Author's note: I had this story up back in 2015, but I deleted it. I've decided to restart it. Each chapter will be short, but will feature whatever game I want the gang to play. Just something small I can work on the side.

Chapter 1 – Super Mario Bros.

"We're going to Chiyo-chan's house! We're going to Chi-"

"Tomo." Yomi sighed and put her hand to her forehead. "Can you stop repeating that? You're starting to give me a headache. More than usual, that is."

"Hehe…" The wildcat grinned and turned to her best friend. "Can ya blame me, Yomi? We're lucky enough to be friends with a girl with a super COOL house!"

"We're going there to study. Right, Osaka?"

The addressed girl in question blinked for a moment, and cocked her head. "Study? I thought we were gonn' hit up Chiyo-chan's beach house."

Another hand.

"It's October, Osaka."

"Well, that's why it sounded fishy."


Tomo wasted no time in dashing towards the front gates, Yomi being too tired to stop her. What happened next would change everything….


"Oh….come on…"

Chiyo Mihama sighed as the familiar jingle of the life lost rang through her ears for what felt like the hundredth time that day.

The prodigy adjusted her strap and looked towards her companion.

"Oh, I'm on my last life Mr. Tadakichi. I can't lose this time!"

Chiyo only heard a bark in response. Naturally the dog wanted her to win as much as his owner did, the little scamp.

"Come on, Mr. Mario. We can save the princess!"

The plumber dashed forward and dodged a few fireballs, nearly slipping into the lava below.

"Kyah! Nonono….."

"Hi, Chiyo-chan! Let's-"

Chiyo shrieked as Mario slipped and hit the lava, falling into his defeated stance. The young girl could only whimper as she heard the Game Over sound for the fifth time that day.

"What the….?"

Chiyo turned and shrieked again, this time falling off the couch and hitting her head. To her surprise, her friends Yomi, Tomo, and Osaka had entered the room.

"Video games, Chiyo?" Yomi raised an eyebrow.

"It's not what it looks like! I-I….uh… s-see…."


Tomo wasted no time in jumping over the couch and grabbing the Wiimote from Chiyo's hand.

"I can beat this game, no problem!"

Osaka hummed and sat down next to Tomo. "Oh, that's Mario! I always wondered….is he Japanese?"

"What?" Tomo grunted as she began 1-1. "He's Italian, duh."

"Yeah but…..Nintendo is Japanese, ain't it?"

"Oh no!" Chiyo got to her feet and shook her head. "I'm so sorry for not letting you in! Please, let me get all you some drinks…."

"It's fine, Chiyo-chan," Yomi assured the girl. "Tomo, we didn't come here to play video games!"

Tomo cheered as she cleared the first flag of the game, pumping a fist.

"Oh relax, Yomi, video games are fun! And when's the last time we ever saw Chiyo-chan play one?"

Chiyo turned red and covered her face.

"I…..I don't have too many…..but I just wanted….to beat this game…."

"WHAT?!" Tomo laughed as she sped Mario through the caverns of 1-2. "Super Mario Bros. is like the game every person on the planet has beaten!"

Osaka squinted and looked at the other games on Chiyo's shelf. True to her words, Chiyo only had a Wii console, with a few titles. Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii….the game Tomo was playing had to be a virtual console title.

"Say…..what video games do you have, Tomo-chan?"

"Me?" Tomo cursed – much to Yomi's anger – at shrinking due to a goomba tap. "Tons! Have this too, but not for Wii. I actually have my dad's old Famicom! Cool, huh?"


"Tomo! You're not going to play this game the whole day! I'm sorry, Chiyo, she-"

Chiyo was watching in amazement.

"Tomo…can you beat this game?"

"Well, yeah. I told you, it's easy."

"Please do it! I…..I won't be able to concentrate…..that losing music….it always makes me so…sad…."

Yomi sighed and sat down next to Osaka, placing a hand on Chiyo's shoulder.

"It's okay, Chiyo. This game frustrated me when I was 11 too."

Chiyo spun around and looked at Yomi in tears.

"Ah! I mean-!"

"Say Tomo, can I play when you lose?" asked Osaka.

Tomo glanced at the screen as she warp skipped to world 4. She hadn't lost a life yet.

"Yeah, whatever. Chiyo-chan, I hope you're ready. Cause we're gonna show you tons of awesome video games, and you're gonna play every single one!"

"Wow….." Chiyo sniffed and wiped away her tears. "That sounds….fun!"

Yomi sighed again, but she couldn't help but smile at the joyous look on her friend's face.

Tomo…'re such a goofball.


Next game - Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver