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He was mad. No wait- he was furious. Being away from Lucy always didn't sit well with him. He couldn't do anything about it in the past since he didn't know what her feelings for him were. Yet, now that he knew that she returned his feelings. He was feeling livid at Laxus for being a jerk and keeping Lucy away from him. Natsu always knew that Laxus was this big softy when it came to his sister. But, he was being too overprotective of her that it's making him lose his mind. And this has been going on for at least a week already. He didn't even see Lucy during the weekends. He dragged her out of my room that morning- that jerk!

"Why do you look like you're constipated or something?"

He growled in warning, "Shut it Popsicle."

"Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"I mean it Gray, leave me alone." Natsu barked, glaring at the dark haired boy that sat beside him.

Gray sighed, "You know that Laxus is just protecting her right?" He asked, his eyes catching sight of the blonde siblings from across the cafeteria. Lucy, from the looks of it, was trying not to laugh. While Laxus was busy talking, all smiles, and whatnot for his sister.

"I know..." Natsu muttered, onyx eyes trained on the same pair of siblings that Gray was looking at. "Laxus is just getting on my nerves when he hogs Lucy to himself."

"He always manages to pull her away from me." Gray heard the sadness in the pinkette's voice.

Gray, although he wouldn't admit it, flame breaths predicament concerned him. Sure the two of them would often be in a brawl, but that's how they speak. In the years that they grew up together, everyone knew that both Gray and Natsu were best friends. It was amusing that they didn't want to admit it. But, others could clearly see that they had each other back. And Gray knew that Natsu liked Lucy. No wait- Gray could definitely say that Natsu was in love with the blonde weirdo. He would always see that sparkle in his eye when he was with Lucy. Even when they were in class, the cotton-candy hair was thinking about Lucy. It was nauseating at some point that he wanted to gag.

And Gray would admit that Lucy was good for Natsu. Even if he himself liked the blonde at one point. But, soon he noticed that his feelings for the blonde were actually that of a brother's. While Lucy was like the little sister he never had. Their playful banters would always be the highlight of his day. Way before he actually accepted his feelings for liking a certain blue-haired stalker.

Seeing as Natsu's mood wasn't getting any better, he noted to try and talk to Laxus. Try and coax him to lay-off the over-protective act. Or else he might get another taste of Natsu's sucker punch. And it hurts like hell! But I'm not telling him that!


"Come on loverboy," Gray muttered, pulling on Natsu's arm. But the boy was too busy watching Lucy from afar. "You'll see her after classes. Right now we have a quiz to finish."


"Stop shouting idiot, we'll be late. Hurry up slowpoke." Gray grumbled as he headed out of the cafeteria. Natsu rambling behind him about not knowing that they had a quiz. Which he didn't study for.

A pair of doe chocolate orbs watched the two boys leave the cafeteria. A pout on her lips, "Stupid Natsu."

"What about Natsu being stupid Lu-chan?"

The blonde flinched as she turned around to face her best friend. "Stop scaring me Levy-chan! Come on we'll be late for class."

"But you still haven't answered my question~" Levy whined.

Quirking an eyebrow at the smaller girl, "What question?" Acting dumb. Of course, she knew what her question was, but she wasn't exactly sure how she should answer it.

"About Natsu being stupid, silly~" Levy grinned. She noticed the blush that appeared on the blonde's cheeks. "Ara ara~ What are you blushing for?"

"I don't know what you're talking about Levy-chan!" Lucy squeaked as she fast-walked away from the bookworm.

It sure is fun messing with Lu-chan. No wonder Natsu always teases her.


"Lucy, will you be okay going home alone?" Laxus asked the smaller blonde, "I forgot about the soccer meeting Mira mentioned."

"Of course I'll be fine Laxus-nii! Besides~" Lucy smiled up at her brother. A not so innocent smile on her lips, he noted. "When are you going to ask Mira out?"

The older blond coughed as his saliva went down the wrong tube, "What the hell are you talking about?!" He grunted, ignoring the Cheshire-like grin his sister had.

Lucy giggled, "I didn't know you were such a tsundere Laxus-nii!"

"I am not!"

"Right~ go to your meeting already and say hi to Mira for me~" Lucy instructed. She waved back at her brother as she pushed him towards the direction of the soccer team. Laxus grumbled as he waved back at his sister and then went his way.

"I want some pizza~" Lucy whined as she stared up at the crimson sky. The moon peeking as night came close.

"I'm craving for some pizza too." A voice startled her. Her line of sight went to the owner of the voice. A familiar rambunctious boy standing in front of her. "Want to have dinner with me, Luce?" He asked, grinning at her with his toothy grin.

Feeling her cheeks heat up she asked, "Don't you have a date today?"

A pink eyebrow quirked up at her, "Yeah, I do." His grin slipping into a smirk as soon as he saw her pout. "And she's actually standing in front of me."

"Wha- I'm not going on a date with you!" She shrieked, walking away from him. Her pace hastened when she heard his chuckle.

A warm hand engulfed her hand, sending shivers up her arm. Long, calloused yet slender fingers weaved with her own. "Come on, my treat. So dinner?"

Warm onyx eyes stared down at her, thump thump. "F-Fine!"

"Is your hand sweaty?" Natsu asked, "Or is that mine?"

Lucy's cheeks blazed in embarrassment, immediately she pulled her hand away from his. "What are you talking about idiot!" Stupid heart calm down already!

Natsu chuckled, "I don't mind if it's you, Lucy." He grabbed the hand he was holding before and then proceeded to weave his fingers with hers again. He squeezed it for emphasis. "Don't let go this time, okay?"

Lucy's heart stuttered. Not trusting her voice, she nodded. She turned her head away from him. Her eyes looking at the pavement beneath her feet. Stop looking at me or I just might lose it Natsu!

"So..." He started, "My place after or yours?"


"Owww! I was kidding!"


"What are you grumbling about Laxus?" An angelic voice asked.

The boy in question sighed, "Nothing Mira. Lucy said 'hi' by the way."

Big blue eyes stared at him, blinking in thought. Soon a smile spread on her lips. "So it's about Lucy?"

"Yes-uh no?" He sweat-dropped.

Mira giggled, "Did you just say that in a form of a question?"

"Uh no?" Laxus exhaled. He didn't get flustered. Never. But, whenever he talked to the gorgeous blue-eyed, white-haired soccer manager. He always finds himself unable to keep his cool. Stupid Lucy for putting that question inside my head!

When are you going to ask Mira out? Dark colored eyes stared at her back. The white-haired soccer manager was busy placing stacks of paper inside a box. Laxus stood up as soon as he saw the box fill up.

"Hey, Mira?" Laxus started. He grabbed the box from her hands and placed it on top of the cabinet. "Will you go out with me?"

A gasp escaped her lips, "What?"

"Will you go out with me, Mira?" Laxus asked again, his eyes staring into her ocean colored orbs. A pretty pink colored her cheeks at his stare. "Mira?"

"Ohh- uh... yes I'll go out with you." She answered, shyly twiddling with her thumbs.

An expectant look crossed his face as he stared at her. "You don't sound so sure." He asked in a gruff voice.

"I'm sure!" Mira answered, a little too quickly for her own liking. "It's just I never knew you liked me that way too."


She nodded, smiling up at him. "I've liked you since you joined the team, idiot."

"Well," He grinned, snaking his arms around her curvy waist. "Seems like we fell for each other at the same time."

"You're an idiot for not doing anything until now." She muttered, "But if we're going to date can I ask you one big favor?"

Quirking an eyebrow at her, he asked. "What is it?"

An innocent smile appeared on her lips. One that was like his little sisters', but this one seemed scarier- devious even. "Will you let Natsu date Lucy?"

"Huh?" Laxus asked like an idiot. "Why the hell should I?"

Mira pouted at him, "But they look so cute together!" She whined. "Don't you want to have a double date with them?"

"Of course I don't!"

"But Laxusss~~~"


"Gray-sama! Look over there!" The female that was talking in third person pointed at a restaurant. Her arms wrapped around the male's arm. "Isn't that Natsu-san and Love Rival?"

"Juvia, Lucy's not your Love Rival." Gray sighed, looking at the said restaurant. "As you can see those two love each other. Lucy's too stubborn to admit it and Natsu's an idiot."

"But Juvia is sure that Love Rival has feelings for Gray-sama," Juvia whined at the male.

"Juvia," Gray started, leaning down towards the said girl's face. His lips touching hers, steady and unmoving. While Juvia stood stiff as a rock, her eyes staring straight into his dark orbs. Gray then pulled away, cheeks tinted in pink. "I like you, like you like me. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes Gray-sama," She squeaked. Her pale complexion changed to pink and then red. "Juvia loves Gray-sama so much!"

"D-Don't blurt it out!" He shrieked like a little girl with matching pink-tinted cheeks.

"Can you two not make love out in the open?" A voice asked, "It's making me sick."

Both Gray and Juvia turned to the owner of the voice and found Gajeel staring at them in disgust. Levy slung over his shoulder like some sack of rice.

"Put me down Gajeel!" Levy demanded, hitting his back with her fists. "Where the hell are you even taking me?"

"To some horror movie," He begrudgingly answered. Annoyance built up inside him due to her constant hits on his back. He decided to finally place the midget down and avoid getting a sore back. "And then dinner or something."

"Or something?" Levy teased. Shyly smiling up at him, her lips stretching into a grin when she saw his cheeks change color.

"There's a motel a few blocks here," Gray suggested. "You two need it. Immediately."

"Shut your trap Popsicle!" Gajeel warned, ready to punch his face.

"Juvia wants to go the motel with Gray-sama!"

The small blue-haired bookworm sweat-dropped at her friend's choice of words. "You should probably keep that to yourself Juvia."

But, Levy's own opinion fell on deaf ears as the other girl was busy rooting for her love. Both of the boys were busy at each other's throats to even listen to Levy's frantic calls of 'stop that!' or 'you guys are causing a scene!' and so on.

"Hey Juvia, do you and Gray want to join us to the movies?" Levy asked, loud enough for the bickering boys to hear.

"Oh! Juvia would love too!" Juvia gushed as she clasped her hands with the smaller girl. "Juvia would love to watch a movie with Gray-sama!"

"Oi Juvia! I don't want to watch a movie with this iron-brain!"

"Same here Shrimp! I don't want to be anywhere near this stripper!"

"Who you calling a stripper!"

Gajeel smirked at him, "Why don't you look at yourself, stripper!"

"Why yo- GAH! Where did my clothes go?!"

The usual chaos ensued. Juvia was busy collecting her beloved Gray-sama's clothes in the perimeter. Gajeel was busy cackling at Gray and Levy? She could feel a headache forming because of her friends.


"Erza?" A voiced called.

"Yes, Jellal?" The girl in question asked. She was far too concentrated on her work to even look at the boy.

Feeling neglected, he sauntered closer to her sitting form. "Would you like to go to dinner with me?"


Jellal was looking at Erza's hand. No wait- he was looking at the pen that Erza was holding. Now split into two. Did he mention that it was a pen? He chuckled, hands grabbing the massacred pen. He then disposed of the pen in the trash bin.

Jellal wondered why she would always get flustered in his presence. "Shall we go for dinner then?"

The scary red-haired female squeaked, a cute one at that. "I accept-uh I mean! U-Understood! No! I-I meant YES!" She fumbled with her words. Her face flushed the same shade as her hair.

The blue haired boy always liked the idea of being with the red head. There's never a dull moment when I'm with her.


"Hey, Luce?"

"Yes, Natsu?"

The blonde was busy savoring her ice cream as they walked around the park. His hands played with her unoccupied hand. He wondered what else was soft besides her hands.

"Be my girlfriend." He said.

Lucy stopped walking. Her mouth wide open like a fish. Her eyelids opened and closed as she stared at him. "Yo-you! I don't want to be your girlfriend!" She shrieked. Her ice cream long forgotten since she dropped it earlier out of shock.

Natsu smirked devilishly at her. "Liar."

His onyx eyes caught her blushing. I wonder how far it spreads. "I know you love me, Luce."

"I do not!" She protested, stomping her feet like a kid. "I don't love you, idiot!"

"Uh-uh~" The pink haired boy taunted, "I have proof that you can't deny."

"Proof?" She asked, confused. "What proof?"

He snickered at her, irking her more. He then decided to pull out his phone and scrolled through his videos. He clicked on the top and most recent one he had. "This proof."

It was the video he recorded a week ago during their field trip. He handed her his phone for her to watch. Her brown eyes watched the video that was playing.

"You want me to sleep on the bed with you?" Lucy's eyes grew large when she saw herself, her drunken self-nod at his question.

Natsu watched her eyes grow larger than it already was. "Do you promise not to hit me in the morning?"

"Do you like me?"

"No." At this Lucy let out a sigh of relief, only for her breath to hitch.

"I love Natchuu."

"You love me?"

"Not you! Natchuu! Lucy loves Natchuu!"

As soon as the video ended, Natsu took his phone from the stunned Lucy. She didn't blink, her jaw was too wide that Natsu kept thinking of something else to do with it. He couldn't even see the difference between her flushed face to the demon's red hue of a hair.

"Made you speechless didn't I?" He teased, wrapping his arms around her waist. He then pulled her body to him. Lucy's adorable 'eep' made him chuckle. Letting him fall for her more and more.

"So..." He started. One of his hand coming up to caress her cheek. Keeping her eyes locked with his. "Be my girlfriend, Lucy?"

He leaned closer. Lucy could feel his breath ghost over her face. Her brown orbs mesmerized by his twinkling onyx orbs. While his nearing lips made the pitter patter of her heart more prominent.

"Yes." She whispered the moment their lips touched.

Natsu noted that Lucy's lips were far softer than her hands. He wanted to nibble at them. And nibble he did. His hand that was caressing her cheek earlier was now tangled in her golden locks. While Lucy's arms snaked around his neck. Seemingly pulling him closer. He was surprised to feel her tongue glide across his lips, asking for permission. Who was he to deny her entry? Of course, Natsu opened his mouth for his lady love. Letting their tongues tango.

They didn't know how long they were kissing- French kissing. The lack of oxygen had them pulling away from each other.

Their foreheads pressed against each other as they tried to regain their breath. "You're not going to deny that you love me, right?"

Lucy playfully pouted, "I'm never drinking anything that Cana offers ever again."

Natsu grinned, pecking her lips. "Don't worry Lucy, Natchuu loves Lushii too!"

She slapped his arm at his teasing. "Stop! I sounded like a retard that time!"

"Eh? Don't you always?" Natsu earned another slap for that comment. Lucy glared at him, but Natsu knew she didn't mean it since she was still blushing cutely.

"Natsu Dragneel! You friggin' brat! I'm not going to let you date my sister!" Laxus roared at them. His huge, bulky figure stalked towards them.

Mira grabbed his arm, "Laxus! Don't interrupt them!" Magically, Laxus stopped and decided to glare instead at the pinkette.

"Natsu! How dare you take advantage of Lucy!"

"Now, now Erza. We should congratulate them." Jellal chastised, clasping his hands with the student president. Miraculously, Erza behaved like a little girl.

"Wow. I didn't know that demon was tamable." Gray mumbled, watching Erza fidget like a school girl in Jellal's hold.

"Congratulations Lu-chan!"

"Juvia is happy for you Love Rival! Now Gray-sama is all Juvia's~"

"I was hoping you'd get smacked to death by Sparky, Salamander." Gajeel scoffed, watching his little bookworm tease Bunny Girl.

"Wait a second! What are you guys doing here?!" Natsu bellowed. Pointing an accusing finger at the intruders. Stupid people ruining my moment with Lucy.

"Mira pulled me here," Laxus said through gritted teeth. He was still glaring daggers at Natsu.

"Mira told me to go here, so we did," Levy answered. Her eyes then went back to her blonde best friend. "So Lu-chan, I guess your anniversary will be on White Day?"

"Oh, my Mavis! I forgot today was White Day!" The blonde cried.

"You really are a weirdo, Luce." Natsu chuckled, "Happy White Day." Once again Natsu's lips were on hers. He ignored their friend's gasps of surprise. Gray and Gajeels outburst of disgusts. And even Laxus threats of killing him in his sleep for touching his sister. He was just happy that he finally got his girl.


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