This is my submission for the fandom for mental health. I've been sitting on it wanting to do more but never got around to it. So here it is as published in the compilation!

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Warning: Non cannon couples throughout! Bella is blonde! And there is a hint of death. Other than that all fluff!

Chapter 1


I grab my duffle after just getting off a grueling twenty-four-hour shift at the firehouse. Three fires, a gas leak and a power line down in one night has me ready to go home and fucking crash.

Mac starts walking next to me, looking as equally drained as I feel. He's become one of my best friends in the two years since I transferred from Station 17 to Station 3.

"You ready for tonight, Masen?" He asks nudging my shoulders.

He's so fucking big that I stumble a little. I'm no small man at six foot, three and over two hundred pounds, but Mac is almost a damn, giant bodybuilder.

I sigh at his question. "I don't know how I let you talk me into this."

We reach my black Suburban, and I open the back door throwing my bag inside.

He leans up against it and looks over at me, "It's simple, Angie thinks you and Bella will be great together and a happy wife gives me a happy life. Especially a happy pregnant, wife."

"If this girl is crazy, I'm kicking your ass." I point to him.

"She's not, but if she is, show her a good time, smile, have dinner, and then don't call her again. Angie just needs to know you gave it your best shot." He starts walking towards his car.

"Fine! If it's a disaster I'll be knocking on your door tonight." I yell after him.

"Naw, I have a feeling I won't hear from you until our shift starts Monday morning. Have fun!"


I get off the elevator on the top floor of the three-story building. It's new, and everything seems to be up to code. It's a bad habit of mine to make sure every building I step in is up to code and safe. Walking off the elevator, I quickly find Bella's apartment and knock firmly.

I'm a nervous wreck. I've never been on a blind date, but every story I have ever hear about them is always awful. I'll just have to make it through no matter what.

"Coming!" A happy voice calls out and then the door is opened.



She's absolutely beautiful; her long blonde hair falls over her shoulders and down her back in curly ringlets. A pair of light green eyes widen when they land on me. Her face is round with a cute button nose, and her lips are so damn kissable that I just want to pull her into my arms right now.

"Bella?" I ask, my voice sounding a little desperate.

If this woman is not Bella, then I'm in big trouble, because I want this gorgeous creature with everything in my being and we just fucking met.

"Yes. Hi Edward, come in! Wow, Angie wasn't exaggerating at all." I walk past her with my eyebrow raised.

Her place is really nice, decorated in bright colors with paintings on the wall and pictures all over the place.

"Exaggerating about what, exactly?" I ask standing in the open living room.

"About your looks. You should be a model. Have you ever posed for one of those firemen calendars? If so, I'm buying one for every room." She says waving at the sofa.

I take a seat laughing my ass off at her. She's funny and refreshing, there's a light in her that just draws me in and makes me want to be a part of her life. She sits down on the other end of the couch.

She's sexy as hell wearing a black sleeveless top that shows off the freckles on her shoulders and a pair of tight jeans that are hugging her like a second skin. Her feet are bare, and I stare down at her pink painted toes and then back up to her sparkling green eyes.

"Thanks, but I happen to think your looks are far more superior than mine." I give her a crooked smile that causes her to blush.

"Flattery will get you everywhere." She flirts.

"I'm hoping it will." I wink at her.

She jumps, a little dazed, and then turns towards me, "I'm just going to get my shoes then we can go." She starts turning away and then turns back to me, "And dial down the charm, we have all night."

"I'll try." I lick my lips watching her walk away.

Boy, do I like to watch her walk away.

Once she's ready, we leave. Walking next to her seems like the most natural thing in the world and my hand finds a place on her lower back.

"So you work at the school with Angela?" I ask as we walk into the elevator.

"I just started this school year, and we became quick friends. With both of us teaching electives, we were thrown together a lot." She says turning to face me.

She's shorter than me, her head coming under my chin. She looks up, and our eyes meet. The sexual tension surrounds us now that we are in a more confined space. I noticed it in her apartment, but now I can almost taste it.

Our eyes meet, and one of my hands touch her beautiful face. But before anything can happen the elevator door dings open. We both let out a breath of frustration, and then I take her hand leading us out of the building.

The feel of her hand in mine sends a warmth through my body, and I pull her into me wrapping my arm around her.

We reach my truck, and she looks up at me, smiling, "Why does this feel so comfortable?"

"I wish I knew. Tell me if I'm moving too fast." She turns in my arms standing on her tiptoes.

"I personally think you're moving slow," Her lips press against mine in an innocent kiss.

She backs away before I can take things any further. The tension from the elevator seems to have dulled a little.

"Now that that's out of the way, we can continue with our date," she says giggling.

"Icebreaker kiss?" I smirk unlocking the car and opening the door for her.

"It had to be done." She says as she slides into the passenger seat.

We drive to the restaurant, holding hands. We both seem to want to stay connected, and I'm not going to fucking complain about it.

"What do you teach?" I ask massaging the back of her hand with my thumb.

"Drama, I also direct all the school plays. I actually wrote one, and the kids are performing it next week for the end of the school year." She says excitedly.

She tells me more about the play and teaching the kids. She's been teaching for three years, although this is her first year at this particular school. She's very happy with her decision to teach her college major to young kids.

We pull up to the restaurant, and I park the truck. We sit with our hands enclosed around each others. Not saying a word, I lean over taking my free hand to move a stray piece of hair. I stare into her eyes asking for permission, and she gives a small nod. I smile at her before I capture her lips with mine.

This kiss is more intense than the last but still gentle. My lips suck on her bottom one pulling it into my mouth. I tease her lips with my tongue, and she opens slowly, allowing me access, and I moan in pleasure. There's a unfamiliar euphoric feeling in my chest, and my head feels clear as if I just stepped out into fresh air.

I break the kiss staring into her green eyes; she pecks my lips again smiling at me. "This is the strangest date ever."

I laugh at her sitting up straight. "I know, it's a bit overwhelming, but I like it. I like you, Bella."

My thumb rubs her cheek, and she smiles at me, "Well, the verdict is still out on you. I'll let you know how I feel after dinner."

I lean over and again peck her lips. "Fair enough gorgeous girl. Fair enough."


Dinner is fantastic. We eat and drink, share an appetizer of their famous wings, talk about our lives, and we laugh at each other's stories. There is never an awkward moment.

Some part of our bodies stays connected, a hand, or a knee. I learn all about Isabella Swan, born of Charlie and Renee right here in Tacoma. She shows me pictures of her sister Esme, brother-in-law, Jasper, and their kids. Her entire face lights up when she speaks of her niece and nephew, Leah and Seth.

"Do you have any brothers and sisters?" She asks taking a bite of her steak.

"I have one sister, Alice, and one brother, Carlisle. Alice is a party girl and doesn't plan to settle down anytime soon. Carlisle and his wife, Rose, are in their second trimester of pregnancy, they've had trouble conceiving." I take a bite of my own steak.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I know it's hard for some people. I hope when it's my time, I don't run into any trouble." She sips her red wine smiling.

"How many children do you want?" I ask smiling at the direction of the conversation.

Some men would shy away from this on the first date but I've kissed this woman twice already, and I feel a deep connection with her.

"I don't know! I think I'll go until my husband says stop." She laughs at my expression.

"If you have the right husband he may not say stop," I say winking at her.

I would apply for the fucking job right now, and we can even start practicing.

She licks her lips giving me a sultry smile. "I may not want him to," she says simply.

My dick is straining to get out of my slacks, and I pick up my water swallowing loudly, trying to control myself.

I clear my throat a few times. I don't want to rush things but damn if I don't want to have my fucking way with her right now.

"So, what day is the play next week?" My voice comes out squeaky, and I try to clear it.

"Thursday, will you be free or was this the worst blind date ever?" She raises an eyebrow in challenge.

I lean over taking her by the hand, "This has been the best fucking date. I don't know how I'm going to leave you when it's over."

She leans across the table licking her lips, "Don't."

I swallow loudly for the second time. I don't know where this woman has been all my life, but I fully intend to keep her.


After dinner, we drive to Les Davis Pier taking a walk around and looking over Commencement Bay. Bella is snuggled into my chest as the warm June breeze tickles our skin.

"Have you ever had any close calls since you've been in the department?" She asks quietly, and I feel her body shiver.

"I've had two incidents since I joined when I was eighteen; both resulting in short hospital stays." I take a deep breath because I know what I'm asking. "Baby, if you can't do this with me, I understand. It's only our first date, and although it will be hard, if you want, I can walk away before we get too involved."

She looks up at me; one of her hands cups my cheek, her fingers running through my day-old stubble. My heart rate increases, the warmth in my chest expanding to take over my entire damn being.

"Do you feel this thing between us?" She asks, her eyes never leaving mine.

I lean in, placing my forehead against hers, "God, yes, baby. I feel it."

"I'm already involved, Edward, and I wouldn't want it any other way." She stands up kissing my lips softly.

I pull her into me, my hands gripping her ass obscenely. I know we've only known each other a few hours, but it seems like a lifetime.

"Besides, two hospital stays in what, ten years, isn't horrible." She shrugs her shoulder.

"Eleven years. I'll be twenty-nine on June twentieth." I look at her.

She's so damn beautiful with her hair blowing in the wind.

"You'll be thirty next year, you may be too old for me." She nudges my shoulder laughing.

"I'm sure I can prove how young I really am," I say pulling her into me and nipping at her neck playfully.

She shivers in my arms as the wind blows up from the bay.

Staring into her eyes, I give her a crooked grin. "Let's get you home."

We drive to her apartment, our fingers never untwining. I bring her hand to my lips several times, the need to kiss her as strong as my need to breathe.

Once we are inside, Bella cuts me a slice of pie she made, and we drink coffee talking well into the night.

Her feet are on my lap, and she's now wearing a pair of yoga pants and a UDub T-shirt. She's even more beautiful without makeup.

"When was your last relationship?" She asks sipping on her water.

I take a deep breath and lean my head back. "Six months ago; I had been dating Tanya for a year. She wanted more from me, but I wasn't as invested in the relationship as she was."

"Oh? Was it just Tanya or is it relationships in general?"

"If I weren't interested in relationships, I wouldn't be sitting here massaging your aching feet." I bend down and kiss her big toe.

"This could be foreplay for you," she wiggles her cute little toes.

I take her hand and pull her until she's straddling my lap. One of my hands grips the back of her neck, and I lean in, ghosting my lips over hers.

"This is foreplay, baby." I take her lips in mine.

The kiss is intense, and my free hand grabs her ass pulling her closer to me. My tongue explores the depth of her mouth while her hands run through my hair.

She grinds up against my hard cock, and I groan from the feeling before I take a nip at her long, graceful neck. My free hand takes hold of one of her breast, she's more than a fucking handful, and they feel fucking fantastic in my hand.

"Oh, God, Edward. I want you so bad, but -" I kiss her lips cutting off her rambling.

We kiss for a few more minutes. One of my hands runs through her silky blonde locks while the other never leaves her breast. I peck her lips one last time knowing that I don't want to cheapen us by taking her on the first date.

I make no fucking promises on the second one, though.

Laying my head against Bella's we both breathe heavily. Her hands continue to run through my hair.

"I better go. Can I see you tomorrow?" I ask her, kissing the side of her mouth.

"Yes, I have errands to do in the morning, but I'm free in the afternoon," she says pulling me by the hair so that she can kiss my lips.

"Mmm, I'm never going to leave if you keep kissing me like that and running your fingers through my hair."

She giggles as she moves off of me. "I love your hair and your lips. I can't help myself."

"Good, because I plan to let you kiss my lips and pull my hair anytime you'd like." I stand to take her with me.

Pulling her close, I bend down and kiss her neck.

"Be careful, or you'll never get rid of me," she whispers running her fingers through my hair.

"I don't want to get rid of you," I say against her lips.

I kiss her hard pulling her curvy body against mine, feeling every inch of her. My hands slide down to her plump ass, and I squeeze causing her to moan in pleasure. She pulls away smiling at me.

"You better go Mr. Masen. I'll see you tomorrow."

She walks me over to the door, and I bend down pecking her lips one last time.

"I'll see you at one," I say before I leave.

The door closes behind me, and I find myself wanting to go back in and never leave her fucking side.

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