Misty Waterflower hummed happily as she strolled down the Saffron City Shopping District's busy sidewalk. It was a beautiful spring day, and the weather was only complimenting her already sunny disposition. She ducked into and out of several different shops, carousing their selection of spring and summer wear, excited for the proposition of spending much of her time on the sand and waves. She had another couple of hours to kill before she had to pick up her wedding dress.

Yes, Misty Waterflower was engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors in the region. He was handsome, successful, and best of all, was absolutely enamored with her. She supposed he had been for a very long time. Chuckling to herself, she stepped into another shop. This one had different high-end household appliances for sale that she knew she and her soon-to-be new husband would need when they finally moved into the giant seaside cottage he had procured with her in mind. She blushed at the thought and placed her hand against her hot cheek. There was almost no way she could be happier. This time in her life was almost perfect. What other girl could boast about this kind of a man?

She continued browsing around the various stores in the shopping district. She acquired a few bags with some new outfits and even a few more wedding necessities. She checked her watch again and saw she had about 15 minutes before her dress would finally be completed. She could not wait to try it on and show it off to her silly sisters, Dawn, and May. They would all be so jealous. She smiled mischievously at the thought as she realized suddenly she had a craving for ice cream. Ice cream before a wedding dress fitting? Could she swing that? Sure she could. She'd swim it off that night with Gyarados.

She turned at the next corner and made a bee line for the corner ice cream stand. The small shop was fairly crowded, but the line seemed to be moving quickly enough, and she still had enough time to make it to the department store where she would be picking up her dress. She stood in line and looked around aimlessly. A tuft of black hair caught her peripheral vision and brought a sense of sudden familiarity, but the owner turned the corner and she shrugged, putting it out of her mind. She grabbed her small pistachio cone and then made her way around the corner and toward the department store.

She finished it quickly and, surprisingly enough, didn't even drip any on herself anywhere! It really was turning out to be a magnificent day! She entered the department store and made her way to the escalator. She admired the décor as she rode up. The large metal ornaments hanging from the ceiling always had fascinated her. Their twisting forms reminded her of the waves in the ocean that she enjoyed so much. And soon she would enjoy that soothing shape every time she looked out her huge rear deck window with her soon-to-be new husband.

She reached the top of the escalator and admired a display of shoes on her left, and some springtime dresses on her right that caught her eye on the way to the bridal department. She made a note to come back to try them on after she'd gotten the dress.

The fitting went splendidly. The dress hugged her curves perfectly and flowed down past her feet just like a rising tide. It was a light blue (as the wedding's entire theme was to revolve around) and ended just above her chest at its top. She snapped a picture of herself in the mirror and texted it to her sisters, Dawn, and May with an emoji sticking its tongue out (of course with the explicit instructions that they were not to share the picture with the groom. Misty was nothing if she wasn't slightly superstitious after all). The texts she received in return, a mixture of admiration at her beauty and jealousy of her luck in love, all made her giggle profusely as she took the dress off and had it bagged up.

She paid for the dress and then decided to make her way to the tuxedo department just to grab another glance at the set they'd chosen for the groom and his groomsmen. It was a classic black tux with a light blue shirt and bowtie. It was certainly simple enough, and she was more than satisfied when she held up the picture she'd taken of herself and contrasted it with the tuxedo. Smiling broadly and nodding in approval, she turned quickly as she placed her phone back in her purse, and then promptly ran her face smack dab into a firm chest and fell flat on her backside, dropping her dress and all of her bags.

"Oh my gosh, miss, I'm so sorry!" A man's voice apologized profusely as he helped her up and grabbed her bags, not looking at her.

She accepted the stranger's arm as he helped her and she dusted herself off and straightened out her dress and said, "Oh it's not your fault. There's no need to apologize. It was my fault. I wasn't loo-"

Their eyes finally met, and she dropped her bags all over again. "A-Ash!?"


They just stood there for a moment, mouths agape, neither breathing, as they took in the sight of one another. She saw a tall, muscular, dark haired man with a sharp jaw and dark stubble all over it. His hair was spiky and wild as she remembered it, but a little longer. He wore a black form fitting t-shirt that showed off his well-defined chest, abs, and arms…and what the hell was she doing focusing on any of that? But the thing she recognized the most was his height. Her head only made it to his chest now. His CHEST!? Had she shrunk? No, she'd grown too. He was just that tall….

He saw a stunning, curvy, very…erhem…well-proportioned woman in a yellow flowery sun dress that hugged her in just the right way in all the right places. She was taller than the last time he'd seen her, but she was still so petite compared to him. Her hair was…oh man it was still in her patented side ponytail, but it was so much longer…and more lustrous…and he wondered what it would feel like between his fingers…and WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING!? But the most stunning thing he noticed, just like he had the last time he'd seen her, was her blue-green eyes. He'd still never seen eyes like that that had captivated him like those orbs had…and did.

Misty shook her head and reached her hand out to diffuse the awkward moment. "Well as I live and breathe, Ash Ketchum! How have you been!?"

Ash shook his head slightly and reached out and shook her outstretched hand amicably, "Misty, it's so good to see you! How long has it been?"

"Well I think about eight years, right? How have you been? I saw you finally win the Pokemon League those years ago!" She smiled brightly at him as he gathered her bags again and handed them to her.

"Yeah," he replied and scratched the back of his head nervously, "I got your voice message congratulating me. Ah…sorry I never got back to you. I really meant to, but then I lost my phone and your number changed and…"

She waved her hand and shook her head, "Ash for goodness sake, I'm not worried about an unreturned call six years ago. I'm really happy for you! You truly are Mr. Pokemon Master now I guess. And you've done a lot of good as the champion. I know my job as gym leader has been much smoother the last few years."

"I'm really glad to hear that, Mist," he said, and thought he noticed her eye twitch a little when he said her nickname, "I worked really hard on some of those reforms. I'm glad to know they're helping. And I also know the Cerulean Gym is one of our most prestigious in the entire league. I know we have you to thank for that."

She blushed lightly, "Well to tell you the truth, Daisy and Tracey have helped a lot in that repect too."

"Oh please, Mist," he laughed, "don't sell yourself short. I've read the reports. I know what stimulated the turnaround at your gym."

That brought them to a slight comfortable silence for a moment until Ash saw what she had in her hands.

"So, ah…you're in the bridal department…with a wedding dress huh?"

"Oh yeah," she said, "I'm actually just picking up my wedding dress right now."

At that, she could have sworn she saw Ash's eye twitch slightly.

"Oh, you're getting married? Well, who's the lucky guy?" he asked cordially.

"You remember Rudy Trovita, right?" She could have sworn she saw another eye-twitch, but knew she must have been imagining it. He smiled and nodded and she continued, "Yeah, him. He asked me about ten months ago. I finally said yes about eight months ago." She laughed.

She suddenly realized that he too had a large bag from the tuxedo department, "It looks like you're getting ready for a wedding too," she pointed out.

He seemed like he had forgotten that fact up until that point, "Oh yeah. Heh…it's my wedding." Did her eye twitch again?

"Yeah, I heard you'd gotten engaged several months back," she said. Did her voice suddenly lower?

"Yeah, about eight months ago actually. It's coming up in a few days as a matter of fact," he said.

"And her name is Serena?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, I suppose you probably heard that from Tracey, eh?"

She nodded slowly.

"Hey," he said excitedly, almost startling her, "Why don't you and I go out and grab a drink and bite to eat really quickly? I'd love to catch up more with my best friend!"

Why did she shudder when he called her that? "That sounds like fun. I've got the whole day free, so I can spare a couple of hours I suppose!"

"Great!" Ash said excitedly, "I know this great little bar and grill just down the road from my hotel!"

"Alright, Ash," she said smiling, "let me drop this stuff in my car and then you can lead the way!"

Misty's head hurt. Like a lot. That was the first thing she could think of when she slowly woke up the next morning. She grabbed it and massaged her temples slowly, trying to relieve some of the pain. The next thing she realized was that she was naked. Why was she naked? She never slept without at least a nightgown on. This was certainly new. The next thing she realized, with a considerable amount of shock, was that she was not the only one in her bed…and she was also not the only one NAKED in her bed. That was DEFINITELY new.

Her eyes shot open and introduced more pain into her head as the streaks of sunlight from the not-all-the-way-closed blinds entered her irises. She was staring at a strange window in a very large, but equally strange room. The other naked body she sensed was behind her, and she suddenly noticed that an arm extending from that naked body was wrapped around her waist.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit, was the next thing that went through her mind as she began to slowly try to lift the muscular arm off of herself. The body spooning her began to stir and something poked into one of her butt cheeks.

"EEK!" she shrieked as she realized what it was and jumped out of the bed desperately scanning the room for her clothing.

"Wait, wuh!?" the other person sat up suddenly, and she groaned when she saw who it was.


"Uh…g-good morning, Ash"