A/N: I tried my best to write this as a story but more than anything it is a theory for the anime. Anyways hope you enjoy and reviews/comments/opinions/etc. greatly appreciated.

On Monday God created the world.

On Tuesday God separated chaos and order.

On Wednesday God went into meticulous detail creating the many wonders of this Earth.

On Thursday God allowed time to flow.

On Friday God looked over each and every corner of the world.

On Saturday God rested.


On Sunday God abandoned us.

Or so we thought, for maybe what God really did was force us to evolve.

15 years ago, humans lost not only their ability to die but also their ability to give birth and have children. Then came the grave keepers. The grave keepers were the last gift from God; the duties of the grave keepers clear, to put the dead to rest and to help the living live comfortable lives. They are more good-natured automatons than human really, or so we originally thought.

11 years ago, Alfa, a bright, honest and childishly stubborn women, fell in love with Hampnie Hambart, a unique man seen as cruel but was really brave and caring, at least in his own way. The two spent half a year together, blissfully happy, that is until she left him.

Sometime after that, Alfa gave birth to a baby girl; she named her daughter Ai.

It turned out to be that Alfa was a grave keeper who experienced emotions and fell in love with a human. The result of their unique yet true love was the first child in 3 years, a miracle.

We thought God had abandoned us but maybe what He really did was push us to evolve. He sought for us, with all our flaws and selfish tendencies, to move forward in a different direction. He gave us 'creatures' devoid of emotion but gave them the capacity for love, for compassion.

Humans had become so driven by jealousy, greed, and power thus causing them to lose sight of what really mattered. Love and happiness and compassion. We as a human race tried to replace people with materials, we justified destruction with hate, and we chose everything over each other. People lost their desire to love each other and turned happiness into some future goal rather than a constant state of being. We lost our way, thus God decided to intervene.

God hadn't abandoned us but instead, He forced us to change and evolve into a new world. A world where we learned to value not only life and death but also each other; our families, our friends, and even the future. A world where once again the simple things are the important things. To remember the meaning of being part of the living.

A/N: So basically Ai is the answer to saving the world. She was born after 'God abandoned the world' from a human and a grave keeper with emotions, thus the idea is that God didn't abandon the world he just intervened.