Kimihito frowned as he looked over the mail. A few letters from the exchange program mentioning that the expense filing had been received. Also amongst the letters was a letter from his younger sister. Kimihito smiled as he put that letter down. She always was entranced with Liminals and had signed up to be a host.

"Ah Darling! What do you have there?" Miia asked as she hugged Kimihito. She was dressed for work.

"Just a letter from my sister. She's in the states with my parents right now. She's hosting both a Nekomata and a Kitsune and was curious what it was like to be hosting large species. From the looks of the letter she will be coming to live with us in two weeks. So expect some work to be done on the house soon." Kimihito said as he showed the letter to Miia. Miia looked at it with what appeared to be a touch of envy before darting out the door. Kimihito waits for her tail to be fully outside before closing the door behind her.

Kimihito paused for a second on his way back to the living room. He shook his head at the sense of doom he just had. Rachnee was too busy playing a game with Papi and Suu to have planned out a trap. He shrugged before turning around to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He smiled upon noticing Lala. Lala was currently looking out the kitchen window.

"Ye took heed of thee impending doom?" Lala asks as she turns to face Kimihito. Kimihito laughed at the statement as he filled a cup with water. He took a sip before speaking.

"What's the worst that could happen?" Kimihito says as he steps back into the main room. He sighs upon hearing a knock at the door. He turned and began walking towards the door. With one last sigh he opens the door and looks out of it. A red eyed girl is standing outside the door. Her blue bangs do a good job of framing her eyes. She tilts her head slightly causing her bangs to shift.

"Hello, are you Kurusu Kimihito? My names Noire. The boss lady said I'd be staying with you. Sorry about the lack of paperwork." The girl says as she fidgets. Her fidgeting draws attention to her navy blue wings.

"So Smith has given me another homestay. Great, I wish she'd give some heads up. You can stay in the basement for the moment. We don' have any other rooms. I'll call her and see if she failed to put in a renovation plan." Kimihito says as he steps aside. It is only upon noticing the girls hesitation that he realizes the girls lower body is a curled up snake tail. A purple one at that.

"Can you help me with my bag? I can't carry things easily. I'll explain more when we get inside." Noire says as she begins to uncurl. Her movements bring to mind a slight bit imbalance. Kimihito nods before grabbing the bag that is lying next to her. It is a small bag for something like her. Lala leans into the hallway to see what is going on. She turns upon seeing Noire. Kimihito leads Noire into the living room. As they enter Lala leaves the room and walks down the hallway. Rachnee smirks upon seeing them enter the room.

"Lala is currently fetching Mero. I would have done it myself but I assume we want her moving on her own accord." Rachnee says as she looks over Noire. Papi turns and looks at the feathered wings Noire possesses. At this point Lala has reentered the room with Mero not far behind.

"You mentioned you wished to explain some things. You make it sound like certain lack of foresight is uncommon." Kimihito says as he motions to the spot Miia normally sits. Noire slithers over to the spot and sits down

"Yeah Smith is always like this. She doesn't care about Suu." Papi says as she motions to Suu. Noire smiles at the two obviously childish members of the group.

"A couple things actually. I'm actually not charted under this Agent Smith. Due to a large amount of stupidity in the Exchange program I ended up in Japan before any of the paperwork was filled out properly. They dumped my files on one of the Tokyo agents. I think it was a Miss Uwen." Noire says with a sigh. Her tail twitches slightly at the thought.

"So they placed you here out of necessity for a large species to be housed. That would explain no renovations. Far too sudden of an event to accommodate for it." Rachnee says in disgust.

"No. I'm meant to be registered with the Kurusu household. There are even plans for renovations. I'm just here early." Noire says as she looks down at her tail. It twitches slightly as if not responding to her desires. She moves her wing closer to it.

"You are early?" Suu asks as she looks at Noire. Noire nods her cheeks are somewhat red in embarrassment.

"I understand. You were meant to be with my sister and they sent you here on accident due to me being a host as well. A similar thing happened with Miia who is our residential Lamia. She was also meant to be with my sister." Kimihito says as he stands up and walks towards the kitchen in order to make lunch.

"Yes. I was meant to be with Kakusu. I'm sorry for the sudden responsibility. This is a problem for us all." Noire says as she fidgets. She finally manages to catch her tail with her wings. She lets out a yelp as her entire tail twitches. She releases her tail and slumps against the table. "Dang that is sensitive." She mutters as she lifts her head off the table.

"Somethings wrong here. Why do you not recognize one of the most sensitive parts of your body? You seem completely unfamiliar with it." Rachnee says. Noire laughs lightly.

"About that… Quetzalcoatl isn't my normal form. I'm a Paranoia a type of shapeshifter that fully copies what it mimics. I've only been in this form for about two weeks so I'm still awkward with it. I haven't ever taken a Lamia form before either so it's been a fun two weeks. I look forward to the next new moon so much more then before. I was a small breed Arachne last time and caffeine was involved when I transformed." Noire explains as she stretches her wings. "At least I'm warm blooded compared to Lamia. Still haven't learned to fly yet."

"Ah yes. Caffeine. So that's why you're named that way. It does surprise me that you don't have a moonstone. As that would allow you to change form at will. Your race normally has one as a personal possession correct?" Rachnee asks. Noire laughs.

"They still are trying to file the permit that would allow a Liminal to own an item that allows the effects of the moon to be felt at any time. The full moon is in two days as well. So behavior is an important thing. Thankfully I'm not fully used to this body so I have my regular personality." Noire says as she watches her tail sway gently.

"That reminds me. House Rule Number Three is that all Liminals living here go to bed early on a full moon." Kimihito says as he looks over the food. "Uhm, what do you eat?"

"I'm a herbivore for now." Noire replies calmly.

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