"Ren, come here and look at this."

Ren appeared in the doorway from their bedroom, no longer such a dark figure, instead outfitted in tan garments that made him less pallid. He walked up behind her and peered at the plant by the window sill she pointed to.


With a look, she pointed to the large purple flower growing out its side. It let off a lovely, light perfume that she greedily inhaled.

"Oh. It's pretty."

She turned around and crossed her arm, leaning against the sill. "It only blooms once a year, when the weather gets warm. This is it's time!"

He smiled a little, the way he always did when she was happy over something. "We are lucky, then. We should celebrate."

He drew her near and began mouthing at her neck, and she laughed and pushed him away. "Quit. I've got loads to do."

He cocked an eyebrow at her and pointed to himself with a sardonic smile she knew well. She laughed again and kissed him briefly before slipping away to continue pruning her little inside garden.

A year and a half ago they had retreated to a small cottage on Naboo. The New Empire had indeed fallen after a year long struggle for power. But it had finally had its last gasp, and the resistance—now the People's Republic—had taken control. Leia, who stepped down from spearheading, had again become a senator. Finn had also found his own place with a lovely woman named Freela. Rey missed Finn a lot, and made many calls over their ship to him every week. Leia visited them often now that things settled down despite Ren's distance—but Rey sensed him warming. It wasn't really resentment towards Leia, but guilt and anger he felt at himself. He took many long walks when she came to visit.

Rey enjoyed their peaceful life. It held the predictability she had on Jakku without the constant struggle against the storms and starvation. Even in the winter, Ren consistently filled their cupboards without a word.

They walked to the nearby town a couple times every week, often to rent holos and for Rey to find little things to fill their home. Thick rugs, pretty curtains, little decorated boxes to keep treasures in. Ren seemed to have no preference when it came to this, content with what she liked. But every once in a while he found something he found irresistible—dark, luxurious sheets, a tall, ornate clock, a set of old-fashioned books with gilded edges. He placed these things around their bright, cozy home with a meticulous eye until it reached his satisfaction.

He had eased into being a different man. Gone were the violent outbursts, although he still had a stubborn temper equal to hers. Instead he was quieter now, watching and caring for her in his own ways. His cheeks had a healthy flush now, and his skin darkened slightly to a real color instead of the white. He cooked since Rey had no practice with real food, trying to teach her every once in a while. He constantly trained in a clearing not far from home, read holo after holo, and built things out of the wood he chopped, most often for Rey. He made their table, chucking the metal one, shelves for the knick knacks she began to collect, and currently worked on a bed frame. She watched him as he often watched her work on her ship—a gift from Leia.

"Don't you like the things we have?" she once asked him. He shrugged.

"The metal is a lot like the kind I had in the First Order. And I know you like wood."

The sterile, cold furniture was slowly pushed from their home, and she loved him for it.

At night he draped extra blankets over her when she was cold and held her very close. She always laid in bed as long as he did, cuddling for an hour after waking if he so yearned. On his dark days, she kissed him and stayed in bed with him until he was able to tear himself away from his deep well of regret and sorrow. She touched him, stroking his back and kissing his chest the way she knew he ached for. When they made love, they almost always held each other impossibly close, unwilling to part for even a second.

She loved him. She loved the way they sat in comfortable silence, and then long, debated conversations which ended in laughter and sarcasm. She loved the way he always touched her, briefly placing his hand on her waist or brushing her hair back. She hadn't known how much she wanted the sweet affection that was somehow so intimate. She loved their passionate sparring and the long dips in a wide creek afterwards to wash away the sweat. She loved his serious brow and low voice, and the whispers he spoke only in the dark of their bedroom that warmed her head to toe.

She thought of this as she worked in her little garden, weeding away the stubborn grasses. Ren avoided the garden, getting frustrated with the weeds and back aches and bugs. When she made him look at the fruits of her labor he hummed appreciatively and then retreated back into his work shed.

She stood and went to their pump to wash the dirt of her hands, pausing to squeeze the warm dirt between her toes. She heard him in their kitchen, most likely preparing a late lunch. Her heart felt very full as she thought of him making their food with the same gentle care he touched her with.

She padded inside and he glanced up at her as she stood in the kitchen.

"I think the water pipe to the refresher had rusted again. I think I'll have to replace it after lunch, if you want to help."

She didn't answer, just went behind him and wrapped her arms around his broad body. He stiffened and then relaxed.

"What's wrong?" He asked, putting down his knife and twisting around to hold her properly.

She pulled him down for a long, suggestive kiss.

"Aren't you hungry, love?" he asked lowly, stroking her cheek with her thumb. She was, but she didn't care and shook her head.

He kissed her deeply until she slid her hands under his shirt, feeling the little dips of scar tissue among the form muscle of his stomach. He broke the kiss then, eyebrow raised.

She gazed at him, and his lips broke into a smile. He picked her up and she let out a squeal of protest.

"Not in the kitchen again, I've got food out," he muttered, carrying her into the bedroom. He threw her onto the sheets and was on top of her, tugging off his shirt in the process.

She ran her hands up his chest with a sigh as he hurried with her leggings, pulling them down and off her legs. He kissed her calf and then her thigh before dragging her down the bed to him so he could pull her shirt off.

She sat up in his lap and kissed him, hard. His large hands stroked her sides and slid beneath her breast band, causing it to slide down her stomach. He broke the kiss to latch onto her breast, and she moaned. He moved up to her neck and she ground against him, causing him to hiss and pull away from her.

"Minx," he breathed as she began undoing the buttons of his pants. He was already straining against them, the large outline of his cock fighting against the material. She palmed him, squeezing lightly just to tease him. He rewarded her with a groan and a push back against the bed. He knelt before her as he tugged down his underwear and pants, finally bare before her.

She went to strip herself of her own underwear, but he stopped her, instead opting to kiss down her stomach and peel them off her himself. Throwing the small piece of fabric away, he latched onto her core, running his tongue up and down her, humming as she gave a loud, headless moan.

"Oh, Ren," she said, and felt him smile against her. He wouldn't let up, plunging two fingers inside her as a tease, because she longed for him and the fingers were a pale comparison. But soon enough she was thrusting her hips forward and coming with a loud cry, stars littered across her vision.

She saw he was pleased as he made his way back up to her. She ran a hand through his dark hair and he kissed her deeply. His member dragged across her center as she threw her legs around his hips, opening to him eagerly. But he was a tease, and only ground against her.

"What do you want?" He whispered when she growled at him. She didn't answer, only trying to thrust up against him.

"Tell me, love," he whispered again.

"You," she mumbled, tightening her arms around him. "I want you."

He sighed and slid inside her and her hips bucked up to take him even deeper within. She was full, so full and yet the ache still persisted. He began to move slowly, back and forth.

"I love you," he told her, and she kissed him.

"I love you too," she said.

They rocked together in tandem, the rhythm familiar. She dug her fingernails into his back and urged him on, which he did with fervor. The back of their bedframe began to hit the wall again and again with each of his thrusts, and Rey tightened around him at the sound.

"God, you're so good," she said. "There, Ren, there."

He plunged faster and harder, just as he knew she liked. She began to suck at his neck, and he groaned loudly into her ear.

"Perfect, darling, Rey," he panted. "Come, sweetheart, come."

She whimpered and he nudged her legs up higher in order to go deeper. She was climbing so fast she could barely breathe. She began to chant his name until finally she yelled it, trembling as she came around him. With two more deep, hard thrusts he was there, burying his face into her shoulder.

They breathed together there, dreading the inevitable parting. When he did roll off her he took her with him so that she covered him with her body, laying her head on his chest.

His fingers drifted up and down her spine. "What brought that on?" he asked curiously.

She hummed and shrugged. "Maybe I just love you."

He chuckled. "I am still surprised every time you say it."

She lifted her head to look at him. "Truly?"

His hand smoothed over her bottom. "Yes. I never dreamed…" His eyes took on a far away look and she laid her head back down on his chest.

"Ren," she started hesitantly. "Do you…do you ever think about having children?"

His hand froze and there was a long pause.

"No, not really," he said carefully. "Not since...you know."

She frowned a little. "Oh." She hadn't wanted any child then. Not with Snoke waiting, not in that house. But everything was different now. She knew she loved Ren, and she knew he loved her. They had a home she loved, and they were safe. She had always wanted a family, a real family.

He sat up, tugging her with him so he could look at her. "You want children?"

She shrugged. Her eyes drifted away, but his hand on her cheek turned her face back to look at him. "You'd want to have children with me? Children who could grow up and be just like me, and like my grandfather?"

"Everyone is drawn to the dark side," she murmured. "We'd raise them properly. We don't fight so often, and neither of us are going anywhere. Don't you want a family?"

"You are my family," he said soberly. "I don't need anyone else."

"Ok," she said, shrugging. She tried to lay her head on his shoulder to comfort the prick at her heart, but he would let her, instead placing his hands at the sides of her face to cradle it.

"You want children," he stated, dark eyes very serious. She hesitated, then nodded.

"Dark haired children with big ears and serious eyes," she said quietly. "Children who will want to help you cook and play in the clearing. Children who we can love and show the ways of the Force, the way of balance."

His eyes took on a tenderness that always squeezed at her heart. "You're wrong," he replied. "They'd have big, hazel eyes and wavy brown hair."

She smiled. "They'd trample the garden and muss up the beds and play in the sawdust of your workshop."

He stroked her hair. "They'd bother us day and night and wander off into the woods and clutter the place with toys and rocks and who knows what else."

Her chest was tight and she only nodded. He leaned his forehead against hers. "I'd have to build on another bedroom," he said. "You'd have to get your implant removed."

"Would you really want it?" She asked.

"Yes," he replied. "I'd be afraid, but I know you could keep me steady. You always do."

She smiled and stroked his cheek. "We are having a baby, then?"

He smiled back. "We are having a baby."

She threw her arms around him and held him tight. "Let's go right now to town and get the implant removed."

He laughed loudly and kissed the side of her head. "Let's eat lunch first so we can have energy to make a baby."

Her mind was spinning. Wait until she told Leia! She wondered if she could persuade her to come and find a home here on Naboo. Surely she'd want to see her grandchild often. She could make Finn and Freela the godparents, and paint the baby's room a bright yellow. BB-8, who stayed with Leia, would love to roll around with a child. She felt like bursting, thinking about it all.

She kissed Ren and kissed him until she was short of breath. "I'm so happy," she whispered to him, gazing into his eyes. "I love you."

He placed a very soft kiss on her lips. "I love you too."


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