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She lifted the stuffed bear from the ground.

The blue toy was ripped and tarnished by every stitch, dried up blood staining it's belly and paws.

Something about this object was oddly familiar. Of course, everything in this strange land was a bit familiar, but this . . .

The girl turned her gaze towards the highest mountain, it's peak marked by a black flag of a skull and cross bones.

She dropped the stuffed bear on the ground when she heard a scream.

Turning her eyes back to the toy, she couldn't believe her eyes.

This stuffed bear . . . this inanimate object . . . it was screaming.

The stitches holding its mouth ripped and released a blue gas.

Its black, beady eyes were full of tears.

What . . . what's going on?

Mabel woke up with a start, beads of sweat rolling down her neck.

She was back in her room, everything was back to normal. It was all a dream.

It was still dark out, and the clock showed three.

Out of breath from this horrifying, stressful dream, Mabel stepped out from under the covers and headed to the window, leaning her arms on the windowsill and breathing in the cold night air.

She looked at the trees. The moon was reflecting its light on their right. The girl's mind began to drift to the philosophical meaning of how the fact that there was light on one side of the trees had no effect whatsoever on the darkness on the other. In order to disappear, it must have another light shine on it. From another source.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden CLANG outside.

She tilted her head and saw a figure walking towards the shack. Turning to her brother's bed, which, she noted, was empty, she could only assume the figure was Dipper.

Deciding that there was no real reason to worry, Mabel let out a large yawn and crawled back into bed.


Human nature . . . it's getting to me.

Both their human nature and my own touch of it.

Pine Tree has no clue what he signed up for, has he?

"Will Cipher!"

It's Shooting Star.

The demon appeared in front of the girl, who was sitting back in the forest where he had last seen her.

"Shooting Star," he acknowledged her.

"I hate talking to you when you look like a freaking triangle," she complained.

Human nature. Precisely.

With a quick flash of light, the demon became a blue haired young man, who sat beside Shooting Star in the twigs and fallen leaves.

"Well, my human – triangle – phsycologist – thing, hi," Shooting star picked up a few twigs and ripped them up.

"You call me 'phsycologist', why is that?"

Shooting Star let out a long sigh as she dropped the ripped-up twigs in her hands. "You're not human," (Thankfully, he thought.) "And I have full control over you . . . I guess I can just talk without worrying that you'll let a word slip to anyone. What is it that's going to happen?" She added questioningly.

"I'm afraid even I can't know that, Shooting Star." He replied. "It all depends on the human choices, which no one can control but the humans themselves, and not even I can foresee the folly actions of man."

Shooting Star laughed. It was so genuine . . . so pure and joyful. "Not the folly actions of women, though, eh, demon? Up top!"

The girl held up a hand, and the demon engaged in the human action they called a 'high five', his face still gloomy and unsmiling.

"But seriously, things are going way too good for us lately," Shooting Star said calmly while she let her head rest on the demon's knee. "Something bad is definitely going to happen pretty soon."

They both sat there in the morning sun, silently for a while, as Shooting Star braided her hair and the demon pondered exitance, as always.

"You know something, Will?" she broke the silence suddenly. "You really do give me this weird déjà vu feeling, and I go crazy trying to figure out when I met you before . . ."

The demon said nothing.

"I mean, obviously, I haven't met you before – but ever since me and Dippin' Dots summoned you, I kinda see you everywhere . . . is that creepy?"

For the first time, he smiled. "Yes. Very."

Shooting Star then pushed the demon's human form into the fallen leaves, causing him to laugh and give her a 'noogie' in return.

"Hey!" she called laughingly and began to run through the trees, expecting that he was running after her.

"Shooting Star."

The girl stopped and turned, where she saw the demon's human form standing still, his face gloomy and unsmiling once again.

"Thank you," he said.

"What? What're you talking about? For what?" Shooting Star giggled.

"Shooting Star," he let the back of his hand trace her cheek. "It is my natural being to give joy. That is the propose of my creation. It's natural that you feel better around me. More confident, more optimistic. However, by giving out all this joy . . . I have left none for myself. I give joy, Shooting Star, but no one has ever returned it to me. So, thank you, Shooting Star, for giving me joy."

He leaned forward for her lips before she stopped him with a hand between his face and hers.

"Look, I know you're like a million-years-old either way, but just so it won't be weird . . ."

With a flash of blue light a good-looking preteen with blue hair replaced the man.

She smiled.

"Much better,"

Their lips met.

. . .

Human nature.


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