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Harry was standing on the bridge of the ship, diligently turning the wheel to keep the ship on course. His mind was far too deep in his thoughts to notice the beauty around him as he sailed through the calm waters.


After landing on the ship, he sent everyone back to their duties, and then headed for the captain's cabin. As he was walking, he was interrupted by a very distressed looking Amelia.

"Harry I really need to speak with you," noticing how serious she sounded, he nodded and walked the short distance to the cabin.

Upon taking his seat, he looks at Amelia and asks "Tea?"

"Yes thank you," Amelia said while sitting down on one of the chairs in front of his desk.

After tea was served, he took a sip and savored the rich taste. He then put the cup back on the saucer and looked Amelia in her eyes, waiting for her to begin.

"To put it bluntly, the ship is overcrowded," she said. Upon noticing his confusion, she continued, "After leaving Sothoryos I inspected the ship and calculated how many people we could hold. With the expansion charms along with the other charms that are connected to the ship's temporary ward stone, we could hold up to 10 000 on board."

"And how many people do we have at the moment?" Harry asks interested in the exact numbers.

"At the moment we have around eighteen thousand people onboard the Roaring Griffon"

Harry looked shocked for a moment, before thoughts began flying through his mind, "How about our food supply and other necessities?"

"With the unexpected influx of unsullied and free slaves our stock will run out within the next month. We did not expect more than seven thousand unsullied, the surplus number of free slaves has over-taxed us severely," Amelia finished.

"The problem of supplies will be easy to solve, but give me some time to think of a solution of the space problem. I will let you know when I have a decent idea." Harry said before he continued, "When you leave, please send Blaise and Mooney to me."

Amelia nodded, and then left his office.

It was a few minutes later that his door opened and the two men entered. Blaise was the first to speak, "What do you need of us Harry?"

"I trust that Amelia has filled everyone in on the seriousness of our situation?" Harry began, seeing them nod, he looked to Blaise, "Since we are heading to the mouth of Slavers bay, do you know where the closest city is to us where we can gather supplies, except Yunkai and Mereen as I have plans for them?" He asked while he thought 'it's really surprising that there were no maps in Astapor, surprising and suspicious both.'

"Then the closest would be, Tolos." Blaise said remembering what he got from the pirate during the questioning.

Harry sat there a moment and mulling it over for a moment in his thoughts, before saying, "Blaise, you and Remus will go to Tolos with five of your men, that you will leave their to begin our spy network, but also to buy us supplies and food enough for all onboard to last us a couple months" Harry said. Blaise nodded along with Remus and prepared to stand up, seeing that Harry said "Oh yes, look for three of the biggest ships that you could find and buy or steal them it doesn't matter, we will be docking on the eastern coast of the Isle of Cedars waiting for you. Also find Amelia and tell her that we have the solution and not to worry about it" Harry said and then reached for a pile of paper and began his paperwork, both recognizing it as a dismissal bowed then left.

Flashback end

It was two days of smooth sailing after the annihilation of Astapor that Harry saw the coast of their destination for the time being come into sight. Once they were close enough, he could see that there was no way that they could anchor to the coast of the Isle so he drove the ship within a mile of the coast and yelled at the crew men on deck "Drop anchor". Once the ship came to a standstill, the anchor breaking the ship nicely, he turned to Jarib "Take over for me and keep watch for pirates"

"Yes my lord" Jarib said.

Harry nodded in acceptance, and then went to find his wife.

During the two weeks it took for Blaise to return, Harry spends most of the time with his wife. It amazed him to see her stomach slowly growing with a new life being brought into the world. From what Daphne and Susan said, they believed that she was three months pregnant. The sea was quiet with no sighting so far of any pirates or any other.

As Harry was walking over the deck of his ship, while drinking a cup of tea, he greeted the men and woman who were on their way to begin the days fishing expedition. It was still very early in the morning with the sun barely passing the horizon, but Harry wasn't really paying attention to the beauty around him, he was deep in thought.

'Thanks to the fishermen and woman, our stocks of food are lasting longer than first thought. Also thanks to the some obscure charms work, they were also cleansing some of the sea water and turning it into pure drinking water to fill up on their water supply as well. With the cramped space onboard, people are beginning to get restless especially the goblins that took over some of the gun deck to stay with their cannons.'

Just as he sighed and prepared to head back to finish his paper work that just seems to get more and more. He heard someone yell, following the sound to see where it came from; it was Simon, from the crow's-nest.

"There are ships approaching" Simon shouted.

"How many and what flag are they waving" Harry shouted back, while motioning the closest crewman to come closer. "Gather the order and tell Lord Longbottem to get the goblins to ready their cannons," the crewman bowed while saying "At once my lord," then went to follow out his order.

Simon looked through his periscope then shouted "They are three galleon class ships, with white sails, waving the order's flag."

Conjuring himself a periscope, he looked through it. He began laughing; there on the bridges of the ships stood Blaise, Remus and one of Blaise's spies waving towards him.

It was a couple minutes later that the three ships pulled alongside the Roaring Griffin. Now that the ships were close, he could see that they were galleon class ships but smaller by almost a third of his.

"Board," a crewman shouted and then pushed planks across the ships. When that was done, Blaise and Remus walked across the planks and met him on his ship.

"Blaise, Remus, congratulations and welcome back," Harry said with a huge grin on his face.

"It's good to be back, supplies are ready to begin off loading"

Harry nodded and signaled a crew member over, "Divide all supplies between the ships, and take ten wizards with you to help on all the three ships." Harry ordered and they promptly complied.

The crewman bowed, "Yes my lord," he then went off to follow through his order.

"Have you installed the temporary ward stones along with the charm and enchantments?" Harry asked turning back to the two men.

"Most of it was finished on the way here, the expansion charms are finished as well as other household and strengthening charms." Remus said thoughtfully.

Harry looked at both men for a minute then said, "Good work, take a couple of people with you to finish the ward and charm schemes, along with a couple of goblins to install their cannons." Harry ordered before looking at the ships, "How many decks do they have?" Harry asked.

"3, none of the ships we saw were close to the size of ours, these were the biggest we found. They probably had bigger ones too but they must have been out in the seas."

"Excellent, how many people would the ships be able to take after all the upgrades?"

"I would calculate around four thousand each."

"Good" Harry said then did quick calculations in his head then said, "Each of the 3 ships will take three thousand men along with enough goblins to run their cannons"

They nodded, he then turned to everyone onboard then bellowed out, "Once everyone has moved into place and all ships has been fully supplied we will set sail." He then turned to the order and said, "Once this is done, head to my cabin before we sail, we have other important business to discuss."

They nodded in agreement then set out to finish preparations.

Once everyone left he turned back to the ocean and finished his tea that had turned cold. With a touch of a heating charm, the tea was steaming again.

While looking at the sea a plan began forming within his mind 'With Astapor annihilated the alliance between Astapor, Yunkai and Mereen is extremely weakened, but Mereen has a secret alliance with Tolos, at least that is what people onboard were gossiping about. At the moment they are quite powerful, unless…' Harry dismissed the cup and walked purposefully to his cabin to wait for the rest to arrive.

An hour later the order began slowly trickling in and taking seats in front of his desk. Once everyone was seated, he folded his arms and asked, "Is everything ready?"

"Yes we are ready, Harry." Fleur said

"That's good news, but now before we set of to Asshai, I have a proposition."

Seeing that Harry was serious, they sat straighter in their chairs and turned their full attention on him, "What do you have on your mind Harry?"

"From all the information that I have gathered over the time we have been here is that the slave cities of Astapor, Yunkai and Mereen have a powerful alliance that they share with New Ghis." Seeing no confused faces he continued, "Now I have plans for slavers bay for later, at the moment they are quite strong due to their alliances but also their cities are full of spymasters. Now to get to my point, I am going to break their alliance and let them fight each other, it will unstable the area and the majority of their attention will be in this region and not further east where we are going to cause mayhem soon."

"It sounds like a good thing on the paper, but how do you plan to carry it out?" Neville asks enquiringly.

"When we sail east, we will pass New Ghis, as it is the strongest of them. While wearing the colors of Mereen we will sink all their ships on the way as well as those that are present in the port." Harry said with a dark grin.

"That's brilliant," Sirius said looking proudly at his godson.

"Thank you, I will captain this ship for now, Remus, Astoria and Sirius will each captain the other ships. Blaise will be with me on the bridge while communicating with two of his spies that will be scouting ahead of us from the air. Now we are leaving within the hour so finish up the final preparations." Harry said while standing up.

The rest nodded to him then stood up and left. Once only he and his wife was left he walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes

"Once this war starts, I will be relieved if you were to be in charge of the healers. It's not that I don't want you to be in the battlefield with me…" Harry said before Susan placed her hands on his

"I know Harry, as you know my aunt and I are a lot alike, but where she was happy being in law enforcement, I was happy being a healer. So I will be happy to stay on the ship and lead the healers" Susan said.

"Thank you Susan, once we have taken the shadow lands and start to rebuild it, I will have a building constructed for you so that it can be turned into a hospital." Harry said before leaning down and kissing his wife passionately. Before things started to heat up too much, they reluctantly pulled back with both their faces red with arousal.

He took a deep breath to calm his breathing along with his hormones and then said, "We should head out to our places. Will I see you on deck while we are sailing?" Harry asked

"Yes now that we have the space I will be turning a part of the third deck to a med bay. While we are travelling I am going to try if we can create something to help the unsullied. Once the lab and med bay are finished, I will join you on the deck." Susan said as they walked out of the captain's cabin to the stairs that leads towards the lower deck.

With a last kiss, they split up; Susan went to gather her team to begin her objective while Harry headed towards the bridge. When he reached the bridge, he saw that Blaise was waiting for him along with Jarib, Grey worm, who was the leader of the unsullied, and Missandei.

"Are we ready to set off?" Harry asked

"Yes my lord," Jarib answered immediately.

"Good, give the order to weigh the anchor," Harry said as he took the wheel, and looked up to the flag of Mereen with the bronze harpy flying atop the mast. With the order given, the ships began to move forward with the Roaring Griffin taking the lead. They were moving in a diamond formation to flank both the front and rear a bit.

It was on the third day of smooth sailing that they saw their first Ghiscari fleet. From the looks of it, it was likely a group of trading vessel with four military vessels for their protection. Harry waited until they were close enough to see their flag.

"Roll out the chaser guns," Harry ordered. On the front of the ship two doors opened and out rolled 2 long barreled goblin artillery magic cannons. From what Harry could see, it looked like they must have noticed something was wrong because the military vessels formed a line in front of the trading vessels.

"Blaise are there anyone onboard that looks like slaves?" He asks seeing Blaise shake his head he continued, "Remember boys we need some alive to report this so take aim at all ships except one of the merchant vessels." Harry said seeing his order repeated to the captains of the other ships then continued with another shout of "Fire". With that the cannons fired forming shockwaves that followed through the air as the magical spheres flew through the air that impacted their intended targets with so much force that the ships were ripped apart and turned to dust and splinters.

"Hold fire," Harry shouted. He then grabbed his periscope and assessed the damage. All four of the military vessels were nothing but drifting wood on the water along with the other merchant ships. The only ship that was left was already retreating away from then.

"Pull back the guns, Blaise let one of our scouts fire a reducto at their sails to slow them down a bit," Harry ordered. Blaise nodded and gave a signal, with a blue flash the sail of the vessel was ripped to pieces.

Once they passed the wreckage and the other ship, they sailed full speed ahead to New Ghis. The following day was just as same as the previous one. By the time night came, they arrived at New Ghis. Standing on the bridge of his ship, and overlooking the harbor of Ghis, he could see that most of it was filled with trading vessels; there were military vessels here and there but they were limited in numbers. He was also surprised that not one of the ships that he could see was near the size of his. There was only one ship that came close to his in size. 'Must be their flagship', Harry thought.

Once sun has completely disappeared behind the horizon, he ordered to form a line with the ships. Once the ships has moved into place he stated, "Now fiendfyre would work best but to let our ruse work we need arrows, so we will be firing fire arrows" They nodded and stood ready.

"Fire," Harry shouted. Following the order thousands of arrows flew through the air, and lighting up the sky, following their arcs, some landed on the decks of the ships with thuds and lighting them on fire, others flew and hit the sails of the ships, once the sails caught fire, they turned into blazing infernos.

He watched as the burning ships started lighting up their own allies that went too close to them. Along the harbor people began ringing alarm bells and others were running with buckets to get water to put out the fire. The bell towers all along the beach and city walls were showing an increased activity.

"Seize Fire," Harry shouted and everyone stopped firing at once.

After making sure that the people on the towers could see their flag, it was not particularly hard because of all the light that the fire had provided, he then said, "They have seen us, now let's get out of here."

Harry then went to the bridge and took the ship back out to open sea. Once they were far enough from New Ghis, he signaled a crew member to come closer.

"How may I be of service my lord?"

"Signal the other ships to re-change the flags back to our own ones." Harry informed him softly.

"At once, my lord," he said before dashing back to get the job done.

Once he disappeared down the stairs of the bridge, Harry turned to Blaise, "Ask one of your men to head east, see if he can find a map of the far east as most of our knowledge that we have from personal accounts or maps is pure conjecture at this point." Blaise nodded then went off to follow his order.

Time skip

It was three days later that the spy returned. After landing on the deck and jumping down from his broom, he quickly walked over to Blaise and handed the maps over. Blaise then immediately went through the contents. When he was satisfied he turned to Harry to see him looking questioningly back at him.

"If we continue with our current direction and speed, we will reach an island named Great Moraq. It can take anything from three weeks to a month to reach the place. Now we can simply bypass the island too. We will pass by its northern shore by going through the Jade Gates or we can go south by moving through a chain of smaller islands through the Cinnamon Straights."

Harry looked a moment in thought, before turning to Neville, "What do you think cause I am a bit lost here."

Neville walked over to Blaise and peered over the map, after a couple minutes of studying he turned back to Harry. "It doesn't really matter but I would say the southern path. Better safe than sorry and all that."

Harry nodded then turned back to the wheel. "Very well, I will set our heading to the South-East."

Passing through the islands was not what he was expecting; the distance between islands was great. They looked less like an island chain more like individual land masses however small. Sometimes they could barely see one in the distance but he chose to keep them away from them as much as possible.

When they finally arrived at Asshai, he could defiantly see the difference in the very air. There standing on the deck of his ship he wondered why people will come here to trade. The place had a very depressing and dark aura and looking up towards the sky, even the clouds looked darker.

Searching further, he could see that the city was built from black stone. The high walls and watch towers were the only defenses he could see from this far. There were some other fortified building but most of them looked private manses or temples of the infamous Red God or Lord of the Light.

Harry then turned to Blaise, "Did our scouts find any slaves, women or children?"

"What they found was few men and nothing else. The disease has taken a firm hold of them; most of them are very close to dying. From what my men could overhear from the masters, they were planning to leave within the next week or two for the slavers bay." Blaise's reply surprised many.

"Good," Harry then turned back to look at Asshai. He sighed while he motioned for a crew member to come closer, "Give the order for the ships to move into position."

Harry then looked over to Neville, "Ready the broadside cannons and wait for my order to fire brother." Neville nodded then went below to the gun deck. Once everything was in position he amplified his voice loud enough so that his voice could carry over to the other ships.

"We are to going start bombardment on this city within the next couple minutes, now most of this city is occupied by shadow-binders and other non human species. There are a few slaves still alive in the city but they are on the northern part of the city. We will be concentrating our fire away from them, but those that are still alive at the end will be treated in the med bay at first chance." Harry then proceeded to slide dawn-bringer out of its sheath and pointed it into the air.

"All prepared to fire?" Harry asked, seeing Neville nod to him, he looked back over to the city.

"Fire" Harry shouted swinging his sword forward.

The peaceful silence of the night was then disturbed by the explosions from the cannons as they repeatedly fired their multicolored magical compressed balls of doom towards the city. The balls hit the port along with the towers of Asshai with devastating consequences. Form the repeated fire, the mostly wooden port was being ripped into pieces.

The rubble from the port followed the shockwaves and flew into the city, ripping through the buildings along with the people running around. Just as the people of Asshai thought things couldn't get worse, the main guard tower, following a massive explosion, started to fall and crushed all in its path when it hit the ground with a heavy thud.

"Seize Fire," Harry shouted seeing that the main garrison sleeping in the tower would be dead by now.

He then said, "Head to shore, once we have landed, the unsullied will disembark first and form their formation lines on what's left of the port and the beach, behind their lines will be the wizards and witches who will be fighting along with the goblins and veelas."

The cannons pulled back and the shutters closed. The ships then turned and docked on the port between the few fast sinking ships still remaining docked.

Once the ships pulled in, the unsullied immediately started disembarking. Grabbing his helmet from the crewmember next to him, he immediately fastened it on his head. He then walked down the plank for the first time onto the shore of Asshai. He passed through the lines of his army and went to stand in front of them to show that he was not only a king but also a warrior, a general for his people.

"Now move forward and strike down anything that moves. If you see a slave, try to save them but if they attack you then don't sacrifice yourself over it." Just as he finished giving his order to the troops he was distracted by a loud roar coming from somewhere within the smoke.

Out of the fire came the monstrous forms of Minotaur's along with various other monsters. It was at this moment that Harry was glad that the unsullied felt no fear. Gathering power into his sword, he fired a massive beam of lightning into the enemy ranks. Seeing what he was doing, the rest of the order began engaging the most powerful of the monsters.

"Charge," Harry shouted when everyone stopped firing. He then ran over the rubble, passing through the first monster by diving beneath the swinging battle axe of the Minotaur at the last moment. He then blocked the next attack, drew his second sword and went to fight a relentless battle against a foe with superior physical strength. This, however, was not his first Minotaur that he had ever fought so the battle was over rather quickly when Harry blinded him with a brilliant flair of lumos and beheaded it.

Taking a deep breath, he stalked forward and fought his next opponent. After fighting his way through the port he reached what looked like to be the once market district. There he discovered that the monsters were strongest where the light was the weakest. So to remedy the situation, he fired fire spells all around the place like a pyromaniac.

Once they killed the last of the monsters that they could see at the moment, they finally turned their full attention on what Harry deduced were either Asshai's city guard or mercenaries. They were rather well trained; Harry discovered it when some of the unsullied started falling in the battle. They were nowhere near the level of the order members and neither equal to unsullied but still their skills were noteworthy.

The problem was that they, specially the unsullied, were slowly but surely getting tired. The waves of shadow-binders and soldiers however, kept on coming though their numbers too started to thin out slowly.

When the sun started rising, they were running through the northern part of the city. They had cleared as many areas as possible and were now truly exhausted. The southern part of Asshai was mostly rubble at this point.

As Harry along with Neville and Blaise finally entered the last building in Asshai, the sounds of battle slowly began to wind down. Walking through the building he could see that this was probably the building belonging to their city watch. Seeing nothing of importance he headed to the top of the building, he climbed onto the roof to take a better look of the city. What he saw confirmed one thing for him.

The City of Asshai has fallen.

PS: Some of you may be wondering why I had them capture Asshai when the story is about Sothoryos. Well all I will say is it is mostly due to political and in a small part magical reason.

PSS: I got the idea for this story by reading two of my favorites: The road to hell and God-emperor of Essos and beyond. But you will be happy to know that the plotline and story line is completely different and original.

PSSS: I will like to thank all those who liked this story and who gave me new ideas.