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therefore, NGE will now become FAR more realistic. by which I mean, actually believable.

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"Due to the current state of emergency, all communications have been redirected for Priority 1 channels."

Shinji Ikari slammed the phone back into it's cradle. "Why the hell did I even agree to this?" he moaned, looking at the city around him, adjusting the EFSF Uniform he was wearing. It was a quiet day out.

Too quiet. It probably had something to do with the giant monster he could now see in the distance, being swarmed by dozens of the JSSDF's VTOL gunships.

Well then.

THAT explained what the emergency was. It was just Shinji's luck that a giant monster attacked on the same day that he couldn't easily get to his Gundam [G]. This day was well on it's way down the crapper.

The moment that the monster had appeared, Tokyo-3's evacuation had begun. People were cleared off the streets, headcounts were performed, and shelters were sealed. In theory, every living person in the fortress-city was contained in underground survival shelters capable f withstanding the shockwave of an air-bursting nuclear bomb. This was the first part of a carefully organized and meticulously scheduled plan. The second part, which was executed simultaneously, saw over one hundred tanks and other assorted Mobile Artillery units being arranged on the roads outside of the city, all aiming at the shore, while bombers and VTOLs were readied for takeoff at a moment's notice. The entire process was carefully monitored by both NERV and JSSDF technicians. Within two hours, the entire city was ready for battle.

There was also a third group preparing for war, one that neither of the others knew about. One that had been tasked with overseeing this battle by the United Nations. The Laplace Combat Oversight organization. They had an orbital carrier preparing to unleash a massive force of various Mobile Suits onto what they could tell was going to be an immense conflict.

They also had a man on the ground, one Ensign Shinji Ikari, who had no clue about what he had wandered into. That changed shortly after the battle began, as tanks, jets, and helicopters were decimated by the monster, code-named "Angel-03". Having the burning wreckage of a VTOL slam into the ground a short distance away from them is not something the average person can ignore, after all, and Shinji was by no means extraordinary.

He also noticed the blue Renault Alpine skidding to a stop just inches away from him, being driven by the purple-haired woman that was supposed to pick him up. "Well, what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get in!" she yelled, startling Shinji into action. "You're late," he responded, quickly throwing his bags into the back seat before climbing in. "yeah, well you can blame that thing for MAKING me late," was her defence, as she slammed the gas pedal down and threw the car in reverse, making it leap back the way it came.

As they performed a 180-degree turn and went flying back into the forward gears, Shinji was suddenly VERY glad that he'd remembered to buckle his seatbelt.

"It's worthless! They can't do a thing to that monster!"

"All units, retreat!"

Gendo Ikari's smirk was carefully hidden by the gloved hands that were clenched in front of his face. The military's insistence on involving themselves in the battle had been their undoing. In his mind, the military had nothing that could stand against an Angel. Sooner or later, they would see the futility of their actions, and then they would hand control of this operation over to NERV. They had nothing left, and so they would give up the fight.

One of the Generals overseeing this conflict made a phone call. "All options are expended. Deploy the package," he ordered.

A Missile Silo located approximately 300 kilometres away from Tokyo-3 opened and a cruise missile was fired, streaking it's way towards the battlefield.

Gendo's smirk faded a little it. It would appear that the JSSDF was more persistent than the Scenario had planned for.

Unfortunately for Shinji, the retreat signal didn't get sent to Misato's car.

It was even more unfortunate that Misato had chosen to pull over -now that they had put a good distance between themselves and the battle- and see what was happening.

Misato Katsuragi had obviously not heard what curiosity did to the cat.

"Why are we pulling over?" Shinji asked, thus eliminating him from the pool of Potential Darwin Award Winners.

"I just want to take a look at the fight. Don't worry, we'll be quick," Misato reassured., leaning over him with a pair of binoculars, making one Shinji Ikari feel uncomfortable, as teenage boys typically feel when a beautiful woman is leaning over them. It's biology, get over it.

"They're retreating, why are they retrea-"

The bombshell dropped. Literally and figuratively.


Several things happened at once. Misato grabbed Shinji,and yanked him down into the seat, Shinji's discomfort skyrocketed, and a missile flew into the Third Angel's A.T. Field. Three kilometres away, the camera's on a group of Gelgoogs and Zaku IIs polarized.


Misato's car was blasted across the ground, flipping over like clothes in a washing machine, before coming to rest on it's side, covered in dents and missing all it's windows. Miraculously, it's occupant's were unharmed. Shaken, but alright.




"Hold on, the sensor's haven't come back online yet."

Out of all the JSSDF representatives, General Watanabe was the only one to consider celebrating premature. If anything, he grew even more tense.

"Sensor's clearing... Sensor's online! Blue Waveform detected! The Angel is still active!"

The celebratory mood came crashing down. In the midst of all this emotion, Watanabe sighed and made another phone call. "No joy on target, requesting alternatives," he said.

The reply was as expected. "We're pulling back, NERV's in charge . It's all in their hands now. Let's pray they don't screw up." "NERV is prepared for this conflict. It's the reason we exist," Gendo responded. "Very well. We'll let you handle the Angel then". With that, the Generals departed.

Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki leaned closer to Gendo Ikari, intending to converse unheard with his former student. "Rei is still unable to pilot," he commented.

"Hai, Sensei. A spare is being delivered," came the reply.

"Really? What if he didn't survive the blast? Do you have a contingency ready?"

Gendo didn't reply. How could he? Shinji WAS the contingency.

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