A/N: This is my first Ghostbuster story and do you know something. I'm not even sorry! This is a crack fic with Holtzbert and whatever the "Kevrin"ship name is. Basically it's an implied threesome and like I said... I'm not even sorry. This was so fun to write.

Please enjoy x

"What comes after 69?" Kevin suddenly called across the firehouse and a silence fell. Patty stared at the hopeless hunk of muscle while Erin flushed to the roots of her (thankfully back to normal) hair. Even Abby looked a little stumped.

"Usually a very good orgasm." Holtzmann said with a grin, crossing the floor to his desk. "Why? Who's asking, is it Erin, I imagine it's Erin. If it's involving you and the number 69 it's got to be Erin." She sat on the corner of the desk and smiled down at him, eager for the gossip. She was ignoring Erin's gasps and stammers.

"No, I was just trying to count." Kevin admitted. "I just couldn't remember what it was in English, knew it was soixante-dix in French but just couldn't remember the English." Kevin shrugged and the room is stunned once more.

"You… You know French." Patty exclaims.

"Well yeah, pretty fluent in it to be honest but that's because my nanny was French and raised me with both Australian and French." He shrugs again before pointing his biro at Holtzmann. "Besides, Erin fancies you more than she fancies me." He raises an eyebrow and now both of them are ignoring Erin's noises of protest.

"Not true!" Abby chimes in. "I think she fancies you both equally." The short scientist looks over at her friend who is the colour of a beetroot and glaring at Abby with murder in her eyes.

"You know the next ghost we catch will be yours." She hisses and promptly flees into her office to avoid Abby's smirk, she slammed the door hard to make her feelings known.

"She didn't deny it." Patty snorts, grabbing her laptop and delving into the NY archives for a little more research on their latest ghosty.

"Can you 69 with three people?" Kevin frowns again but Holtz slaps him on the shoulder.

"No you cannot, that would make a triangle. Dibs trying first with Erin!" She hollers and pelts across the firehouse towards Erin's locked office.

"That's not fair, why do you get first dibs?!" Kevin stood and waved his arms enthusiastically.

"Because she's Holtz and apparently if she can dibs a whole floor of this place and get away with it, she can dibs the first 69 with Gilbert and get away with that too." Patty grumbled.

"Still bitter?" Abby laughed.

"The girl has the biggest floor when I need it for my records!" Patty snipes, grabbing her sandwich with a vengeance. "Hey boy, stop staring at Holtz' backside and go in there." She waves at Kevin who does as he is bid for once.