Arthur Family Picnic

By Andy Prosser

"It's time to go, kids" said mom so hurry that the kids ran to the car. Excite for summer picnic. Especially Arthur.

Arthur goes "drive faster Dad." He was in a such hurry that he couldn't wait.

"You driving too fast! Whoa" and DW covered her eyes. Dad went more speed into the car and crash into another car.

"Holy dang I crashed."

Arthur looked at the wreck. "It looks like there is wreck damage."

The other car was Mr. Ratburn. "Arthur, how could you! You are getting an F now!"

Arthut was devencated.

"I don't want this picnic anymore." And Arthur throws the egg roll at the park ducks. The duck is hit so hard but he eats the eggroll. "Do you have more eggrolls?" and Arthur gave all his eggrolls to the duck. The duck was so happy that he turned into a beautiful swan. "You did it, Aurthur! You sav ed the swan!"

The swan flew away and a rainbow came out.

But there was still a dark secret.

Mom say "I am sleeping with Mr. Ratburn and your adopted", and left the picnic.

Dad finds out the news

"You aren't my real son. He says disappointment." But I'll love you anyways."