Author's Note:

I watched Logan on March 2 and I haven't been able to think of anything else. Honestly. I've literally binge-read thousands of words of Wolverine related fanfic and started an X-Men movie marathon just so I can savor Logan's character longer on screen. Hugh Jackman too, of course.

I loved and hated the ending of Logan. Hated it because it's such a final goodbye and loved it because it was a perfect ending.

The movie Logan moved me so much that a plot bunny formed by the time I watched it a second time two days later. The plot bunny grew fatter and fatter that it's now pouring out of my fingers in the form of typing words that can't be contained.

After tossing and turning in my sleep, I've decided to write this – whatever this is! Honestly, I have no notes, nothing on what I'm planning to write. Just a sliver of an idea that literally began with:

What if it was a late twenties/thirty something nurse that took off with Laura in search of Logan instead? You know, someone still with Latina heritage. Not a stunning beauty, but someone that has certain features that would appeal to Logan even in this Old Man Logan version of him. Someone that's not fiery or challenging like Jean, or a sassy southern drawling Marie, or a mysterious Japanese heiress. Just…someone normal? Normal enough to appeal to this older version of him not looking for a challenge, this older version of him that, I think, is looking for comfort even as he receives it kicking and screaming.

That's where it took off, really.

And so here it is. This is an impulsive start to a story with an ending I'm not sure of yet, but here we go.