"What's this?" Papi asks as she prances into the room. Held within her wings is a video game box. Noire hops up and stares at the game in interest. Rachnee shakes her head at the antics of the two harpies before standing up and plucking the game out of Papi's wings. She calmly takes a note off of the box and hands the box to Kyurii.

"To the Kurusu household. This game recently came out and is billed as a liminal friendly kart racing game. Simple put it take the kart genre and gives it tracks base of off liminal culture. The main Tokyo branch of MON has been tasked with passing out copies to homestays households that have three or more registered liminal. Due to a minor hiccup in paperwork, (Nothing to big. Kimihito and Kakusu are simple still registered as separate households.) we have sent you two copies of the game. Sincerely, Ata." Rachnee reads off.

"Are we going to play?" Kyurii asks as she looks over the box. Rachnee pauses before nodding. Several minutes later both Papi and Noire have made a nest of cushions for themselves. Kyurii calmly sits down at the edge of the nest before looking around. She covers her eyes due to the reflecting sunlight from outside. Rachnee closes the blinds to block the light. Suu calmly runs up and plops down into her blob form.

"Rachnee? What's a scorpiones?" Papi asks as she looks over the rather limited amount of unlocked characters. Rachnee turns and looks at the TV. The highlighted character is simple listed as Small Breed Scorpiones. Noire is currently cycleing player two's selection over other characters.

"Oh? Scorpiones. There arachne but scorpion styled. There different from the full blooded Scorpion Liminal. I'm surprised they would include one. What else do they have?" Rachnee asks as she picks up player three controls. Kyurii picks up player four and then glances at Suu.

"Let's run four races then have last place switch with whoever isn't playing." Kyurii says as she looks through the limited character select. She settles on selecting a raptor harpy. Papi selects the normally harpy and pauses. She calmly looks over to Noire and Rachnee. Noire shrugs as she selects the wyvern. Rachnee smiles as she selects the normal arachne. The screen promptly shifts to display a number of different events. Only two of the events are unlocked though. Papi presses the button to select the first event. To everyone's surprise only four of the sixteen tracks in the event are unlocked. Rachnee presses a button for more information. As it turns out the first event course were inspired by different Harpy cultures. Rachnees moves her cursor over and tries to select the fifth track in the event. A small bubble pops up indicating that the fourth track needs to be finished to select this one.

Author Corner

Another chapter done. I had originally wanted to wait till the next manga chapter came out but decided to update. This story design is likely going to be multi chaptered and intermixed with other stories.

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