus heavily on him but I will try to ground it in realism. I had a central idea for a story but as I was writing an outline for it I realized that there needed to be a lot of setup. Also the intended title for the story would have just given away the first big twist so I just decided to go ahead and make this a separate story. It made making the title and summary easier. Also it gave me enough of an excuse to focus on a Jaune/Neo pairing. Don't know why but I really got into that pairing out of nowhere. The story is set right after the finale of Vol 4 so everything should align with cannon until vol 5 comes out.

Chapter One: Ice Queen

"What do you mean you're heading out on your own? You just got better. We need to stick together." Ruby argued.

"Look, I'm just going to talk to professor Lionheart. There no point in all of us going to see him." Qrow replied.

"What are we supposed to do while you're gone?" Nora whinned.

"Have a little fun. The four of y'all spent the last 6 months crossing Anima, y'all deserve a little bit of a break."

"A break does sound nice." Ren added.

"Then it's settled. Here, this should help with your little break." Qrow said as he handed Ruby a rather large stack of Lien.

"I supposed you're not going to tale us who he is?" Jaune asked in an annoyed tone, as he stared at the boy who had come in with Qrow.

Qrow turned his head and then looked back at Jaune. "He's just a friend." Qrow said as he stared Jaune down, as if daring him to call out his lie.

"Come on Jaune. Qrow's got this. Let's find a place to eat, preferably a place with pancakes." Nora said as she dragged Jaune by the arm.

"Argh" Nora cried. "We've been looking for a place to eat for forever."

"It's been like 10 minutes tops." Jaune replied. "And you're the one that had to have pancakes at 5 in the afternoon."

"Maybe we should go somewhere nice. It's been a while sense we've had a good meal and my uncle gave us a lot of money" Ruby offered.

"Yes, but there's no telling how long we'll be here. It would be wise to conserve our funds." Ren pointed out.

"What about that diner?" Jaune said as he pointed at the dinner across the street. "It's probably pretty cheap and they probably serve breakfast all day."

The compromise seemed to satisfy the group and they all went in to the diner. As they ate there meals, Jaune couldn't help but feel a since of joy fall over them. They were nowhere near accomplishing their goal of finding Cinder but after spending 6 months crossing over two continents he didn't see why his team couldn't enjoy themselves. Nora and Ren seemed to have finally accepted what everyone else had always assumed about their relationship. While their current interaction might have seemed the same as the hundred before it Jaune notices some subtle differences. Nora no longer saw the need to hide any physical contact with Ren like she use to. If her hands managed to stay in one place for more than five seconds, which was a rare enough occurrence, Ren's would find its way on top of it. Not wanting to be a third wheel, Jaune decided he'd turn his attention to Ruby and start a conversation with her. To his surprise, he saw a empty look on her face as she moved the food around on her plate.

"What's wrong?"

"What? Nothing's wrong." She said, as she snapped back into her normal cheerful self.

Jaune could tell it was an act, mostly because he himself was use to putting on a similar act around others. "Ruby, I can tell that something is bothering you."

Ruby hesitated for a second, contemplating whether she wanted to bring down everyone's mood. She finally decided that Jaune wouldn't just let it go if she tried to lie about it. "I'm just worried about my team."

"Yea." Jaune replied solemnly. "But Yang and Blake are pretty tough…and I'm sure Weiss' greatest danger will be boredom." Jaune said trying to lighten the mood.

"Your probably right." Ruby said, showing the thinnest of smiles. "You know she told me one time that she had a butler just for making cakes."

"Really? Just for cakes." Jaune said in a rather retrained amusement.

"You don't seem that surprised."

"I've heard of some pretty outlandish stuff. I mother once told me about a family she knew that had a whole staff of servants just for their dog."

Ruby chuckled at the thought of Zwei having his own servants to take care of anything he could want. "I bet she would have a butler for that too if she had any dogs."

"Probably." Jaune said, happy to see that Ruby's spirit seemed to be lifted. Unfortunately, the moment only lasted a second, as Ruby's smile quickly faded.

"Do you think I'll see my team again?"

"Of course." He replied confidently.

"How can you be so sure of that?" She asked, with a mix of anger and hopelessness.

There was a reasoning to Jaune certainty but he wasn't sure if it would make Ruby feel any better. "What Cinder did…with the attack on Beacon. It was just the beginning. I don't know if I believe all that stuff about relics your uncle told us about but I do know that there is a larger war coming. Weiss, Yang, and even Blake are going to be drawn to it. We all chose this life and nothing can change that now." To Jaune's surprise the words seemed to give Ruby some measure of hope.

"Your right. There is a war coming and I have faith they my team will be there to face it with me." Ruby said confidently. "Thanks you, Jaune" Ruby said as she buried her head into his chest had hugged him.

Jaune returned the hug. As he rest his head above hers he looked out in front of him. What he saw made him question both his sight and sanity. "Maybe you'll see your team sooner than you think."

Just as the words came out of his mouth a loud crash was weird throughout the diner. "Watch where you're going." A customer yelled.

The rest of team RNJR looked at what Jaune was looking at and saw a tray of food laying at a waitress's feet. Standing at the other side of the diner was none other than Ruby's partner, the former heiress of the largest Dust company in all of Remnant, Weiss Schnee.

"I've been waiting on my food for nearly an hour and you just dropped it on the floor." A customer yelled.

Weiss was prevented from defending herself as red blur dashed across the dinner an engulfed her in a massive bear hug. "R-Ruby." She managed to say as she was being crushed by her partner.

"Weiss, I'm so happy to see you." Ruby cried.

The reunion was short lived as the manger came out from the back and started yelling at Weiss and Ruby. Jaune looked around and noticed dozens of plates had been blown off of their table and laid on the floor broken because of Ruby's semblance enhanced dash towards Weiss. It took Jaune and Ren half an hour of pleading along with all the Lien Qrow had given them to prevent the manger from calling the police.

"What are you doing in Mistrial?" Ruby asked her partner.

"I was told Winter was stationed here. After I left Atlas I hoped I could meet up with her."

"Did you find her." Nora asked.

"No." Weiss replied in a defeated tone. "The Atlas military hasn't been welcome here after what happened at Beacon so she's most likely undercover. I've been looking for her but haven't found any leads. I-

"Well the manager said he wouldn't call the police but we had to give him all the money your uncle gave us." Jaune said as he and Ren walked out of the diner to meet up with the three girls. "So Weiss, why where you working as a waitress?"

"I needed the money." She replied, mildly annoyed.

"Really you?" Ruby replied skeptically.

"Yea, aren't you like a gazillionare?" Nora added.

"My father is no longer supporting me. I used all the Lien I had to get into Mistral. I didn't even have enough to rent an apartment. Do you know they make you pay money even before you move in?"

"Huhhhh….yea it's called a deposit." Jaune replied.

This only further angered the former heiress. "Well I didn't, Arc." She said with venom in her voice. "I've been at a homeless shelter for the last 2 weeks."

"Why didn't you just call up Neptune. He's from Mistral. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to have you move in with him." Nora said with a suggestive wink.

"Humph, it would be inappropriate to move in with a man without being married." She replied defiantly, but with a noticeable blush.

"Well, where staying at an inn. Your welcome to come join us." Jaune said.

"O my god it will be so much fun. It'll be like asleep over." Nora screamed as she brought her arms around Ruby and Weiss' necks and pulled them in for a suffocating hug."

When Nora finally let go of Weiss she was able to regain her composure and respond. "I would appreciate that."

So this was a short first chapter but I really just wanted to get the chapter out there and see if anyone was interested. Looking forward to any comments and constructive criticism.