A/N - Hey everyone, I'm baaaaaack! And hopefully with better writing, as I know there's stories on this account that are going to get complete rewrites. Thing will pick up in a chapter or two, I've just gotta get boring introductory stuff outta the way first.

The wind howled through the trees, drenching anything that dared to be out. The rumbling and crashes of lightning shook the skies, their brief flashing bringing brief respite from the stormy darkness.

In the safety of the rain forest, a Rainwing egg shook before the shell shattered. Darkness enveloped the hatchling as a curious chip rang out. Unbeknownst to her, the storm raging high above marked a death, and the wavering hope in a prophecy to save all of Pyrrhia. They often say however, that ignorance is bliss. Taking a clumsy step, almost tripping over her tail and wings, she huffed as vegetation met her. The dark red of annoyance spread over her scales, the curiosity to explore strong. Craning her neck to look behind, she saw that the only openings were above. Fruitlessly flapping her wings, her determination faded as a yawn overtook her, the rain outside comforting, until the wind would remind those around of its presence with a loud shriek, and the lightning with a rumble and crash. /span/em/p

A new sound reached the hatchling's ears, the faint sound of leathery wingbeats growing stronger every second. Cocking her head to the side, the curious Rainwing perked up, purple and orange swirling with the red on her scales. Flapping her wings and sending water droplets flying, she folded them back in with a satisfied huff before continuing to stare upwards, the urge to hide tugging at her. Before she could change her mind, the wingbeats came to an abrupt halt, a soft glow filtering into the nest. Twitching an ear, she could hear the faint sounds of wings being tucked in over the storm.

Taking a stumbling step back as a dragon's head poked in through one of the holes, she quickly righted herself before taking a better look. Her ruckus caused the dragon to look at her, and mutter under his breath before continuing to look around the nest. The dragonet chirped in wonder at the glowing stripes on the dragon's head and snout. She could make out the silhouette of two large, back sweeping horns, aided by the glow. Letting out a panicked yelp as he leaned farther in, she scrambled away before observing once more. She spotted his talons reaching for an egg, spider web thin cracks already visible on the shell. Confused, she let out a chirp as he took the egg from its spot, the soft glow leaving as the dragon withdrew, leaving the darkness of night in its place. The nest shook slightly as he took off, heavy wingbeats soon disappearing as the rain and wind covered them.

Making her way over to where the other egg had lain, the dragonet looked from the spot to the openings in the ceiling of the nest several times, confusion evident on her face. Tiredness soon dragged her down into the darkness of sleep, collapsing where the stolen egg had been.