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The most common opinion on how to combat giant monsters has in recent years been to use escalating firepower, the argument being that eventually the weapons deployed will be of sufficient force to at least repel any invading kaiju. There are two critical flaws to this argument: the first is that eventually the firepower that is being deployed will eventually hit the point where collateral damage becomes inevitable, and that said collateral damage will be on an overwhelming scale.

The second is that this approach stands a very reasonable chance of merely pissing the kaiju off, thus wasting perfectly good weapons and causing an unnecessary amount of damage if nuclear weapons are deployed.

This is precisely what had happened during the battle against the Third Angel, and it had a rather unfortunate side effect: not only had the Angel healed rapidly, it had also taken the chance to upgrade, growing thicker body armour and more powerful muscles. It had evidently noted that the humans could actually hurt it, so it had adapted accordingly.

It was also pissed off beyond all reason. Fortunately, what injuries it had taken had forced it to regenerate most of it's body mass, a process that would take several hours.

This was little consolation to one Rebecca Hobbs, as she had been acting as a forward scout for her Mobile Suit Unit when she saw the JSSDF retreat, and had come to a similar conclusion to Misato: If they're retreating now, then I should probably do the same. She did so quite quickly, using the Zaku II she was piloting to get away from the battlefield in a big hurry. An act that brought her out from the hill she was hiding behind, and into the path of the shockwave.

Physics are a surprisingly interesting field, the only problem being that most teachers are terrible at telling you what makes them interesting. What makes physics interesting is the effect that they have on objects around them. For example, a Zaku II travelling away from a several megaton blast at high speed using it's thrusters will be picked up by the shockwave and will travel for some distance, where as one standing still is less likely to do so, and probably won't travel as far.

In this case, the Zaku came to rest quite forcefully on another hill, where physics once again kicked in. The Zaku's armour dented, it's camera was destroyed, and the cooling and communications systems were ruined. Rebecca, however, was just shaken up. If there was one thing that the Laplace Organization did when they recommissioned the Zaku II suits, it was bringing the safety up to their usual high standards.

Misato's car could apparently survive anything. That was the only reasonable explanation for why Shinji and Misato could walk away from an N^2 blast unscathed. As far as Shinji was concerned, workmanship and quality control had saved his life, and that was the end of it. To even consider the alternative explanation -that Misato had gotten them BOTH below the edge of the window, and thus out of the worst of the ride- would require acknowledging that the two of them had spent the brief roller-coaster ride in a VERY compromising position, and he wasn't about to give her that kind of ammunition.

This obvious attempt at denial would be easier if she'd let go of him, though, but Shinji had a solution for that, too. He'd just close his eyes and pretend that Misato wasn't still holding onto him while he tried to make his escape. Shinji reached for his seatbelt buckle, grasping at where he THOUGHT it should be, only to get a handful of something he didn't recognize. It felt quite warm, though.

Wait a minute...

"Uh, Shinji? I don't really mind the attention, but this is kinda a bad time,"

Well, that was the end of that. Within a minute, Shinji had undone his seatbelt, scrambled over Misato and out of the car. That hadn't done his blood pressure any favours, and he knew that his blush was VERY visible. "Too easy," Misato smirked, knowing precisely why he was blushing. It was actually pretty cute...

That particular train of thought was violently (but temporarily) derailed once she got a good look at what was behind them. "What's that thing?" she cautiously asked Shinji, hoping that the answer she got was a good one. Shinji looked towards the object of her curiosity, immediately identifying what looked like a giant, green, heavily damaged robot. "that's a Zaku II!" Shinji yelped, scrambling towards it. Misato had heard of the Laplace organization's Zaku before, but she'd honestly paid little attention to it, so her ignorance can be forgiven.

Shinji's priority at the moment was the Mobile Suit's pilot, but he wasn't too worried. He'd been an MS mechanic before coming to Tokyo-3, so he knew that the MS had quite effectively protected the pilot, and that whoever they were, they were most likely alive. He climbed onto the machine's massive chest and hit the emergency release lever on the cockpit, revealing to him a very familiar face. "Becky?!"

"Hey, Shin. Hope I didn't worry you too much." Sure enough, the pilot was Rebecca Hobbs, ace pilot and Shinji Ikari's best friend. "Uh, Shinji? My ride's trashed. You mind giving me a ride?" Did I mention that she could be a freeloader extraordinaire when she wanted to? Because she really could.

Shinji just sighed, something inside him giving up. 'Sure, why not?' he thought to himself. 'It's not like this day could actually manage to get any weirder!'

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