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It was a bright morning in mid-July when Harry Potter awoke to the many sounds of life around him. Right outside, he would hear his enormous cousin, Dudley, tromping around the house like an elephant on the rampage. Harry swore that he could feel the house shake every time the disgustingly large boy took a step. He could also hear his Aunt Petunia shouting at Vernon to "Get the bacon!! Vernon!! The bacon!!"

Harry smirked. It served them right for beating him up and locking him in there. Now they couldn't even make breakfast! Harry rolled over and groaned. His wrist stil hurt terribly from where Dudley had whacked it early in vacation. Harry thought that it might be broken. He couldn't see it, of course, since it was pitch black in his cupboard. He'd been locked in that tiny little space for three weeks now. Every other day or so, his aunt Petunia remembered to shove some stale bread and a cup of water through this little opening for him. Harry couldn't even imagine what he must look like. His black hair, which usually would just do whatever he wanted and would stay the same length, was now growing with alarming speed. He would feel it where it nearly touched his shoulders. Harry felt his bruised, swollen left eye, which wouldn't even open anymore. The belt marks on his back made the teenager hiss with pain every time he moved. He also suspected some kind of injury to his leg, where his uncle Vernon had hit him with Dudley's Smelting Stick in the back of his knees, causing Harry to fly dangerously through the air and land on his right leg in a heap. Harry's face flushed with anger as he remembered Dudley's laughter. So now, three weeks later, he was stuck in his closet, and there was nothing he could do about it.

The next day, Harry was awakened at the crack of dawn by a loud banging on his door and the hateful sound of his uncle's voice.


Harry's eye flew open as his uncle threw open the door.

"Damn it, Potter, Dudley's sick and you cursed him, didn't you?" he demanded angrily.

"No, Uncle-"

"Don't lie to me, boy!"

Uncle Vernon dragged Harry out into the living room (which was covered in pictures of Dudley, of course) and kicked him across the floor.

Petunia smirked as she walked down the stairs to find her husband attempting to beat the brains out of her terrible nephew. Harry's lip was bleeding profusely and his face was lined with cuts and bruises where Vernon had hit him. The boy looked around in terror as his uncle's belt came flying at his back in a fury, causing him to cry out in pain. With a final kick to the head, Petunia saw Harry get knocked unconscious.

Harry woke up in his cupboard a few hours later in complete darkness. He could no longer move, as his back felt like it was on fire, and his face was frozen in pain. He doubted that he would ever be allowed to go back to school again. Dumbledore would probably just assume that he missed the train, his friends would be worried but would probably think the same, and Snape would be fighting for all he could to get Harry expelled. Harry sighed and rolled over. Not a good idea. His entire body immediately exploded in pain, causing the teenager to yell out. He heard Dudley's unmistakable laugh through the door. Gosh, he despised that child. Dudley Dursley had made Harry's life a living hell for as long as he could remember. Harry felt anger overcome him and he yelled out once again with an intense ferocity. Then he collapsed into darkness.

Miles away, in a boring teachers' meeting in which half of the staff had already fallen asleep, all of the professors jumped up with a start.

"What in bloody hell was that?" demanded Snape as he rubbed his head angrily. He had felt some kind of terrible pain as he heard someone cry out in agony.

"It seems that someone is in pain," observed Minerva McGonagall.

"Why did we all hear it?" asked Professor Flitwick nervously. He seemed to be trembling as he stood at alert behind Dumbledore. The headmaster seemed lost in thought.

"I believe that our young Mr. Potter is in trouble," he said quietly. The twinkle in his blue eyes was long gone. "Severus, Minerva, come with me. I want the rest of you on alert, just in case. I don't know what's wrong. Could be nothing." He looked up at Snape and McGonagall warily. "Ready?"

"Let's go," answered Minerva. The three rushed out of the castle to the Forbidden Forest, where they apparated into the air.

Seconds later, the three wizards were standing just down the street from #4 Privet Drive, which looked completely normal.

At least it's not surrounded by Death Easters, thought Snape. Although he clearly despised the boy, he didn't really want to see him get killed.

Dumbledore rapped loudly on the front door, halfway expecting Harry and his family to already be gone for the day. Much to his surprise, the door was opened almost immediately by a rotund man with a scowl on his face. His eyes widened as he took in the sight before him.

"AH!" he bellowed. "I don't allow your kind in here! Get out, you filth!" he yelled, the noise bringing his wife and child to his side.

"We're looking for Harry Potter. May we see him?"

Vernon's eyes got even wider. "Never heard of him," he spat.

"Nonsense! I brought him here as a child!" said Minerva, taking out her wand. Within seconds, all three Dursleys lay in a full body bind on the floor. Dumbledore stepped over them.

"Harry?" he said loudly. There was no reply. "Severus, check upstairs. Minerva, that corridor. I'll look around here." The three wizards separated, only to converge five minutes later with no sign of the boy.

"I've looked everywhere. He isn't here, Albus," said Snape.

Suddenly, a low moan from a closet took their attention. Dumbledore's eyes flitted across the multiple padlocks holding the door in place.

"You don't think," started Minerva.

"Let's open it," answered Snape.

"Alohamora!" the three wizards shouted at once, and the padlocks fell off. Dumbledore hastily pulled open the door.

What they saw inside would put even the cruelest death eater into a state of shock. A boy that the wizards hardly recognized as Harry lay on a tiny cot, his own blood staining the mattress a deep red. His hair had grown down to his shoulders, and his face was covered in cuts and bruises. Severus noted the fact that his knees and wrist were bent at an odd angle. The boy's face was so bruised and bloodied that the wizards could hardly make out his features at all.

"Oh my god!" shouted Minerva, breaking the stunned silence that had seemed to fall the moment Dumbledore had opened the door.

Harry stirred at the noise and weakly opened one eye. He could barely make out the outlines of three people, one who seemed to be trembling.

"Harry?" whispered the man in the middle.

Harry tried to shrink back but stopped as shoots of pain seared across his back.

"Albus, he doesn't know who we are," said a male voice. Harry blinked. Albus? Albus Dumbledore?

"Lumos," a man whispered. A light appeared and Harry found himself staring at a weary-looking Albus Dumbledore, a crying Minerva McGonagall, and a very shocked-looking Snape. Harry tried to speak, only to find that his lips wouldn't move and only a rumble escaped his throat.

"Harry, it's me, Professor Dumbledore. We're getting you to Hogwarts, okay? Just hold on, Harry." Harry stared at him blankly before falling back into unconsciousness.

"I'll get him," said Snape, starting forward.

"Be careful, Severus. We don't know how bad his injuries are," warned Dumbledore quietly.

Severus Snape bent down to pick up Harry as gently as he possibly could. Harry murmured in his sleep but didn't wake as his potions master picked him up. Severus stared at him.

"Albus, I don't think he weighs.. anything. I wonder.."

Severus lifted the boy's tattered shirt and gasped. Beneath the horrible bruises and cuts that adorned his body, the three wizards could clearly see the outlines of every single rib.

"Have they been starving him?" asked Minerva, who was still crying.

"Apparently," answered Snape.

Dumbledore looked shaken. "Come on, let's get him back to Poppy. This is worse than I thought," he said. The three wizards, one carrying a very injured young man, strode quickly out of the house and, after taking the muggles out of the full body bind, apparated out of sight.


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