Hello readers and welcome to my first ever fanfiction, a High School DxD and Samurai Jack OC crossover fanfiction story; The Red Dragon Samurai.

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Episode I

"The Boy and the Sword"

It was almost eight-thirty in the morning in a town call Kuoh. The birds were out chirping as they flew across the skies over a neighborhood, not many cars were driving up and down the streets, so it was mainly quiet.

Walking down the street was Kenny Kurosawa. He's a tall 18 years Japanese-American male with long, flowing, black hair that pasted his shoulders with his side bangs resting on his shoulders and one strand resting between his two black eyes. He was wearing a school uniform; which consisted of a black blazer over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with black highlights, with a black ribbon on the collar, matching pants, and brown dress shoes. However, to add his own originality to the uniform he wore a red T-shirt underneath his white dress shirt and replaced his dress shoes for black sneakers.

Kenny was heading to his new school; Kuoh Academy. From what he heard, the school was one of the best in the country. Many of the biggest names in the business and economy graduated from this academy. However, it was only unit a few years ago that the school was once a girl's only school. Now it's a co-ed, which helped it gain more rating and more graduates.

It was only a few days ago that Kenny transferred to the school and now it was his first day of school. The school was about a half mile away, so it was a bit of a walk, but he didn't mind at all. Kenny always enjoyed walking long distances. It was one of the ways he could clean his mind, as well a way to make time go faster. Like now.

He stopped and stared ahead to see the school only 35 yards away.

It was a large building, almost four stories tall, with a brick wall at the front with a metal gate, an open away in front with a fountain between the building and the gate, and trees seemed to sound most of the school. He could see other students walking into the school.

Looking closer, he could see that the girls' uniforms consisted of a white long-sleeved, butt-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset, and a magenta skirt with white accents.

Kenny glazed at the school for a second, before taking a deep breath. 'This is it,' he thought. 'Time to start a good school year.' He took a step forward…

And step on a randomly placed skateboard.

The next thing he knew, Kenny was rocketing down the sloped street with only one foot on the broad. His arms outwards to keep him balanced, and his other leg brought up. He looked down and tried to figure out how to stop. Figuring he could just jump off the skateboard, Kenny bent his knee slight to launch himself.

But before he could, the board slammed into a curb and launched him forward.

Slamming into someone.

Time seemed to slow down as the both of them were sent off their feet and suspended in the air. Kenny himself looked up to see the ground was rising below them, knowing that the person was going to hit the ground first. Thinking quickly, he brought the person into a hug and twisted them around, so that he was under the person.


Kenny landed hard on the concert walkway, bouncing once off it, and came down again before they came to a halt. Kenny groaned as the pain spread from his back to his head, before taking his arms away from the person. He got up on his left elbow and rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, his eyes tightly closed. The person who was on top of him soon got off and stood up. "I'm so sorry about," Kenny said with a groan of pain and discomfort.

"It's okay," the person said with their own moan. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He said still rubbing his head before opened his eyes and looked up at the person he accidentally crashed into. "I'm…okay…" His sentence slowed down to a stop, his heart skipped a beat, his eyes widened, and he blushed heavily when he saw that the person was the most beautiful girl he ever saw.

She was a beautiful young woman who appeared to be in her late teens, around my age, with white skin and blue eyes, with a lustful buxom figure. Wide hips with a small waist, and a large bust. But the most distinctive feature came from her hair. Long beautiful crimson hair flowed down her back, past her hips, and down to her thighs, with a single hair strand sticking out from the top of her head. Her hair also had loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her beautiful face.

The girl looked down at Kenny, and the two were locked in time. Staring at each other. Neither of them looked away, as they stopped moving, too. He looked at her in amazement with a blush as she looked at him the say way. They were in their own little world.


Kenny and the crimson-haired beauty snapped back to reality and looked around to see a crowd of almost every boy and girl surrounding him, glaring angrily at the new guy.

"Yeah, do you think you're doing with our idol, you fiend," yelled a girl.

"Yeah, we're here first, pal! If you think you can just drop in and take her for yourself, you have to go through us!"


"I bet he's some kind pervert, like those other two."

"How dare you try that, you pervert! Even I you are really handsome!"

"Wait, WHAT!"

"Ah great, now we have to deal with another prince? Go die!"

'Ok, whatever this is, it's getting out of hand.' Kenny stood up as the crowd started to move in on him. Before he could say it was an accident a whistle blew loudly in the air behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he saw what looked like a gym coach with a clipboard under his left armpit with a silver whistle in his mouth, making his way through the crowd.

"Alright, that's enough!" He yelled at the crowd. "I don't know what's going on but you all better get to class. Now!" Everyone, including Kenny and the red head quickly walked into the school.

"Good morning, class. Today we're having a new student joining us today." Kenny could hear the teacher from the other side of the door, as he stands to the side of it. After the incident, he went to the principal's office and got his schedule. He was able to find the classroom easily, and now Kenny was waiting for the teacher to let him in as she prepped the other students.

The door opened to reveal his homeroom teacher; a woman in her late thirties with short black hair and blue eyes, wearing a red vest over a light, yellow brown outfit with brown pants and red slippers. "Okay, dear, you can come in now." She said with a friendly smile. "We're all waiting for you."

Kenny walked into the class, avoided make eye contact with the other, before staying in front of the class. Turning towards the others, he bowed his head and introduce himself. "Hello, my name is Kenneth Kurosawa, but I like to be called Kenny, please. I hope we all get along."

"Ok then, well, I'm Ms. Keane." The teacher bowing her. "Now let's find you a seat." She looked around from any available decks.

"I have one next to me," said a female voice, catching the attention of the two. When he saw her, Kenny blushed at the sight of her.

Standing up from her desk was a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure that could rival the girl from outside, around the same age as Kenny, with very long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backwards, with an orange keeping it in place.

"You can sit next to me if, you like," she said kindly before giving him a cute, but friendly smile with her eyes closed, making Kenny blush even more.

"No, don't put yourself in danger!" One of the girls cried out to her.

"Yeah, make him sit on the floor!" One of the boys said.

Ms. Keane clapped her hands together. "Why thank you Akeno. You're so sweet."

"What! Oh come on, sensei!"

"Why are you letting that sonofabitch sit next to Akeno? After what he did to Gremory?"

"SILENCE, YOU HORNY ANIMALS!" Ms. Keane sudden roared, scaring not only the kids, but Kenny too. "Go on dear," she said in her sweet tone. Not wanting to argue, he quickly went to the deck and sat his ass down and faced the front, sweating in fear. After a second of silence, she went on teaching.

Kenny listened with his left cheek on his fist while writing notes. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he could see the beauty, known as Akeno, casting him a few glances. Near the end of class, Kenny looked at her, seemingly surprising her. The two stared at one another before Akeno gave him a sweet, friendly smile and waved, which he returned.

The day went on and nothing else seemed to happen for Kenny.

It was now the lunch period and he'd finished off his bento lunch. With nothing to do, he decided to walk around the school. The place was huge, with trees surrounding it and fields for different sports and a large dirt field in the back. Out on the field where other students in their gym clothes either running laps or just talking, as well as clubs were doing their doing their activities.

Kenny was in the background watching the others on a mound, with the main building and a gym to his left. He wasn't really the one to deliberately go up to people and make friends. He wasn't even that social to begin with. He was about to go back inside when Kenny noticed something to the left. To his surprise it was a really old schoolhouse, with trees surrounded it from the back and side with the front exposed.

Curiosity got the best of the black-haired teen as he went towards it. Getting closer, he found the old building to be two stories tall, with a wide length. Made out of wood that seen better day, and veins covering it. 'How come a building like this was still around?'

"Hi there!"

The voice came from above, so when Kenny looked up and was surprised to see the red head from this morning looking down from the second story window. She had her head resting on her hands with a beautiful smile on her face, as her hair swayed in the breeze of the wind.

She giggles. "You know you're going to catch a fly like that?" Kenny wondered what she meant, until he realized that he had his jaws hanging and quickly closed them, his facing turning red with embarrassment. "So, what brings you here?"

"I was just looking around the place when I saw this build," Kenny said up to her. "What are you doing in there?"

"This is where the Occult Reach Club is," she responded.

"Ah." He nodded, understanding. 'Strange. But, it's good to have a hobby.'

They then had a silent awkward moment. Awkward for Kenny and not for the girl as she looked on at the boy in playful amusement. He really wanted to talk with her but couldn't think of anything, until he remembered what happened. "Hey, listen; I really sorry about this morning." Kenny scratched the back of his head. "With the whole crashing into you thing. That was not how I wanted to introduce myself."

"Oh? Then how would have done it," she asked in a teasing manner.

He was about to say something, but stopped. How would he do it? "W-w-well…I would—I would have um…damn it." He really didn't know how to respond, and that seemed to make her giggle again.

"It's okay," she assured him. "You did sacrifice your wellbeing for mine, so guess I should be thanking you, huh?"

That made Kenny smile brighter. 'Who is this girl, and why is it that I want to make her smile so much?'

Then the school bells rang for the next period. "You better head on to class before you're late," she said, standing straight as she prepared to close the window doors.

"Okay, see you around." Kenny turned around to leave, but stop and looked back at her as she was about half way close. "By the way!" He exclaimed, causing her to reopen them and look at him curiously. "My name is Kenny Kurosawa, but you can call you Kenny, and I promise to make it up to you!"

She looked down at him with widened eyes, stunned by his proclaim to her. Never has anyone in the entire school has ever wanted to do something like this for her. Most boys his age at school would have just walked away with a sense of pride after touching her, let alone hold her, but not this Kenny Kurosawa. She ended up friendly smiling at him. "Rias Gremory! Just call me Rias. And I'll repay you for keeping me safe."

With a nod, Kenny ran back to the main building with a smile, unbeknownst to him that Rias was watching him go. Her smile weakened to a smaller one, as she closed the window. But then she decided to leave them open and went to sit down on a sofa, where she crossed her legs, placed her right elbow on her knee and left hand on her lap, and rested her chin on her fist and looked down at a table with a chest broad on it.

Her face had puzzled written all over it.

"So the new kid as a thing for you, huh." Rias turned her head to her right to see Akeno standing there. "And it looks like you're intrigued by him too."

"Then you felt it too, Akeno?" Rias asked.

"How could I not?" She placed a hand on her chest. "To be honest, I could feel it radiating off him."

Looking away from her oldest friend, Rias displayed a serious look with her eyes narrowed. "It could be that he has some kind of powerful Sacred Gear within him." She walked over to her large desk and sat down.

Akeno shook her head. "I do not believe it's just a Sacred Gear."

Rias looked up at her. "What do you mean?"

Akeno's eyes narrowed slightly as she gained her own serious expression. "It did feel like a Sacred Gear, but there was something else along with it. Something holy, but at the same time not holy—without being unholy. It'd too powerful to be a Holy Sword or even an Excalibur. The only way I could say it is that there some righteous in Kenny Kurosawa, but I don't think that even he knows about it."

Rias just sat there, trying to process all that she knew and what was told to her. Doing their 'incident', she felt the same thing from Kenny and it was so powerful that, to be frank, it frightened her. After some research about his background, she couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. He was just your average high school boy.

But there was something special about Kenny; something Rias believes can get her hope.

"What do we do?"

Rias smiled at Akeno. "Let's keep an eye on him."

"Will you please be my boyfriend?"

It was the end of the day and on his way back home, Kenny was approached by girl wear the Kuoh Academy uniform. She was a very attractive young woman with violet eyes and long black hair that went down to her hips.

All Kenny could do was look down at her in confusion. "Wait, what did you say?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm just so nervous, but are you Kenny Kurosawa," she said with a shudder and a bright blush on her cheeks as she avoided eye contact.

"Yes, that's me," he said with a nod.

"M-my name is Yuuma Amano, a-and I was w-wondering—" she bowed "—would you please be my boyfriend?"

Kenny stared at her with wide eyes and a hanging jaw, like he was struck by thunder. This was his first day at school and he's been asked to be a boyfriend by a girl. A very cute one at that. "Why?" He abruptly said without thinking and regretted it.

She looked up at him, confused and saddened. "What do you mean?"

"Wait, wait, let me explain," he exclaimed, waving his hands in front of him, frantically trying to keep her from being sad. "Well, I'm just asking why you would want to go out with a guy you don't even know. I mean, wouldn't you want to go out with a guy that you know? Some guy you trust?"

"Well, you see," she said with some confidence in her voice, "I saw you walking to school and you seemed lonely. Then you had that accident and then you seemed to be in a bad mood and I just wanted to help. You see, I just got out a bad relationship a month ago and I was alone with no support. After many days I felt that I'm ready to date again, but it's hard to find a boy in the school who wouldn't go out with you for your body. You seem very different and so, I kind of hope that you'll be what I needed. I just don't want to see a person so lonely."

Kenny was between a rock and a hard place. Yuuma's story was convincing, but with its many loopholes and the fact that he's never seen her in school made him want to say no. Then again, Kuoh Academy's girl population was a lot bigger than the boy's and there is a possibility that she could have walked by him without him noticing.

She seemed like a very sweet girl and to say 'no' would be to break her heart, and Kenny couldn't do that. Not when she needs help mending.


Yuuma looked up at him with joyfulness in her eyes and a bright smile. "Really?" she exclaimed bouncing up. Kenny simply smiled at her and hold out his arms invitingly, which she squealed jumped into his arms and hugged him with what seemed like everything she had. Pressing her slender body into him as Kenny hugged her back. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Yuuma lets go of him. "You don't know how happy I am."

"I'm glad you're happy," Kenny said with a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow, Yuuma."

"Okay." She pulls away from him. "Goodnight, Kenny."

The next day was one of the best of Kenny's life. Yuuma was the sweetest thing to him, and he was a gentleman to her. They walked together, holding hands and talking about themselves. During lunch, the two give each other a taste of each other food and jut talked about the school day so far.

Then Yuuma asked Kenny on a date.

After school let out, Kenny headed home and put on his best casual cloths—blue jeans, sneakers, a red T-shirt under a black sweater that was left unzipped—before heading out for the shopping district, where they were going to have their date.

Arriving in the middle of the district, he saw that he was five minutes early and Yuuma wasn't there yet, so he waited.

As Kenny waited, someone passed by him and handed drop a suspicious flyer. He picked it up to give back to the person, but saw they were gone. Looking at the flyer, he was weirded out as he saw it had a weird magic-circle and the words—"Your dream will be granted!"

He just threw it away.

"Kenny!" Said boy looked to his left and smiled when he saw Yuuma arriving, wearing a short black dress with a light purple jacket on top and pink purse. "Hey."

"Glad you made it," he said.

"I'm so sorry I took so long."

"No, it's good." Kenny then offered Yuuma his arm. "Shall we?" She giggle and looped her arm around his, and then they were off.

Ever second seemed like magic to the black-haired couple.

Whenever they were walking, she just hugged his arm and put her head on his shoulder and Kenny would just rest his head on hers.

First, the couple was shopping for clothes and picked out some nice clothes for each other. Yuuma then found a pink scrunchy she liked and put it on her wrist, showing it to Kenny. Commenting on how lovely it looked on her, he bought it for her, saying it would be a gift.

Next, they headed to a really nice restaurant and dined like a married couple, laughing and talking about things that they did in the past. Yuuma talked about her mother and father and her younger sister, and Kenny would talk about his Grandpa and how he traded him on how to wield a sword and close combat.

Then, feeling his 'sweet tooth' acting up, they went to a Basin Robbins and bought themselves some ice cream. They just sat there, enjoying each other's company.

While walking, Yuuma suddenly dragged Kenny by the arm into a photo booth. The first picture was of both or them smiling. The second was a funny face picture. The third was of them with around each other laughing. The final one was of Yuuma kissing him on his cheek, making Kenny blush.

For the first time in a long time, Kenny Kurosawa felt genuinely happy and Yuuma Amano was the source of that happiness.

At about two hours later, the sun set and the moon raised. The teen couple was walking in a park just outside of the shopping district, with no one else in sight, holding hands. They walked toward a large water fountain before stopping in front of it.

Yuuma suddenly let go of his hand, and walked in front of Kenny. "It sure was a fun day," Yuuma said with a never-ending smile with the fountain behind her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Yuuma," Kenny said.

"…Hey, Kenny?"

"Yes?" He then froze when she pressed her body against him.

"There's…something I want to do to celebrate our first date." She had her head straight at the base of his neck, not looking up at me. "Can you listen to my wish?"

"W-what is it?" She pulled away from him a looked at him straight in the eyes with a smile and spoke as clear as day;

"Will you die for me?


No one spoke. No one move as his look turned to confusion. "I'm sorry but, c-could you repeat that again," Kenny asked with a little bit of nervousness, believing he was hearing thing. There must have been so mistake or miscommunication.

"Will you die for me?" She said clearly again, but this time laughing and it wasn't her usual nice one. She backs away from the stunned and haunted boy, as he stands there trying to understand what was going on. As Kenny looked at her, her expression became cold and wicked. Her voice was a more mature one as her laughing comes a halt.


Her clothing torn apart.


Black wings appear from her back.


Black leather latches around her.

Feathers fall all around him, as Kenny was in shock by what just happened, as the person that used to be Yuuma Amano was now a different person.

She was now taller and her body matures and her once loving eyes took on an eviler look, with two large, black crow-like wings sprouting from her back. Her clothes were gone and replaced by her new outfit. Black leather straps hugged around and under her now larger breast, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that run right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, with a right shoulder guard with three large spikes sprouting from it, and black thigh high heel boots.

Looking at a horrified Kenny with her now darkened eyes, she smirked. "I will admit, I did have a great time," Yuuma said. "This may have been your first date, but you truly knew how to show a girl a fun time. You were so sweet and loving that I almost regret doing this." She then lifts up her left arm to look at a pink scrunchie that he bought for her. "But I guess that's what this is for, after I kill. A little something to remember you by." A sudden heavy vibrating sound came to life and a bright light came from her hand, before a mysterious glowing red spear suddenly formed in it.

And then she threw it at Kenny.

Time seemed to slow down as it came towards Kenny at blinding speeds.

He knew it was coming, but he couldn't move himself, as he was too stunned and frightened by what was happening. His girlfriend, the sweet and innocent girl, turned into some kind of demon and was trying to kill him. As it can closer to him, Kenny was trying to overcome the fear in him. 'Move. Move you son of a bitch. MOVE GOD DAMN IT!'

And he did.

With a quick left-step back, Kenny twisted his body to the left; letting the spear pass across his chest, as extreme heat radiates off it, and disappearing into the night.

Kenny looked back at Yuuma who was just as surprised by the sudden dodge. She frowned in displeasure before conjuring another one. Seeing the light, Kenny ran as fast as he could in the oppose direction.

Hearing the sound of the spear coming at him, he quickly jumped to the right.

If he was her target, then she was going to be aiming at him the most.

Running out of the entrance of the park, Kenny stopped with a skid and turned left. The sounds of his heart hammering in his chest and his shoes hitting the ground were soon mixed in with the flapping of wings. Looking over his shoulder, he found Yuuma following from high above, looking down at him with a predatory gaze of enjoyment as he ran from her.

Turning right, Kenny found himself back in the shopping district again. Almost all of the shops were closed and with a few people and cars out. After running for a few seconds he stopped, panting lightly, and looked back to see if Yuuma was there.

But he couldn't find her anywhere.


He suddenly crouched down, just before a spear could impale him through the head. The spear flew diagonally just a little less than an inch over his head, before striking into the sidewalk a meter from him, scaring the few people around him.

Looking up towards the direction it came from, Kenny found Yuuma sitting on the edge of a shop's roof with her legs crossed. She smirked evilly at him and conjured another spear.

"Everyone, get away!" He yelled before all the people started running. Yuuma throw the spear, so he quickly got up and ran before the spear hit his left heel. Adrenaline surged within his heart pounding as Kenny runs past civilians, who ran away from the sight of the winged demon.

Kenny mind raced as he tried to figure out what to do. He had to get Yuuma away from the city and far from innocent people. Then a lightbulb came on. 'That's it!'


Spear impales the road in front of him, causing him to come to a skidding stop before he impaled himself into the forty-five degree spear. He went left, but another spear hit in front of him, before trying right, only to meet the same thing; spear in the ground. Looking back, he saw Yuuma land with another spear in hand. "This has been fun and all, but I do need to kill you now," she said with a smirk.

"Yuuma—or whoever you are, why are you doing this," Kenny demanded while trying to find a way to get away from her.

"Sorry, Kenny, but you're a danger to us and our plans, so we had to get rid of you." She raises her spear. "If you have anyone to blame, then blame God for put the Sacred Gear inside you."


Looking past her shoulder, Kenny was overcome with relief when he saw two police cars with one police motorcycle stopping behind her. Head lights shined behind Yuuma as cops came out their cars and off their bikes and pointed their guns at her.

The motorcycle cop steps forward. "Step away from the boy, whatever you are!" He demanded.

Kenny looked back at Yuuma and was troubled when he saw her eyes shadowed behind her hair.

"HEY! Did you not hear me―"

Yuuma impaled him.

Kenny watched with wide eyes filled with horror, with his jaw hanging in disbelief, as Yuuma turns her body around, stretched her arm out and let the spear of light fly in the air to impale the officer in the chest, through the heart as the end of the spear sticking out of his back. The officer lowers his gun and blankly looks at the spear disappears and blood erupted from him as he fell to his knees.

What was said next will haunt Kenny's dreams;

"Damn it…I…I didn't e-even… say goodnight… t-to my…b-baby girl…"

The officer falls face first on the ground.

The others looked on in terror as their comrade lied dead before turning towards Yuuma as she walks towards them with another spear formed. "Don't fuck with me, you worthless humans!" She roared in anger at them and brought it back.

Kenny sudden tackled her from behind with a look of anger brazing in his black eyes. The force behind him was enough to take her off her feet and drop the spear, as he slammed her to the ground. He then grabbed both of her black wings together and pinning her down by placing one foot on her head and his knee on her back, making Yuuma cry out in pain while struggling to get him off her, all while Kenny was pulling hard on her wings. "Go! Get out of here," he yelled at the stunned cops, who looked at the black-hair teen as if he was crazy. "I'm the one she's after! I refuse to let anyone else die because of me."

Kenny then noticed the police motorcycle. With an idea to lead Yuuma away, he let go of her wings and launched himself, from the foot on her head, off her and went to it. The other police officers didn't stop him as he started the bike up, as the key were still in the ignition, and looked back at his now ex-girlfriend as she picked herself up and glared heatedly in return.

"You want me, you'll have to catch me!" Revving the bike, Kenny sped down the road with the sirens blaring. Yuuma forgot about the cops, who looked on in astonishment, and shot into the air after him.

Kenny has never ridden a motorcycle before, but got the hang of it as he rode into the downtown area of the city, speeding at speeds faster than any he's ever experienced, as the neon lights of Kuoh blurred past him. There were only a few cars out, so as he rode, he easily able to maneuver around them. Looking back, he saw Yuuma, with the help of the city's lights, come at him.

Facing forward, he made a right turn to the north. Yuuma easily followed, as they neared the city limits. With no cars in his way, Kenny brought the bike to max speed, but then felt the bike jolted back and saw that the back wheel was destroyed and the back was on fire, guessing she most have hit it with one of her spears.

Looking forward, Kenny could see a gas station up ahead and, with beginners luck, a tanker truck with no near it, just outside the city limits. Riding the doomed bike forward as it shrieked across the asphalt, creating sparks, Kenny held on to it as he aimed towards the front of the tanker. About a few feet away from the tanker truck, he jumped, tucked, and role as the now flaming bike hit the front of the six wheeler, damaging the front.

Groaning in pain as he stood back up, Kenny quickly limped to where the hose of the fuel dispenser was connected to the truck. Looking at the gas store, he oddly saw no one in sight, but it was a good thing.

No one else would get hurt.

Yuuma landed two meters from where the police motorcycle crashed, as rain started to pour down. Her face carried an angered expression as she was breathing heavily from the cash, and her wings ached from when Kenny pulled on them. 'How could I get hurt like that? By a mere human?' She thought in frustration as she looked around the station for any sign of her target.

The sound of rushing water soon caught her attention. It was coming from the side of the tanker. Looking around the corn, she saw gasoline flowing out of the tanker and the fuel dispense. Her eyes flowed the liquid as it rushed out on the ground…and spread towards the flaming cycle.

Yuuma eyed filled with terror.


A drenched, cold, tired, hurting, and heartbroken Kenny stood in front of his new home, looking sadly at it. His family was in bed, sleeping soundly, as the lights were all turned off.

Turning away, he walked on down the street as the rain began to downpour.

He was drenched because of the rain. He was cold because the icy winds had picked up and even his clothes weren't enough to keep him warm. He was tried because all the energy and adrenaline in him was gone. Hurting because everything he's been through now seemed like a blur of memories and from when he jumped off the bike. Now all injuries he's gotten began to unleash their painful reminder that they were there.

And Kenny was heartbroken because this his first date and it was really great. Yuuma was great. Until she showed her true colors and tried to kill him over some Sacred…whatever she called it. Until she killed that one police officer.

Now he couldn't even enter his home. Doubting that Yuuma could have been by an explosion. Kenny may not even get to see his family, not if she's still after him.

Kenny sighed as all he could do is keep moving. Keeping going and don't stop.

But then he stepped on the same skateboard.

'I'm going to long talk with the idiot who keeps his skateboard.'

But when Kenny was launched from the broad this time, he clashed into the closed metal gates so hard that they opened and he hit the ground painfully. Already in pain, Kenny got to his knees and looked back at the entrance, wondering how he could have broken through the gates of one of the best schools in Japan by only slamming into it. But this point in his life, he didn't care as he made his way to the front doors of the school.

Almost every part of his body hurt from the impact, as Kenny limped to the door and grabbed the handles. To his surprise they opened as he pushed the handles, which made him wonder if other people were in the school. Walking into the school, he found most of the inside was dark, with only the light of the outside—shining through the glass door—creating a path to a stairway.

Kenny walked over to the stairs and sat down, his aching body, hugged his legs to his and sobbed lightly.

'Why this was happening,' he asked himself. 'Why would this girl pretend to like me and just try and kill me after spending a great time together? What was a Sacred Gear? Why did she have to kill that police officer, who as a daughter to go home to?'

"Why couldn't I do anything?" Kenny said out loud, hoping that someone or something could answer him.

But no answers came.

Kenny was all alone.

Then a mumming and floating sound were heard in front of him.

Opening his red, teary eyes and looking up, Kenny was met with the sight of a glowing blue light the size of a baseball floating only a foot away. Staring at it was wide-eyed amazement, he reached out for it. Although he couldn't touch it physically, he still felt it in his hands as he cupped the light with both hands and brought it closer, feeling a soft and warm, but powerful aura coming off it. Just to see what would happen, Kenny pouched it with his right index finger.

Just as he did, a black sphere formed in the blue light.

The light suddenly began a mass of lightning. Electric texture exploded everywhere, but didn't do any harm to Kenny or damage anything around him. The black sphere seemed untouched amidst to chaotic lightning it was in. The light and sphere turned blinding white so intense that Kenny had to let go to protect his eyes and face.

Looking between his arms, he could only see the sphere as everything else was white. Then, to his astonishment, the sphere stretched out to the sides and slightly curved, before disappearing into the light, forcing Kenny to again to cover his eyes.


The sound of metal hitting the ground a foot and a half away from him, making him reopen his eyes again and uncover his face. There was no white light, only the darkness of the hall with the only the storming night outside providing light. Looking at the floor, Kenny was awed and confused by what was there.

It was an ordinary Japanese katana sword sheathed inside of a black scabbard.

Picking up the sword by the scabbard with both hands, Kenny found it to have some weight to it, but not too much.

'Was this the Sacred Gear Yuuma was talking about?'



Kenny snapped his head up to find said ex standing at the doorway, after kicking the doors open and making them come off their hinges. She bared her dagger-like teeth as she glared with fury at him, breathing heavily. Scorch and burn marks were on some parts of her body and pieces of clothing were missing, along with whatever covered her breast, with some of her hair with burnt too. "You bastard!" She took a step forward. "You ruined my beautiful looks! NOW I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

She formed a spear and threw it. Kenny quickly jumped out of the way as it destroyed the spot where he was sitting, and didn't waste any more time and ran for it, sword in left hand. Running down the corridor, he made his way to the back exit of the building. Dodge only two spears that zipped pasted his left shoulder and right hip, he made it to the back doors and threw them open.

Running out into the storming night, Kenny stopped in the middle of the field and looked around. There was nowhere else to run. Looking back, he saw Yuuma fly out of the doorway, fly high into the air before dive bombing on him, spear aimed right at his heart.

Thinking fast, he grabbed the handle of the sword.


The sound of its metal blade scraping against the inside of the scabbard as he pulled it out, as lightning flashed in the background.


The next thing the both of them knew was the spear flying in the air, as Kenny had his right arm outwards with the sword point in the same direction, perfectly horizontal.

Yuuma, with a shocked look, quick flapped her black wings to send her back a few feet. "How could that sword block my Light Spear," she demanded with anger. "It should have been snapped in two!"

Kenny could only bring the sword close to him and look at it. The blade shined, even in the night, as rains dropped as his refection showed. A familiar buzzing sound reached his ears as another Light Spear was formed and thrown. He was able to deflect the spear with a left slash. Again the spear was sent flying into the air, as Yuuma seemed even more infuriated.

He looked back at the sword and this time the blade was glowing bright silver.

[Do not worry.]

'Whose voice is that?' Kenny tried talking to it in his head. 'Who are you?'

[I'm afraid I don't have the time to explain things to you, but you must clear your mind and let the sword in to protect you. Have faith, not just in the sword, but faith in yourself to guide the blade and destroy your enemies.]

Kenny closed his eyes, taking in all that was being said to him.

[Trust not what you see, but you feel…]

Kenny reopened his black eyes, filling them with an intimidating amount of determination.

Getting into a fighting stance; sword out in front with both hands on it—right hand above the left—with legs spread, and back straight, Kenny glared at Yuuma. He was trapped, with only a katana sword and the training his grandfather gave him to defend himself from a malevolent woman with black wings, with barely anything to cover herself, who can conjure spears of light that's trying to kill him.

There was no way out. This was the end of the line. But there was no way he was going down without a fight.

Yuuma, who seemed to be in her thoughts, saw him in his fight position and was, to say the least, amused. She laughs out so hard that she was holding her stomach. "You really think that can fight me? Me! When you are just a human with nothing but a sword," she sneered.

"Well considering I foiled all your attempts to kill me and blew up a gas station in your face," he taunted with a cocky smirk, trying to get her anger, "then absolutely."

The sneer on her face fell and turned into a snarl. "Are you trying to fuck with me?" She gritted her teeth as she gazed at me with hatred.

"Sorry, but I not the kind of guy that does that to a girl on the first date." Throwing in that last one just for good measure, Kenny dropped the tuff-guy action and got serious with a glare. "Leave here now and live, Yuuma. But stay, and face your destiny."

She makes a light spear. "MY DESTINY IS YOUR DEATH!"

His glare narrowed. "Very well!"

Yuuma flew at him as Kenny rush towards her.


Their weapons clashed, with the middle of her spear against his blade. Yuuma, to Kenny's surprise, was able to push him back, making his heels dragging through the muddy dirt by the force she was putting on him. Gritting his teeth, Kenny quickly sidestepped to the right, causing her fall forward, face first, onto the ground. He raised the sword and brought it in a downwards slash, but Yuuma roll out of the way before it could make contact.

She got back on her feet and thrust her spear at Kenny's face. He dodged it by moving his head to the side, but was painful cut on the cheek. Putting a hand on it, he dodged left as Yuuma thrusted her spear at him again. Then to the right.

On the fourth, he used the sword to parry it, while trying to back away. However, every step Kenny took back, the malevolent being seemed to follow that step with one of her own and a thrust of a spear. Their weapons clinking and clashing against each other.

Yuuma then lunged at Kenny and thrusts her spear outwards. He dodged right, but the spear cut his left side, causing him to scream in pain and placed his right hand on the wound. Yuuma looked that him with a dark satisfied look by and did it again. But this time, Kenny dodge to the left sooner and as her form pasted him and her feet meet the ground, he came up behind her and slashed under her wings.


"ARGH!" Yuuma screamed out in pain, backing away and place placing a hand on her gash wound. She turned towards Kenny with a raging glaring. "How was that sword able to hurt me?! I'm a Fallen Angel, an ordinary sword shouldn't be able to cut me!"

'So she's a Fallen Angel?' Kenny raised an eyebrow, trying to remember what the bible said about them.

Her eyes suddenly widen in horror. "No. D-don't tell me. T-t-that's a Holy Sword? No. An Excalibur? Impossible, you not an Exorcist and it has no other powers—"

"Enough!" Kenny snapped at her. "I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, and that this point I don't care! All I know is that you can be hurt and that's all that matters!" Charging at her again, he slashed diagonally at her. Blocking the attack, she flew into the storming air and hovered above.

"At lease we see eye to eye on one thing. Excalibur or not, you're going to die tonight!" Yuuma zooms down with her spear raised over her head. Realizing what she was doing, Kenny jumped and rolled forward as she bashed the spear into the ground like a baseball bat where he was, cause a cloud of dust and dirt to form.

Run back a few feet, he stopped and waited for her to come out.

He wasn't disappointed as she darted out of the cloud and their weapons clashed again. As they locked weapons and glared at each other, Kenny noticed her how close she was and kick her in the stomach hard enough to get her away from me. Not giving her a chance to recover as she holds her stomach in pain, Kenny attempted to slash at her left wing. She blocks away again, but Kenny didn't let up and continued slashing at Yuuma more aggressively as he went on the offensive, as well as forcing her back.


Yuuma slips on a puddle and on her ass. She looked up at Kenny with shock and panic while raising up her spear with her right hand as Kenny continues to bash against it with the sword.



The force of the final hit breaks the spear, causing Yuuma to cry out as it shatters like glass. Kenny stopped and looked down at the Fallen Angel, with the sword hang down from his hands. His ex just looked up at with a frown of shock and exhaustion and fear, breathing more heavily than he was.

It was over, Kenny had final Yuuma.

But he had to finish this. He began to raise the sword, making Yuuma even more frightened. 'I had to kill her. If I let her go, she's going to hurt more people. I don't know what she's planning, but it could endanger innocent lives.' The sword was now over his head, perfect vertical and really to do the final blow. He doesn't know what will happen after all this, but if he can save people from what she was planning, then he'll gladly face any and all punishment.



Kenny stopped the blade just an inch away from her head. He looks sudden, with wide eyes and hanging mouth, because down on her knee in front of him wasn't the Fallen Angel that tried to kill him and made tonight hell. He sudden because he was looking at Yuuma Amano; the sweet, loving and caring girl that he met only yesterday. Her leather clothing turned back into the dress she wore on their date and her features reverted back to that a young, teen girl with innocent violet eyes.

"Kenny, please don't this!" Yuuma begged in her old, sweet voice. "I know I tried to kill you and I know I've done terrible things, but you have to believe me. I didn't want to kill you, but my comrades said they'd kill me if I didn't, right after they rape me!" She placed her hand that had the scrunchy on it over her heart. "Believe me, you've been the nicest person I've ever meet. The thought of killing you was like I was about to kill a part of myself. And when I killed that that one office, I was horrified by what I did. You have to believe, Kenny."

Kenny point the tip of the sword at her face, taking in all that she said to him. Was she for real? Was the girl who was a murderous angel fallen from grace a girl fearing for her life? The more he looked in her eye, the more Kenny was conflicted. Does he kill her or set her free?

He soon came to a conclusion.

"Go." He said solemnly, pointing the sword outwards to his right. "Go tell them that you killed me. But I don't ever want to see you again, Yuuma. Ever!"

Yuuma's face lit up and nodded. "I will, thank you Kenny."

Kenny let out a sigh of relief. 'I guess I did the right thing after all.'

"I will tell them I killed you."

That's when it happened.

Kenny didn't feel anything, but knew it happened when her evil side rear its ugly face again. Looking down, he saw a spear piercing right through his stomach. There's no pain, only an empty and cold feeling as the spear vanished. Then the blood came pouring out onto the wet ground. That's when the pain came. Coughing up blood, he fell to his knee while growing dizzy. With his head down, he looked at both his left hand and right hand, the one holding the sword, as his eyesight blurred.

"I'll tell them how you were a fool to fall for a little sob story," Yuuma taunted as she stood in front of him, back in her Fallen Angel form. "Now, I think I'll be taking that lovely sword of yours." She bent over to grab it.

Hearing her say that, Kenny called upon the last of his strength and ran the sword through her stomach. Yuuma screamed out in pain, coughing up some blood, as Kenny grabbed the sword with both hands, twisted it, and pulled it out before falling backwards on his back.

Yuuma put a hand on her bleeding stab wound before looking at Kenny's fallen form with blinding rage, conjuring another spear. "YOU FUCKER!"

She was suddenly set flying by a black and red blast of power.

Yuuma's back crashed hard into the side of the school, letting out a cry of pain, before falling forwards on the ground.

"You should know where you stand, fallen one," said a new, but oddly familiar, voice coming from behind a sudden Kenny. This new person then stood in front him with their back facing him. "I'll not allow you to do any more harm to this one."

Yuuma's grunting and groaning as she picked herself up to look at the person who attacked. She looked at the new person with anger at first, but then in shock and terror, before opening her black wings and flying off.

Kenny life was fading and all he could do was kept a firm hold on a sword that had so many questions to it, all while gazing up at the moon as raindrops fall around him. The person who came a few second ago turned around and walked up to his right and looked down on him. "You fighting was very impressing, it was like you were a true warrior." They sound amused but sincere at the same time. "I'm sorry, but I was too busy watching you when I should have been stepping."

Kenny turned his head turns to the person and tried to raise the sword clenched hand, and felt their small, soft hands take hold of his hand, as he saw brilliant crimson hair flowing in the raining night.

"I'm going to repay my promise. I will not let you die." Rias Gremory promised a dying Kenny. "For this moment on, you will live me for."

And then darkness.



Kenny jolted upwards with eyes wide open. To his surprise; he was in a bright place. Wasn't soaking wet and there was no raining or storm. In fact, looking around himself, it turned out to be his new room, with moving boxes and everything. Looking to right, he finds his alarm clock going off and turns it off.

'Wait, how did I get here?' Memories of fighting Yuuma and everything that happened made him quickly throw off the clovers, sit on the edge of the bed, and looked all around his body. There were no holes. No bruises and cuts. It was as if last night never happened. 'What was happening?' He sat back on the bed and run a hand through his long, black, hair. "Was everything just a dream?" He asked out loud before falling back on the bed.

However, his head hit something hard and narrow. Turning his head to see what it was, Kenny gasped and quickly stood up.

It was the sword tucked in its black scabbard.

"So, it wasn't a dream," He said, picking up the sword. 'But how I'm I alive?'

"Kenney, time from school!"

"Okay, coming!" He exclaimed to the closed door before looking back at the sword. "Now what am I going with you?" Thinking it was a good idea to hide the weapon, Kenny looked around his room for where to hide it, until he got back from school. Looking towards the closet, he quickly opened it and place the sword inside before closing it.

"Ugh, my head," Kenny groaned with his head down at the end of the last class period. He had no idea why, but throughout the hold day he was feeling weak. He had a killer headache that felt like a hand inside of him and was squeezing his brain, and whenever he was outside or near a window, he felt like the sunlight was melting his skin.

Getting up from his desk with a sigh, he gathered his things and walked out of the room and down the hallways.

"Are you Kenny Kurosawa," a neutral tone asked from behind him.

Turning around, he saw a small, petite girl with white hair and hazel eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back was short bob cut. She was also wearing a black cat shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair. Also, she didn't wear the shoulder cape on the girl's uniform. Trying to ignore the fact she was incredibly cute, Kenny turned his body towards her and gave her his full attention. "Yes, I am. How can I help you, Miss…"

"…Koneko Toujou, please to meet you," she replayed apathetically with a bow. "I've come to deliver a message for you."

He raised an eyebrow. "From who?"

She raised her head up. "They asked to remain anonymous."

"Great," he said, scratching the back of his head. "What's the message?"

"'Come to the front of the old schoolhouse tonight at 10 o'clock…and bring the sword.'"

Kenny gasped a little as he felt his eyes widened. How did this anonymous person know about the sword? Before he could ask Koneko anything, she was walking away. "Wait! How do they know about the sword?" he called out to her, but to no reply, as she continued on. Kenny sighed and scratched the back of my head. "What's happening to me?"

Luckily, he was able to sneak out of the house without waking anybody. Kenny didn't like it, but things as of late were getting crazier, and if it involved the sword, then he rather not take the chances and get anyone else involved. The last thing he needed was to have his family in harm's way.

Kenny walked towards the school with the sword while surprising feeling better than what he felt in the day time. In fact, he felt supercharged. His eyesight—although not bad—improved to the where he could clearly see things in the dark from a quarter mile away. His ears were like those of a bat; he could even hear a couple in their home, having…you know what, you don't to know; our hero has super hearing now and that's all you need to know.

About half way to the school, he entered into a park when the atmosphere changed. He felt cold and his body shivered. Kenny stopped and looked around.

Then in front were footsteps coming towards him.

"So," said a deep voice, "it's true you're still alive." Looking ahead, Kenny saw a middle-age man with short black hair and dark blue eyes stepping out of the shadows. The mysterious man's attire consisted of a pale violet trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, and also a black fedora. "But it's also true that you've also been revived."

"R-revived?" Kenny asked with a little shakiness in his voice.

"Who is your Master? For someone to have a territory like this town most be an oddity of themselves. Now answer."

He took a step back. "I don't know what you talking about," Kenny said truthful and fearfully. "What do you even want?"

The man didn't respond at first, only looked at Kenny with observing eyes. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised." The man spoke. "You were only revived yesterday. Everything around you has changed, and so have you, if I'm not wrong. I'm going to just say this once kid, but you can kiss your normal life goodbye. You've entered a world beyond your understanding, and the worst part about it; there's no way out. You have something special, so special that the people of this new life will try anything to get their hands on you."

'What the hell? What's this something special?' Looking down at the sword in his left hand, Kenny wondered if it was the thing he was talking about.

"No, it's not that." The man continued, much to Kenny's relief. "It's something else. Something that is still inside of you." His eyes narrowed. "However, that swords of you is truly remarkable. You see, unlike you, I've a hundred lifetimes and yet, just by looking at it, I could tell it's more powerful than anything I've ever seen." He holds out his hand and…

…a Light Spear appears and black wings pop out!

A Fallen Angel.

Without even thinking twice, Kenny unsheathed the sword, threw the scabbard aside, and got in a fight pose. The Fallen Angel seemed surprised by his action before smirking. "So you know what I am and you still want to fight me? That's very brave of you, boy, but foolish as well. However, I'm a man willing to make deals." He points his spear at me. "Give me the sword, and I'll let you live."

Kenny had to admit he saw that one coming, but already knew his response; "Come get. HRAH!"

He charged at the man and slashed. But the Fallen parried the attack and thrusts the spear. He saw the attack coming and side stepped out of the way. He, then, puts the sword in his left hand and horizontally swung left at the man's neck. However the Fallen was quickly in the air before the sword could even touch him.

"You're a well-trained boy, I'll give you that," he acknowledges Kenny high in the air. "But you'll find that your little girlfriend's fighting skills are no make for my experience of war and thousands of years of fight!" He throws his spear before conjuring another one, throwing that one, and repeated.

Four spears came right at Kenny.

He was ready. His grandfather trained him how to fight and use a sword ever since he was a child, but with his heightened reflexes, he could practically see and hear the spears come at him.





Kenny stood there without a scratch after blocking off all attacks. Looking back up, he saw the man come with his spear over his head. Reacting quickly, Kenny held up the sword and blocked. The man landed on the floor, brought back the spear and then thrusts it. Kenny parried it before swinging a right slash at him, but the Fallen Angel dodged under it. He swings his spear, but Kenny blocked, before going for a downwards slash attack.

The Fallen Angel steps to the right to dodge and trips Kenny by his foot, making him stumble a bit forward.


He suddenly screamed out in pain when the spear cut down his back. It felt way worse than Yuuma's so much that Kenny fell to his hands and knees from the pain. Glancing at the sword's blade and tilts it a little, he the Fallen Angel now holding his spear in a reverse grip.

Rolling on his back, he got out of the way before the spear could stab him.

Kenny got back on his feet and face his opponent again. His back stung from the cut and his vision was starting to blur. Shaking his head to clear it, he saw the Fallen Angel take swing at him. He blocked it, but jump back a step when the man swung uppers. He didn't stop and brought it back down. Kenny quickly steps to the side again and when the Light Spear hit the ground, quickly stomps on it.

"What the." The Fallen Angel gritted his teeth, but looked put to see Kenny's blade come down. He jumped, but not fast enough as the sword cuts him across his chest.


He growled in pain while placing a hand on his long gash wound, before glaring at Kenny with anger. "Little punk." He conjured another spear and then, to Kenny's horror, made another one.

The Fallen Angel rushed at him and unleash furious slashes and swings, as Kenny tries to the block them. He luckily only did one slash at a time, but he was doing it so fast, and with so much force, that was almost impossible to block to them properly, even with Kenny's training, as he was forced backwards while the man continues without any signs of stopping.

Then, before he even react, the man's left-hand spear swung left at the sword so hard that, it made Kenny let go of it with his left hand, breaking his defensive posture and leaving his chest while open. The Fallen wasted no time and stabbed Kenny in the chest with both spears. He let out a scream of pain before he fell to his knee.

"There is no dishonor in death, boy," the Fallen Angel said, stepping a few feet back from the dying boy. "But you must have known you were doomed from the start when you wanted to fight against a Fallen Angel. But if you hand over the sword, I'll leave now."

Kenny didn't say anything as he had his head down with his long, black hair shadowing his eyes, the sword still in a strong grip. He then lifted his head and opened his eyes to stare at the man, with his eyes burning with determination. "You can have it…when to take it from my cold, dead, hand," Kenny proclaimed with a ragged voice.

The surprised look on the Fallen Angel went away as a scowl formed. "So be it." He walked towards Kenny. But then out of a black and red blast hit one of his spears and destroyed it. "What!"

A flash of red light appeared as a voice said, "Keep your hands off him!"

"Wait, that voice…?" Turning his head to the right, Kenny was stunned to see Rias Gremory standing only about three feet away. 'What's she doing here?'

"I teach you not to interfere!" The Fallen Angel threw the last spear.

"LOOK OUT!" Kenny yelled out to her, unable to move himself.

The spear was suddenly deflected when a small figure dropped from above and hit it away. Watching the spear fly off in a random direction, Kenny turned back to see it was the little white haired girl, Koneko Toujou, who blocked the attack. She glanced at him and nodded.

The Fallen conjured another spear and rushed them. "I've had enough of this!"

A sudden flash of lightning came down and exploded the ground in front of him, knocking the man back, as Kenny was even more surprised when Akeno stepped out of nowhere, electricity sparking in her right hand. She looked at him and gives a wave and a smile. Even in his weakened state, he gave her a two figure salute with a small grin.

"Wait a second." The man as he picked himself up. "That red hair…you from the House of Gremory."

Rias walked forward, placing herself in front of a bleeding Kenny. "My name is Rias Gremory. Now please tell me what you're doing to this young man, Fallen Angel, other than hurting him."

"Heh." The Fallen Angel scruffed while dusting his hat. "Well, well. So this town is the territory of the heir to the great Gremory family, and this boy belongs to you too? Then I must apologize. But I advise you not to let your servants off the leash. If you hadn't shown up, I would have taken his life and that sword."

Rias placed a hand on her chest. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," she said. "But bear in mind that as long I'm alive, this boy and the sword are under my protection. Try and harm him or steal it, and I will not show mercy of any kind."

"I will say the same to you, heiress of the House of Gremory." He spread his wings and takes off. "My name is Dohnaseek, pray I never see you again!"

Kenny looked up at the sky and watched him escape, breathed heavy. However, about three second later, everything went black.


Rias turned around to see Kenny laying on the ground. He was lying face down in a pool of his own blood, his arms spread out and his legs slightly together. But what amazed her was that, despite him being out cold and in his critical condition, he was still holding onto his sword with a firm grip.

"Ara ara, that was a close call," said Akeno as she stood by Rias' side. "I can't believe he was able to fight off a Fallen Angel for as long as he did. Truly a warrior's spirit within him."

"If we don't do something, he'll die," Koneko said.

"Don't worry." Rias kneed down and brushed some of his hair away from his eyes. "I make sure he lives, personally."

"I do wonder what is so special about that sword he has," Akeno said a hand on her cheek. Rias glance at the sword as it glows silver light.

"Well, maybe we'll find out soon enough."

To Be Continued…

{Playing Shine by Mr. Big}

[Instrumentals] The opening fades into the inside of a dark room with the moonlight coming from the window. The light moves against the wall, turning the areas that became covered by it a light blue. As it gradually shifts, it soon reveals the handle of the Sword, as the weapon leans up against the wall. The light then touches the unsheathed blade, causing it to reflect and shine off the metal.

[I never really feel quite right] Kenny, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, was out at night standing in an open plain with a few trees behind him. His hair flying in the wind and his hands in his jean's pockets as he looks upwards, the green grass under and around him flowing against the wind as well.

[And I don't know why, all I know is something's wrong] The scene stays like this for a moment, before switching to present a close up of his face. Showing an expression that tells the viewer he was deep in thoughts, as his black eyes weren't focused and his lips were parted a small bit.

[Every time I look at you, you seem so alive] High up on a white balcony in the night time, Rias stands there in a white sundress, with her arms on the railing as she leaned on it while looking up at the moon. She face carries a bright smile as her vixen figure is seen slightly through the dress as it and her elegant crimson hair flies in the wind gracefully while glowing into moonlight.

[Tell me how do you do it, walk me through it] The scene changes to show different images. The first was of Akeno as she smiles sweetly at the viewer in a lovely kimono, holding an umbrella in her arms with her in a bun. The next image is of Kiba as he stands in a gym, wearing Kendo equipment and the mask tucked under his armpit, giving the camera his charming smile, while in the background were many girls smiling at him back with hearts in their eyes.

[I'm following every footstep] Koneko's next shown, sitting on the sofa in the clubhouse with a piece of chocolate in her mouth, looking at the viewer blankly as she holds up her hand in a peace sign. The final image shows Asia in her nun outfit, brushing a few stray hairs behind her right as she smiles brightly, while standing in the park with the playground behind her.

[Maybe on your own you take a conscious step] Returning back to Rias, the camera shows her up close from the left side, with twinkling stars shining in the background. Her bright expression turned to a sad look as her gaze fell. She placed a hand on her left breast and sighs with her eyes closed.

[Do you wanna give it up? All that I want…] Her eyes opened, but only half way. Showing that she's hurt in some way and sadden about something. The camera then shows the left side of her, before Rias turns her head to the left and a surprised expression appeared on her face.

[Is for you to SHINE~] The scene changes to a white surrounding and the camera moves upwards, showing Kenny in his average school uniform, with his back facing the camera, the Sword in his right hand, and the scabbard in his left as his long black hair flows in the wind.

[SHINE~ down on me] The camera zoomed out to show Rias, now naked, staring at Kenny's back with her right shoulder facing the viewer and her head turned towards him.

[SHINE on this life that's burning out] A side angled view, and Kenny now is seen facing Samurai Jack, whose ghost stands a few feet from him. The camera focused on Kenny face for a movement, before switching over to Jack's. The samurai gives him a smile and disappears. Kenny lets out a sigh with his eyes closed, as he was now standing on a cliff as the sky turns orange in the afternoon.

[SHINE~] Rias, now fully dressed in her usual school uniform, walked up to his right and places a hand on his shoulder. Kenny looks at her as she gives him a smile, then Akeno comes up and stand with him too. Then Asia, Kiba, and Koneko.

[SHINE~ down on me] Kenny smiles fondly at them for a moment, before his expression quickly turned serious and he faces forward. The others do the same, readying themselves for battle.

[SHINE on this life that's burning out] The scene changes to show their backs and zooms out to revival Aku's towering silhouette before them, with the setting sun behind his head.

[SHINE~] The image then changes into a watercolor-like painting. Then everything fades out, as the song comes to an end.

And that is the end the updated first episode of "The Red Dragon Samurai".

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