Not the update you wished for, sadly. But not all that sad.

I tried to write the next chapter countless times. A line here, a line there. I would force myself to sit and write, as per the advice of Roald Dahl.

The fic began as a result of me indulging in too much dark fics, depression and stress. It had no plot, just a bunch of stuff I wanted to do.

This isn't even the fic I wanted to write the most, to be frank with you, dear reader. But your favourites and follows kept piling, and I kept writing.

My health has been pretty bad over the years. Old beyond my years, but only in terms of skeletal disorders. I've started a new rehabilitation course, so wish me luck, remember me in your prayers, etc.

I kept looking at the reviews, people wishing this fic wasn't dead. At times I replied to them as well, when I wasn't sulking. I don't really know how they'd feel about the spotlight, but I kept thinking about what a certain reviewer said, which makes me want to continue the fic. It was a criticism, but a positively constructive one. Initials RP with Uchiha Madara as the profile pic.

Essentially, I had no plot other than vaguely cooked ideas, with previous chapters' haphazard execution. That sloppy mess began putting blocks in what I wanted to write. I know, fanfiction is a hobby, but readers of fanfiction are still real readers. Serious, dedicated readers.

So I will write this again. Restart it. Plot it out first and then begin to write. The chunin exams of this were a mess, but they gave me an insight into the kind of character I wanted SI!Sasuke to be. I'm guessing most of you are here because you wanted a Sasuke-centric fic where he is, y'know, actually nice.

I suppose I'm rambling now. I won't delete this fic. This must stay up as a testament to the mistakes I made, so I can learn and leave them behind.

You are all welcome to PM me. It's quarantine for most of us. For some, our health made life before pretty much that of a shut-in as well. I'll do my best to respond to all of you. Progress regarding the new fic will be posted on my profile, most likely.

See you people then, and take care of yourselves! Tread carefully and eat healthy.

~Luster Shady

P.S. This site is banned in my country now. I have to use a VPN to post stuff from now on!