[pic] Forever I never knew How much you loved me Now you tell me

And I stand here not knowing what to do I've been alone my entire life Now I'm here with you

Why do I feel this way? Why is my pride failing me? My father taught me every day

How to fight Win against so many things Never let your pride fail you he said You can learn Even when you sleep in your bed

He told though one day Love would find its way Is that day to today?

He said love is the only thing That can take your pride away But continue to sing Love can be a good thing

So boy Help me Please don't make me a toy You know I love you boy

Do you love me too? Don't speak I know you do

So give me this One fight To live In a wonderful bliss

My love I'm afraid To look above

For this bond Is to strong

Im falling I'm crawling I'm bawling

I cant take it no more I love you Forever more

Baby so fine You know now You're mine

Never for another Female to touch Mine forever My lover