Iris lay sprawled out on the stone pillar. Her bright red wings matched the colors of the setting sun were stretched out across the prison and her tail flicked lazily.

She wasn't relaxed, per se, it was more of a, 'I've got nothing better to do in this horrible place so why not enjoy some quality sun-time?'

Wingbeats rang out in the sky above her, but Iris had learned to ignore them by now. The Skywing soldiers were always practicing drills somewhere in the sky, though Iris was surprised they were doing this late in the evening.

The steady thrum of wings set Iris's mind at ease. She mused over the things that had happened in the past days now that she finally had the time to just sit and think.

Let's see, I threw a pinecone at Queen Scarlet, tried to help some kidnapped dragonets who lived under a mountain, failed to rescue said kidnapped dragonets,I got taken away to the Sky Kingdom, made a friend, my friend got killed by a dragon who is constantly on fire, found out my best friend is a murderer and found out another dragon I know is a murderer because she melted someone's FACE off. But, hey, at least I got to watch a trial, that was fun. Oh, wait, somebody got murdered during THAT too.

I hope Jambu's not too worried about me. I don't think I've ever been gone this long before. Oh, and I missed my lunch with Loris! She's going to be so sad!

Iris sighed and flopped over, letting the last few rays of sunlight for the day wash over her scales.

Then there's the case of Grouper. He killed dragons in the arena. He promised he would never do that, he promised! Maybe I can forgive him? No, he killed innocent dragons. I can't forgive him! Never!

She closed her eyes and curled her arms around herself, That's enough thinking for today. The noise of her thoughts faded and she almost thought she could drift off when a loud shrieking noise interrupted her.

Iris jolted out of her half sleep. What was that? It almost sounded like a hawk, maybe an eagle? She looked up at the night sky, but didn't see any bird silhouette. Three more cries rang out, each one a slightly different pitch. Her head turned this way and that, trying to find the source of the noise. What type of bird is that? I must be a pretty sad excuse for a Rainwing if I can't even figure out one bird call.

The sound continued, echoing throughout the sky. Each cry was slightly different, either lower or higher, and there were pauses between each. It seemed almost like a song, every few notes starting again with a slightly changed pattern. It itched at Iris's ears, something familiar about the tune…

A thought struck her suddenly like a tree branch to the head. I've heard that before, it's a song. Grouper used to hum it on the beach while we made sandcastles! Someone's playing a song somehow!

Then, out of the dark, a low, solemn voice rang out, "Oh the dragonets are coming…"

Then another, from the opposite side of the circle, "They're coming to save the day.."

There were dragons, prisoners, from all over Phyrria, singing together, "They're coming to fight… For they know what's right… The dragonets…"

Iris thought for a moment about joining in before deciding against it. She already knew that her voice sounded like, at least according to the dragonets in the nursery, 'A dying macaw who is also falling from really high up, like, super high up,', and she didn't need to prove that to a bunch of prisoners. She could hum along though, so, that's what she did.

Listening to the words, Iris noticed something.

The dragonets, why do I keep hearing that name? Grouper never mentioned anything about it, at least I don't remember him mentioning it. Is this one of those things that dragons who grow up outside the rainforest know about? Argh, why couldn't I have grown up in the Mudwing Kingdom, or the Skywing Kingdom, well, definitely not the Skywing kingdom, but anywhere but the Rainforest!

Well, that's not true either, I'm glad I got to grow up with Jambu as a brother. He was always nice and supportive, he just didn't really understand.

Wait, what was I thinking about again? Let's see, Jambu, Skywing Kingdom, Growing up outside the Rainforest, oh, yeah, the Dragonets.

Maybe they're some form of an underground organization, or prophesized super-dragons! That's kind of crazy, but anything could be true at this point.

Iris let her mind calm down and listened as the song picked up speed. More and more dragons began to sing. She smacked her tail on the stone in time with the music and continued to hum along.

If only Grouper were here, he was such a great singer, at least when I last heard him. The thought made her smile sadly and her eyes wandered out across the sky, slowly lowering to the arena.

Suddenly a jet of fire burst the arena doors wide open and two dragons stormed out onto the sand.

"Stop that infernal racket right now!" Burn roared.

The singing stopped abruptly, everyone too afraid that they would be the one blamed.

Down on the sand, Queen Scarlet pointed at Tsunami, "You," she pointed at Starflight, "You," then pointed at Clay, "Well, probably not you, but get down here anyway."

Finally, she turned her claw to Iris, "And you."

Guards flew up to collect the dragonets. Iris stuck her tongue out at the ones who took her down the ground.

When they got there, she inspected the three dragonets who were there with her. Starflight, a scrawny Nightwing, Tsunami, a Seawing who Iris had only seen angry, though at that moment she was giving Clay a concerned look, Clay, a sturdy looking Mudwing who dried mud and blood crusted on his scales.

"Bring them this way," Scarlet snapped, disappearing through the doorway and into the dark tunnel with Burn.

Iris gave one last look at the night sky before following the guards into the tunnel.