So this plunny wormed it way into my mind and hampered my writing for weeks. Because my other story went from Semi-SI to I Can't Make This Any Sort of SI because I didn't want to hamper the plot, leaving a lot of it to canon characters...Anyway, here's another SI, without death by vehicle collision! Enjoy!


Chapter 1: In which a child believes he is in Hell, and therefore, he is.


"The sign of a good fanfiction is when chapters begin with a quote in italics by personalities we know are smart but have rarely studied of our own volition." -Aster (me)

It began innocently enough; my descent into darkness.

I was a normal boy, if not for my penchant to expect the world around me to be ignorant of the potential I held within myself, how the only wall between me and my dreams was the lack of time due to school, chores, and whatever else detracts a sixteen year old from filling his existence with purpose.

For born are we free, yet taught the lesson of dust.

I did not die from a collision with any sort of vehicle. Alcohol was not involved from my end either. None is the greater intoxicant other than youth.

All it takes is one moment of recklessness in a desire to prove myself to no one in particular; using parkour to get to school in time after last night's rain was a thrilling, but quite unwise decision. For I lived in New York and had to scale quite a few sky-high buildings to get to school.

But come now, is not life an experiment, in all its danger and charm? For one moment I shut my eyes to the over cast sky, the wind flapping through my clothes and whistling in my ears hundreds of stories from Earth and the next instant feeling like feeling myself collide onto a mattress as if I had fallen from a great height.

There was no excessive pain, and all external stimuli vanished, serving only to make the silence that followed one of the most anxious moments I had ever faced in my life.

With apprehension, I opened my eyes. Into my vision came a featureless white roof. Slowly I rose, and began observing my current location, a room that could have been an apartment in Japan. There was a low table, tatami mats on the floor, which itself was raised with a small portion in front of the door where one would remove their shoes.

Had the Earth spun enough while I was in mid-air for me to crash into another country? The scenario was only as implausible as falling from hundreds of feet and waking up completely uninjured, only with a disorientation that dissipated by the second. And someone had apparently taken me to their home instead of a hospital, even changing me out of my clothes into a blue shirt and grey pyjamas.

Let us not discuss the embarrassment I felt upon sensing nothing beneath the pyjamas.

Flexing my strangely callused hands, I felt power thrumming through my core and flipped off the bed in one smooth motion, landing lightly on the floor without a sound.

Huh? I wondered at the abnormally agile movement. It felt as if my body was a finely-tuned machine, my gait feather-footed as I moved about the room, looking for someone else until I opened the door and found the bathroom, a mirror right in front.

Blinking, I closed the door. And then re-opened it. And then I began to repeat the two motions, increasingly frantic until I slammed the door aside and rushed inside, hands slamming on the sink before I crashed into the glass.

"What." Said I in a smooth voice not my own. Panic rose within me and the situation was not at all helped by the fact that my irises transitions into red, a single comma revolving around my dilating pupil.

Staring back at me was the face of Uchiha Sasuke, genin of Konoha.

So, I fell from a skyscraper and after the hypnic jerk of a lifetime, found myself in an Anime that I was intimately familiar with, into the body of someone who going to be in the centre of a maelstrom of shite.

And you know what? I was okay.

Like Sasuke, I didn't have family. I lived with someone who really couldn't bother looking for me if I went missing, and most importantly, I'd never have to hand in those assignments I was overdue with!

Heaving a great sigh, I calmed down and became acutely aware of a feeling around my eyes, more along the lines of reinforcement than tension, and tried to will it away.

It worked, and the Sharingan faded. To experiment, I tried to recall the same sensation and lo and behold, the Uchiha bloodline resurfaced, tinting my vision a slight red.

Considering the circumstances which invoke this ability, I hereby have a new way of looking at the phrase, 'Seeing red'.

Immediately I began to investigate the apartment, finding a variety of healthy food in the fridge, all of it packaged with the symbol of the leaf on the wrappers. Good with sharp objects and slicing things ninja might be, but it would seem many do not bother with cooking, if the food items that looked like the work of mass production was any clue, all by the same manufacturer.

There was an organized calendar standing upon the wooden dresser next to the bathroom door, which showed today to be the day teams were assigned at the start of the series. Inside a three drawer dresser were clothes (with a shiny forehead protector on them) at the top, new toiletries in the middle, and in its bottom drawer the ninja tools, already prepared in blue holsters and pouches.

Beneath the bed was a small safe, whose combination flashed through my head the moment I touched the knob. Setting aside my fascination I opened it to find a black wallet, decorated with a red and white fan, and did not bother with other important-looking documents initially.

There was a revealing bank book showing that its owner was not all that rich, and that Sasuke received a reasonable allowance. This prompted a look at the other pages in the safe, showing that aside from some important land such as his parents house, a pond, and some more plots for the future, everything else had been taken by the Village to be put to use, compensated monetarily from where the money he currently lived on came.

With everything in order, I looked at the wall to confirm how much time I had before seven, (when the Academy started, according to the last page of the calendar outlining his daily routine, which included nine hours of training and only seven hours of sleep, the heathen) and promptly began to get myself in order.

Checking myself in the mirror, my mind ran across the random fact that Charlie Chaplin once lost a contest in which all he had to do was look like himself. Would the same apply to me if I were to enter such a thing for cosplay?

Smirking at the thought, I tied the forehead protector securely and walked out the door, but not before my mind scrambled to find the key to the abode of the Last Uchiha so I could lock the door behind me.

The first thing I did when outside was the climb the roof of the building I was on and obtain the best vantage I could, before sitting down in the lotus position, taking in all of Konoha that I could.

The reason for this was simple.

In order to access any knowledge I suspected Sasuke might have, all I had to do was think about it, and it showed up in my mind, as with the safe and the location of apartment key.

I was not aware of the places in Konoha, therefore I spent a good ten minutes or so conjuring up every location Sasuke had knowledge of, and starting with the Ninja Academy to the place he trained at, shopped from, visited out of habit and the sort.

Once I had finished, I smiled. It was a beautiful day to walk to the Academy, and so I did.

After I tried falling from a roof to see if I could go back to my own world of course, for though the sight of the Hokage Monument was thrilling to see, I wanted to make sure I was not dreaming.

On the streets, it took great effort to not react whenever I came across someone dressed in the uniform of Konoha, or when I walked by a sight I had only witnessed behind a computer or mobile screen. It was hard playing a stoic character when I'm someone who'd rather have emotions on my face and control them, than to inhibit them in the first place.

It was only when I walked into the classroom with my memories accompanying me did I realize,

I had screwed up.

"Sasuke-kun!" chorused many shrill voices in mismatched harmony, causing me to flinch. Ignoring everything, not even pausing to see who or how many had called from where, I walked down and took a seat near the corner of a bench meant for three people, only a few steps away from the door in case I needed to exit.

Remembering the body language I was supposed to portray, (Shikamaru was still in this class after all) I slightly leaned on my elbows, crossing my fingers against my chin.

I did not bat an eye when Naruto made his entrance, nor did I pull out my hair when Sakura and Ino started arguing in raised voices.

"Oi you bastard," Naruto crouching in front of had my attention on all fronts. "What's so special about you anyway?"

SasuNaru fans, unto thee I say, no way in hell. I haven't kissed anyone in my life.

Without even noticing I had my Sharingan on, just in time to see the moment Naruto got pushed from behind and was out of my seat faster than Kakashi removed and reapplied his mask during a meal.

The end result was the poor guy tripping over the desk and smashing his face on the spot I was seated at seconds ago. Enhanced healing or not, that looked like it hurt.

Quickly deactivating the Uchiha bloodline I sighed, before sitting at another empty space. Iruka-sensei came in soon afterwards and the team assignments began.

It went as normal, but I still felt relieved I hadn't ended up in some alternate universe of Naruto with different arrangements. The roll-calls also allowed me to check if any of the characters I knew had their genders swapped, but it turned out to be okay.

We sat on the roof as Kakashi finished his banal introduction two hours later, our teacher now waiting for us to follow his lead.

"My name is something you'd already know," I began to the obvious surprise of others, voice as flat as I could keep it. "I like the things I like, and don't like the things I dislike-" Kakashi's eye widened minutely and Naruto snickered besides me "and my dreams for the future are too dull a prospect to bore you with."

"Ha! My turn!" said a mischievous Naruto. "If you're a jounin you'd know my name as well. I like a lot of things I find fun, my dislikes include things which are not included in what I like, and you'd have to live under a rock to not know my dream, believe it!"

I turned to look at Naruto in pleasant shock, only to find him looking at me with his trademark grin. Reciprocating his gesture, I let out an Uchiha "HnTM."

Following our lead, Sakura's introduction was in the same vein. If Kakashi was not amused, he did not let it show. After informing us of the test tomorrow, he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

I have got to learn to do that. Getting up without a word, I took off in the direction of a training ground I'd gleaned from my memories near the former Uchiha district, ignoring whatever my future teammates were going to say.

For you see, even if I knew my own skills, there was plenty I had to learn, from Sasuke's own memories no less.

Landing swiftly in a clearing with plenty of trees, targets, training dummies and a small pond to boot, I placed my hands on my hips and threw up my head to stretch my back. Doing warm-up stretches, I went over Sasuke's overall routine mentally.

"Let's get to work then."

Forming a ram seal, I searched within me for chakra found it respond easily to my call, the foreign feeling pulsing from navel and circulating towards my chest, from my arms to the tips of my fingers, along my legs to the balls of my feet.

Opening my eyes, which I hadn't realized were closed, I let my arms hang by my sides and held onto the rush of power I felt. Eyeing a tree, I ran towards it on impulse, feeling a grin split my face at my acceleration.

Blue sandals made contact with dull brown bark and I soldiered onward with my momentum, clapping my hands mid-run as I tried to push out my chakra from the soles of my feet, feeling the surface of the tree slightly splinter.

Frowning, I reduced the flow, feeling quite adroit at the manipulation of chakra, perhaps due to hypersensitivity towards my latest physiological sense. And surprisingly, it worked as I began to slow down, feeling more confident as my steps began to slip less and began to feel more adhesive, until I was standing at ninety degrees with respect to the ground, jaw hanging open like an idiot.

Sasuke didn't have such good chakra control...was this all me? Cutting off the flow to my feet, I flipped towards a branch, kicking off from it towards a lower one before I finally landed on the grass, crouched with one hand on the ground.

Without missing a beat I launched myself into the trees, where the shuriken practice boards, my entire path a blur of green until I arrived at my destination. Constantly darting my eyes along the practice boards, I took my position in the centre of the clearing, trying to clear my mind and latch onto the memories of Sasuke training here.

Here, where Itachi used to come to train. Closing my eyes, I sought what I needed to know to perform the same things he did, the things Sasuke would do.

I was aware of that knowledge, but my mind was only assaulted with memory after memory of failure, attempt after attempt of Sasuke trying to hit the centre of each mark, before the sun was up, in the moonlight, when insects chirped ceaselessly, trying even after he was sweating in the falling snow.

I felt overwhelmed. Fear, respect lanced through me in equal measure. All of his hard work, blood, sweat and tears. My nails bit into my palm as I wondered where the poor boy was now.

If one day you come back, I'll let you know nothing you did went to waster. I will honour you, wherever your soul is.

I leapt into the air, hands nearly emptying my holster. The afternoon sky turned the slightest shade of red.

Eight kunais.

Two to the north, diagonally departing as one ascended and another descended.

Two to the south, one tilted towards the ground by barest touch of my left little finger.

Four more, thrown into the remaining directions as my ascent halted.

A moment of weightlessness. (I drew two more)

Gravity pulled and I lashed, chakra propelling the last of my kunai faster as they struck the pairs in the east and west, separating them by half a tangent.

I landed with nary a sound.

Collecting the blades, each lodged into the centre each target, I felt the strangest urge to cry.

But now was not the time. I had to practice my taijutsu, go through each form, and batter the training dummies until my knuckles, shins, knees and elbows felt like they would split open.

I had to throw rows of shurikens until my shoulders felt like they would pop out of their sockets. Throw, collect, repeat.

Go through several handseals per second until my activated Sharingan ingrained everything I was supposed to show, everything Uchiha Sasuke had cried blood to achieve. Feeling sorry for Sasuke, sorry for myself, because that who I apparently was now.

My body began to protest in the evening; I had forgotten lunch, but lunch was not necessary. I was someone who achieved when I put my mind to it. And right now, my mind was not entertaining any thoughts food, of distraction.

Another Sasuke and I have in common, I noted.

Walking over to the pond, I tested walking on the water, but only managed a few steps. It was too random; too unstable. A voice at the back of my head suggested I was merely tired, but was ruthlessly quashed.

No excuses. I still had chakra left.

With that thought I walked out of the shallow water and flipped through the handseals for the Fireball Jutsu, breathing slowly out, transforming an ember into a roaring flame as I poured chakra into it, drop by drop.

Sweat continuously dripped down my face even as I wiped it off. The blue cloth of my forehead protector was completely soaked. Only when I inhaled and noticed my choked throat did I realize tears were trailing down my cheeks.

Hastily rubbing them off my forearm protector, I took a deep breath and flipped through the seals for the technique again, this time my pouring all the chakra I could from the get-go, keeping sure to make it as efficient as possible.

Again. I said to myself.

By the time dusk arrived, I felt like stumbling back to the apartment. But Uchiha Sasuke did not walk like a sleep-deprived drunk even after a harsh day of training, so I did not.

I emptied half a litre bottle of water when I reached home, followed by half a dozen onigiri with various fillings, a tomato and chicken sandwich and large glass of milk.

After a warm bath, scrubbing out all the grime and dirt I had accumulated, I sat to clean and sharpen my weapons without even bothering to dry myself completely in my new change of clothes, a collarless blue shirt and grey trousers. Memories came more sluggishly now that I was worked to the bone, but I managed mantainence without mishap.

Afterwards, I still had time before nine, which was allocated for going down into the market and buying breakfast for the next day, which I did so and upon returning finally brushed my teeth for turn in for the night.

Before next sunrise, I was up automatically, and ready for the day that lay ahead. They day I would become Uchiha Sasuke, member of Team Seven.

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