"I mean, really, Annabeth, Percy's not that impressive."

Annabeth only stared at Piper with calculating gray eyes as if regarding her statement; it seemed to Piper as if Annabeth was actually planning her downfall or something. But Piper knew that the daughter of Athena had a problem with pride, and Percy was something she was definitely proud of. So Piper was not going to apologize. She only stared back at her, holding Annabeth's gaze.

"You could say so," said Annabeth. "He's not actually that impressive, if you analyze his achievements."

Piper was astonishedーwas Annabeth Chase agreeing with her about something that surely they both disagreed on? She decided to play along.

"What has he even done, anyways?" asked Piper.

"Well," started Annabeth with an emotionless face, "He retrieved Zeus's lightning bolt and killed the Minotaur at twelve years old. He sailed in the Sea of Monsters with me at thirteen. At fourteen, he went on a quest to save Artemis and I from Atlas, and we held the sky together. At fifteen, we ventured into the Labyrinth and came out alive. And at sixteen, we all fought in the Titan War and Percy took on Kronos himself. And not to mention, he just saved Camp Jupiter from a bunch of monsters and freed Death from his chains in Alaska, retrieving the legion's eagle in the process. Not that impressive, when you think about it," she finished, all the while keeping a straight face and casual tone.

Piper was astonished and opened her mouth to retort, but couldn't say anything.

"Ohーhe also turned down immortality for me," added Annabeth once she saw Piper speechless.

The smirk on her face was so evident as Piper walked away that she didn't even need to look back.