"Well—I'm fucked." We were all in my bedroom, I felt like shit as I looked at my fellow occupants and held my head. I had to tell them what happened and remember this morning….

"Gah!" I spat out as clutched my chest. The light was back on in my room. Great, A little too late.

I felt a burning sensation lingering on my chest. Was it a dream? What happened yesterday, It-It had to a bad dream, right? No marks on my body, just a dull pain and a sharp headache. I slapped my face with both hands and scoffed.

"Come on, your Alpha, start acting like it." I pumped myself up. It was just dream, I watched too many scary movies with Tanked, heh.Glad I didn't piss myself.

I decided to go to the bathroom, I noticed my closet door was open slightly as I'm walking out—Huh, oddI didn't question it as I left the room and again I swear I heard the door open as I walked out to the bathroom. I entered and closed the door behind me. I need a cold shower, just to keep my mind off of things. I hopped in for a quick rinse: The water rushed down my body coolly—I felt off like something was watching me in the shower...I smirked a little, Let em. They'll love what they see.

After a few minutes I turned off the shower and jumped out. The door was open—I remember that now: I had closed it before and paid no attention to it. I made an executive decision to dry myself off by shaking around the room. Please, like I needed a towel.

I went to the sink and grabbed my blue toothbrush. I pulled off some hair that was on it and rinsed it and as I rose the brush to my lips to brush. Looking in the mirror I froze. The only thing that could be heard was the sound rushing of water: It was still there barely noticeable by the untrained eye, but I felt it on my cheek: A cut across my face from the night prior…

"Shit..." I said.

My heart skipped a beat, a heavy weight was my head as checked for anymore 'Love taps'. I didn't find any and I was relieved for the moment that this was the only reminder of the 'stunning' performance we had last night…Oh my god. I mentally sighed. Fighter is getting to me with his bad puns. I picked up my toothbrush to cleaned my teeth, neglecting the toothpaste, and left the room.

I made my way past the bedrooms of the occupants in our cave with my hands behind my head as I overhear something in the caverns: "Oh, it's pleasure to meet you." I squint as I hear our 'leader's' voice.

"Oh hey...what's your face" Evil spoke up it was clear he didn't care.

"Hey name was...Diane?" Fighter was there too.

As I walk into the living room, I saw her...right in the middle of them. Conversing like nothing had happened before. Then as if she knew I was there she turned her head to me as did the others.

"Morning Lech." Prozac said cheerily to me. I barely register it. My throat went dry as I heard her voice:

"Hey big bleu~" An innocent smile was on her lips. That smile…it made feel frustrated, pissed, aroused and also a brought chill down my spine. This just got awkward and scary at the same time. Scarward? Whatever.

We all sat down at the kitchen table, I made sure I was across from her while everyone else were at my left and right. I tried to not make eye contact; keep my mind off of things. That came natural to me because the only thing I thing registered around me was the sound of boiling water. The kettle was next to the tap on the counter next to the knife rack.

Prozac drank the first sip of tea and she started to chat them up again. Not everyone was awake and if they were they took there sweet time, not that I needed more guys to back me up but...Precautions, right?

"It's... lovely to meet you, Lech is-" Gay stammered for a moment as he held a tray of freshly made chocolate chip cookies for us. "Lucky to have someone like you." He smiled albeit strained, he looked like he was trying to take a dump the way he was clenching his teeth. I rolled my eyes, Finally something edible.

I grabbed some off the tray before he has the chance to tell me to wait, first-come first-served baby.

"Boar." I hear him say as I gobble down the cookies. I smile back proudly, your doing something right.

I have weirdest feeling right now, like something is boring a hole in me... I notice for a brief moment her icy glare. What? I can't enjoy myself or my favourite snack? Was she always like this? So clingy andprotective? I have a great idea pop into my head: I grab another cookie and bite a piece of it off and slowly chew. I gave a satisfying smirk and looked at her with a devious look. Gay saw this and commented.

"Really? You look like you've reached your peak". He scoffed handing me another.

"Don't flatter yourself". I smirked and went back to gobbling it down.

"Careful,' Sara entered the room from the cavern. "Your ugly mug might stay that way". Oh great she's here.

Diane noticed her and continued to smile at her as well. Sara didn't bother to greet her only plopping on the couch with a TV guide in her hand.

Diane spoke again,"Is she the only female here?" her voice seemed a little more stern.

"Fortunately, she isn't. God that would be droll." Gay replied. Earning a raised finger middle from pretty in pink on the couch.

Diane sighed briefly and went back to smiling...did she ever stop smiling? Is anyone gonna comment on this shit?! I put my elbows on the table and lean on them.

"Cookie?" Gay offered. She nodded and grabbed one from the tray the as rest took one as well. At least she's stable right now. Huh, I just noticed for some reason she's slouched poorly in her chair. Then as the rest of them grab the spoils, I start to regret my compliments before: they may have dug me a deeper hole.


"My goodness these are delightful Gay, you're amazing!" Prozac said closing his eyes.


"Striving for perfection Gay? This is amazing." Fighter gobbled it down swiftly as he licked his lips.

Evil didn't bother speaking he shuffled two cookies in his mouth.


The hell is that noise? I lazily leaned on the table...

"Gah!" I slipped and slammed my chin on the table.

The rest shrug, or in her case feign worry. I pick myself up then I gazed at her. Through it all, she sat there and for the second time. I saw her eyes again, No emotion just a dead gaze from her blue eyes. We sat there, it felt like time had froze. Why the hell did I fall just now?

I realized something very vital...I let my gaze wander to the kitchen as I see the tap; the counter, kettle, and the knife rack: Missing one knife—It was gone. I quickly turn my head back to her, the expression was neutral. And just then...

"Why do you have be such a slob?" Gay pointed out the crumbs on my mouth. And he did the unthinkable... he got a napkin and wiped the crumbs off my face... Right in front of her. Her gaze turned sharp, but she said nothing. Prozac either because he was not going to give her a hearty meal or just by sheer coincidence clapped his paws together and saw her out of our cave.

The smile was the last image in my head, you know the grin a big animal get's when they caught their prey? Pretty similar...Never would of thought a monkey could show me that…Screw it, Pride be damned…I need help.

And now, here we are.

I had gathered most of the them here and their all staring at me like I'm an idiot in my own room, Prozac staring at me attentively, Fighter stepping on one of my discarded tissues and I see him cringe as he shook it off and Gay folding his arms.

"We're waiting..." he questioned. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm going to be blunt, guys…" I stare at the group as I sat on my bed. Fighter nodded gave a stern look and remained silent.

"Is it about your lovely female friend? She was delightful to talk too, smiles at the oddest times though". Prozac answered, clearly oblivious. I heard a scoff from Gay as he folded his arms. Something about her fashion sense, I tuned out.

"She isn't welcome here!" I exclaimed gaining my bravado back.

The rest of them stare at me oddly, right need to enlighten those in the peanut gallery.

"Look, I'll try to be brief no interruptions: It was late, I brought Fighter in to my room to spar for a bit and after I graciously let him win-"

"You didn't even land a hit." Fighter exclaimed casually.

I glare at him as Gay snickered. I continued.

He left my room and I decided to use the internet for a bit of...relief. I felt hungry after our sparing session. So, I left my room with a flashlight and went to the kitchen. I ate something small and headed back. As entered my room I tried flipping the light switch in my room...Nothing. I thought nothing of it and walked to my bed with the flashlight to guide me in the dark. I jump in my bed and notice as I laid back a buzzing noise, then I saw lone figure about my size enter the room.

"Fighter, the hell man it's late..." I reach for a flashlight.

"It's me relax." Diane spoke up calmly she closed the door behind her. In hindsight, I probably should have asked what was she doing in my room, but I was preoccupied as she...

"With what?" Gay was tilting his head at me, he gave an inquisitive look.

"I'm sure they were having a lovely conversation." Prozac answered cheerily, he clearly did not want to engage in conversation for context.

Fighter stared at him blankly, "You two were making out weren't you?" He rose his brow.

"Not at first…" I replied. "She gave me some water and then...one thing lead to another and I was on top of her." I grinned proudly they all narrowed their brow at me annoyed.

"Great, so you going to tell us about one of your various booty calls." Fighter scowled uninterested.

"The ones in his head or the non existent ones?" Gay spouted with tired look causing Prozac to chuckle.

I growled. "Anyways, things were getting heated. I could feel the heat of her breath on my neck...then it went south."

"No condoms?" Fighter spoke out bluntly again causing Gay to cough and Prozac to glare at him sternly. Brutal honestly or just being blunt, I can't tell with him. I spoke up again:

I felt lightheaded and then the room went dark. The group looked like they were about interrupt.

I lost consciousness. There less vague.

When I came too I felt groggy and slow. I noticed I couldn't move my arms and legs. The room was still freaking dark, I tried to free myself from whatever was on top of me, no dice. I was stuck. I heard that buzzing noise again, only to see a pale blue light in darkness. Then, I heard it again this time much closer then before.


I finally saw what was making the noise hovering over me and a brief image of what held me down and I got a glimpse of her face: Calm, collected and for the first time, a closed smile as I saw the pale light illuminate her face. I stared blankly for a moment I was lost for words...

"That's a first considering-"

"Stop...Talking." I said to Gay tired as I tried to continue, all eyes were on me and I heard some shuffling behind the door as well.

She narrowed her brow down at me as I laid there still trying to remove the chains. "Don't bother I doubt your strong enough to break steel." She rested her free palm under her chin. "Now, I want you to answer truthfully—You don't care about me, do you?"

I thought about it for a moment. Honestly—I was unsure. Sure, I flirted with her at first and before our little competition I kept in contact with her, but things came up and I started to lose interest...Plus, she kept mentioning something about a break up? I tuned out…She slapped me across the face, hard. That got me out of my thoughts. Her expression hadn't changed.

"Let me guess you're bored with me and you've been seeing other women, you want me to share you?" She showed me her teeth angrily.

"I would nev-"

The group all rose their brow at me suspiciously—They didn't believe me, great—I'll be honest I like to flirt with beautiful woman, one girl can't contain my manly physique and charisma. However, leading her on was not my intention. But she didn't think that way at all.

"I saw you. You took their info and you talked them behind my back." Half of that was true. Tina was attractive as-

"CONTINUE…" Prozac loudly stated annoyed.

I coughed.

"No, I was with my friends." I replied.

She glared down at me, clearly losing her patience. "Doing what?"

I could tell from her tone she was losing her calmness which changed to a depressed low. I felt sorry, so I told what happened that night she tried to contact me.

"You got in a car chase? That's the best lie you can come up with?" Her reaction made me freeze up. The sadness completely left her; "Haha he ha ah ha ha!" She frigging cackled at me.

"That was the truth!" I blurted out.

"Don't raise your tone with me." Her smile was gone again, a glare replaced it.

"Doubt me all you want: I'm telling the truth." She continued to glare at me.

"You're mine." She caresses my cheek. It didn't have the same feeling anymore, especially under steel chains. She noticed and stared at me blankly. It was awkward...

"Normally, I'd love to have a female be-low of me~" I said lecherously with a grin.

Fighter chuckled, everyone glared at him… "That was good..."

She lowered the taser at my cheek and pulled the trigger and all I felt was pain, volts of electricity were being pumped into my body and I felt my chest and my check burn but after that...Nothing till I woke up and for once they were silent. I couldn't tell how the others were taking it...

"Men. Your perverted imagination never ceases to surprise me." Sara spouted out coldly from the door frame.

I quickly glare at the door. Oh no, you frigging don't! She was going to ruin all of my credibility.

I saw Fighter pass her and leave without a word. Shit! Come on!

"She seems so nice. I doubt she'd have it in her to do that." Prozac said narrowing his brow at me.

No. I need help.

"Can you at least put locks on our doors?" I asked. That was still an issue.

"Can't, we got those locks from zoo maintenance and they're fresh out" Prozac scratched his head.

Gay gave a feigned look of concern, "I think his brain might be rotting out, from the 'material' he watches." He snorted.

This was it—No one gave a shit.

"Just...Get out." I said as I waved them out, they each left the room.


The day was normal for the most part, humans gawked at us and we all eat fish for dinner, I grabbed my plate and eat in my room. I didn't want to see them—What a bunch of dicks—I stayed there all day with my laptop and as night came again a knock came from my door. I glanced at it. I wasn't going down without a fight. I grabbed my bat and walked to the door and slowly opened it. It was dark as I stepped out. And quiet…

I heard something to my left and saw a shadow move towards me. I panicked and swung on my weak side. It caught the bat and I felt something behind me cover my face and reach for my legs. They dragged away into a room as I struggled to threw them off. I heard a click and the bag was pulled over my head came off and what greeted me:

"Did you have to kidnap him?" I recognized the voice, it was Cara.

"Hey, he pulled a weapon." Fighter he held his hands up casually.

I turn to see Sara and hear her scoff near her bed. "Plus, It's good practice..." she smiled contently.

Then I smirked a little at the three as I laid back. "Desperate, huh- I'm ready for a foursome...You can watch, Fighter."

The trio glared at me threateningly and Fighter shook his head at me discouraged. "Do you want to die in your room tonight?" he narrowed his brow.

Sara gave me a deathly glare. "I'll throw him in. It'll solve our problems cleanly."

Fortunately, Cara patted her sister's shoulder. "Perverse comments aside, he doesn't deserve to die."

"I think he should be glad we believe him now". I turned my head to see Gay at the far end of the room with arms folded, giving me a fed up expression.

I gave them dubious look as I spoke: "What changed from this afternoon?" They all exchanged odd looks as Fighter spoke up first:

"Well, unless you can explain the table magically went down a foot… Jimmy has a good memory."

"Or the fact that one of our knives is missing." Gay chimed in.

"Or the way that bitch was looking at me." Sara said rolling her eyes.

"Jealous, babe?" I say.

She brandishes her claws, I love it when she's angry. The sound of clapping hands caught our attention, it came from Fighter. "Main point...we got your back for now and Gay has a plan?" He said with a bit of worry in his tone.

Gay counted out the items needed for his plan on his paws. "We need the tranquilizer gun, my brilliance, and-".

"Modest aren't we?" I interrupted.

"We also need you alive..." Gay said, I couldn't tell if it was genuine concern or sass.


"SLEEPOVER!" Cara smiled as she waved her hands tears of joy in her eyes.

Fighter placed his finger on the bear's mouth. "Quiet… I adore the enthusiasm, but we don't know if she's broken in yet."

Gay grabbed his sleeping bag and laid it out. "Your right, we need to guard the door." He clearly wasn't going to be the first one.

"I'll take first watch..." Fighter leaned on the wall with a book, he opened it, and pulled out a book light.

I smirked. "Really? You're going to read a book when there are woman to sleep with?" Granted out of the ones here, I'd gladly have him standing guard over Gay lord, Princess, or Aunt-Flow. I could feel daggers at my back as I said that. Pushing my luck, here.

"I'd rather look over this then be shut down by women... or get stabbed at the rate your going." He replied sharply as he turned the page. I chuckled and turn around, a pillow flies toward my face.

"Go sleep on the other side you perverted weasel." Cara said.

As the two got ready to sleep. I thought occurred to me: "What happens if she breaks into my room?"

"We got a decoy." Gay said as he laid back with his blinders on his face.

"Your lady of the night is standing guard." Fighter chuckled mockingly.

I squinted at him as I realized what he meant. "Which one of you told-" They all pointed to Sara as she grinned grimly. I sighed. At least it's not me. I placed the pillow on the ground and lay down on the floor.

"Just wake me up for the next shift." Gay stated as he placed his blinders on his face and laid down.

"Yea, yea. Just sleep…" He sounded detached as he read through the book.

I yawned and closed my eyes…


"NOOO, Wha-ah-ha-yyy?!" I heard a loud cry coming from outside it jolted me awake.

"Ahhh!" I blinked before rubbing my eyes—That sounded like Nerd just now. Whatever, probably whining about somethingI gaze at the girls slumbering peacefully in their bed's. I smile wickedly.

"Don't...try...anything." I whipped my head around haphazardly to see Fighter staring at me. On closer inspection; his eyes were red and his book was left on the ground beside him, he was laying back on the wall.

"Jeez, You look like shit." He coughed for a moment before rising up, stretching his body.

"Ugh, five more minutes." Gay stated as he rolled in his sleeping bag.

"Let's…go and see what happening...outside". He held his head with his paw and opened the door.

"Right," I looked back at the girls in the room, I inhaled and smirked: "WAKE UP!"

I watched my victims fall out of their bed, Cara fell safely on the left side on her face while Sara fell right on top of Gay as he grimaced in pain in his sleeping bag from the extra weight. I chuckled at them as they growled waking up from their slumber. I exited the room with a simple: "Good morning~" before shutting the door and walking into the cavern. I saw Fighter looking into my room with a grim expression as I walked to him to and peered into my room:

My heart sank...She did it…The one thing I own that care for…I pass the pint-sized purple piss-ant and lumber to my bed. "Buttercup, NO!" I straddled my bedfellow contently; her stuffing was scattered across my bed and onto the floor, she had her only one eye now, it was gouged out and her chest torn open. I laid my head down and stroked her dearly...You were the only victim.

"MY LAPTOP!" Nerd exclaimed.

The only victim.

"Dude, what the crap!" He turned to me with the slashed up laptop in his paws. The screen was slashed to ribbons but the keyboard was fine.

"Hey I didn't do it." I replied.

"And neither did I!" Evil shouted from the cavern.

Nerd growled at me with a furious expression, he almost looked like he was about to cry. Wuss…

"Pay for this!"

"Pssh, fat chance". I scowled. I wonder way she-Oh crap, the pinup. I should have deleted it… I face palmed and watched Nerd shaking with, I assume, fury. I patted his head. "You aren't the only one who has suffered today."

"Oh, for crying out loud-" I hear Fighter sighing before whispering something in his ear.

"Really," he looked at the bear intrigued.

"How much was it?" he asked.

"300?" The little liar. It's not like he's got money. I watched him walk out the room and hear him talking to someone:

"Jimmy," I heard him say. "Get the bag and..."

"Why was my laptop in this condition?" Nerd interrupted.

"My...Ex broke in and probably wrecked it out of spite". He gave me a scowl, but sighed.

I heard the door open as Fighter entered the room. He walked up to him and I watched him pull out wads of cash and handed them to Nerd. He counted it out and gave an odd look, he was surprised.

"This is more than enough."

"Don't worry about paying me." He turned to me and gave a stern look. "Lech, we got do something about this today". He stated before glaring at me with a tired look. I gave him a dubious look.

"How did you get that?" I asked curiously. I might borrow some.

"Clyde and Jimmy. Humans have really lose pockets when their watching us." He grinned.

Nerd walked out the room with a goofy grin on his face.

"Hey, idiots! Get out of there and let's get this over with already!" I heard Sara shout outside the room. We both nodded and walked out of the room, it was time to put our plan into action.

We walked to the park with a picnic basket; A beach towel, rope, and a tranquilizer gun from the maintenance office. Sara also had a cellphone with her, she was typing away on it as Gay jumped into a bush with the basket.

"So, I am going to be left in the dark here?" I asked. I hear shuffling in the bushes.

"Yea, the plan hinges on this." Fighter replied.

"Alright, the crazy monkey lady should be coming soon." Sara looked at the park bitterly putting her phone away. "This better work".

"Believe me," We all turned to see Gay, I felt my eyes nearly jump out of my skull: He had a purple bow on his ear, a purple dress with silver lining across going around his belly and a purple blouse and his claws were painted scarlet red. "I'll make this look good". He placed his paws on his hips and smirked.

"You...Actually look attractive—Granted, I've haven't slept…" I saw Gay blush briefly at complement as well as Cara giving him two thumbs up.

"Do you ever keep thoughts to yourself?" Sara asked.

"Yes, I choose when too liberally." He smirked giving a languid expression.

"No. Whatever your planning, it ain't happening." I bring my hands to my chest and cross my arms. I can't do this.

"Oh my god. Just sit over there and have a nice date with your new girlfriend!" Sara exclaimed.

"Hell. No". I growled. Fighter glared at me, he shook his head dismissively before grabbing my ear. "Ow-ow-ow!" He pulled tightly.

"Listen, we don't have time for this." I growled and swung at him, he caught my fist. I looked at his eyes, I could see veins spreading out- Shit, get some sleep. "I know this is out of your comfort zone, but-"

"Man the hell up! Your pride is nothing if your dead." Sara interrupted. Fighter and Cara nodded.

I saw Gay giving Fighter a worried look, he sighed and let go of my ear. I rubbed my ear briefly, then punched him in his arm as hard as I could. He rubbed his arm annoyed.

"Fine. No one hears about this." I clenched my fist at them threateningly. A shame my menacing threat was made moot as Gay grabbed my arm and starts to drag me away.

"Yeah, yeah. Just get in the middle of the park". I just remembered something.

"Oh, and if you smell something that's chemically, that's her..." I said to them as Fighter gave me a thumbs up with gun and hand as they hid in the bushes…

We waited for what felt like hours...

I glare at Gay, he's fixing his hair, ugh. I decided to close my eyes for a moment...


I opened my eyes quickly and groaned. He's filing his nails—Oh my god, Gay. Really?

I glanced over his shoulder calmly before narrowing my brow. The trio of monkeys are here—Crap, we needed her alone. "Gay, don't turn around." He looked at me dubiously.

"Why?" I grabbed his head quickly and stare at him.

"She's not alone, her friends are with her." Gay gave me a pensive look and he scowled.

"Plan B." I see him reach into basket and pull out lip gloss, red lip gloss. He's applying it...

I furrowed my brow knowingly. "No". I say calmly.

"We have to piss her off..." He whispered as he parsed his lips.

"No amount of tazing will get me kiss you!" I glanced over his shoulder, they're chilling out right in front of the bush—Come on! I see her glancing over to me coldly. I grabbed him and pulled him into a tight embrace my arms are around his waist and the other around his head. We don't have time for that...This is the better...God, this is so Gay.

I glanced again, two of them are arguing fiercely, the larger one is leaning in and chewing her out, I could see something red in Diane's mouth, candy? She was folding her arms calmly while talking to her, I see a bitter smile on her face as she swiftly swept her leg causing her to fall flat on her back with a thud. She tried to get slowly rose up, but Diane placed her knee into her chest—Thawk!

My ears perked up as the third one placed her paws to her face in horror as she watched the victim take another shot to her the face, Diane reeled for another punch. Tina held her cheek on the ground and screamed at her: "What the hell!" She yelled frantically, I assume she didn't see this coming.

"Oh crap". I say under my breath.

"What's happening?" He asks.

"She floored her...I think she's about to-"

"What?" he interrupted me again, clearly worried. I peered over again to see her punch out her friend giving her a beat-down; one blow after another, thack, pause, thack, pause. Over and over again. I noticed Gay's ears flatten. I barely hear Tina's voice:

"You...ah...Mark is…" Her eyes closed and her head dropped to the side.

"No more, Tina. Remember this." She exclaimed as she glared down at her friend, battered and bruised.

The other female rushes to her friend and holds her head on her chest...She gave a relived expression before cowering at Diane staring at her coldly. I watched her pull out something from her mouth, her paw had bit of red on it. On closer inspection, it's a candy cane.

She quickly whipped her head to us, I quickly look back to Gay... I can feel it, he's shaking and looking at me. I know he's scared shit-less, but he's still here with me clinging to me…"It's gonna be okay". I say.

He tightened his grip "I know, they'll shoot her before anything happens". I watched her coming closer...He stopped shaking for the moment. Damn it, your more of a man than me right now… My foot his shaking. I keep glaring at her while holding him tightly, She has something in her paw. Wait, why is she holding it in her...She lurched forward before I could finish my thought:

Shink! Shink!

"Aiyeahhhh!" Gay's shriek barely registered as I see her with a blood at the tip of her candy cane, I look down to see Gay holding his butt, I'm stifling a laugh but as I look up, I feel her hand on my face. I froze...

"I won't hurt-"

Dink, Dink!

She fell to the ground instantly and I sighed relieved. There were two darts in her back, I peered over to the bush to see Sara brandishing the gun. The battered monkey and her friend were gone, I can only assume she helped her out of here before things got ugly. "Took you long enough."

Sara gave me the stink eye before flipping me off, they all got out of the bush. "Tie her up." She said.

"Can-can someone please carry me home?" I heard below me. Gay stood up holding his behind.

Cara grimaced as she saw him try to get up.

Fighter walked toward him. "Don't...move—I'll Carry you." Then turned around for to climb on his back.

"No. You're just gonna get blood on you." Cara grimaced.

"So?" He gave him deadpan expression.

Sara glanced at the picnic cloth. "We can use that to carry him." she pointed to it as Fighter nodded. He lifted him up and placed him on the cloth while Cara went to the front of the cloth.

"Make sure you take care of her." He said as he grabbed the ends of the cloth and lifted it up Gay with Cara.

"I say we bury her." Sara stated. I heard Gay's cry out in pain, he dropped him on the ground like a sack of rice.

"Really?!" Fighter glared at Sara. He picked up his end of the cloth again, Gay giving him a frustrated look. I chuckled.

"You can't be serious." I ask as I fold my arms in disbelief.

"She's a danger to us all—And at least she won't come after me." Sara stated as she wrapped the rope around her.

"That's...Cold". I say gritting my teeth.

"Hey, if she castrates you in your sleep I'm fine with that." She gave him a smug knowing look.

"Can't we...Find a humane way of keeping her away?" Cara asked.

"Euthanize her?" Sara suggested.

"I'm down with that." Fighter said calmly.

Cara gasped and held her paws to her mouth in horror. A loud thud followed after. "That's horrible!"

I look at Fighter dubiously. "I'm beginning to think you didn't want to her bury her for other reasons." I rose my brow at him, he shrugged innocently.

"At this rate, I'll die from a head injury instead of blood loss." Gay scowled at his attendants before they picked him up again. I glanced over to her and narrowed my brow, I felt my chest tighten, Damn it.

"It's not that much blood thankfully." Fighter sighed as he looked over him.

"Okay, I know she tried-"

"Nearly succeeded." I glared at Gay for interrupting me.

"To kill me but-"

Fighter interrupts me, "Dude, You care about her I know but…".

I guffaw. "Pfft, ha ha, please I don't-"

He gives me an owlish expression. "If Sara didn't shoot her, Gay would be in a worse shape." I nodded. "Either get rid off her, or get her as far away as possible." His tone was bitter, there was a bit of malice behind it. I didn't care.

"And how are we supposed to do that?" I asked annoyed.

"I don't know tie her to a tree in the woods." Gay stated annoyed as he groaned impatiently.

Sara cupped her chin. "That could work. We need more things to tie her down."

"Fine. Fine, now carry me. I need medical attention." Gay stated as he grunted in pain. The two started to carry the big baby away leaving me and the smug little princess alone. She finished tying up Diane with the rope.

"Come on, let's get more supplies from maintenance." She walked ahead of me, I look down to her...I shouldn't care about you anymore, but—I shake my head and put her over my shoulder. Her scent enters my nostril...I'm so weak, I- I need to man up.


We stopped in front of a tree, it's nothing special. Just a large oak tree in the middle of the woods. I shake my foot to get off the pine needles from the other trees we past. The dirt is already stuck between my toes all this way, it's starting to irritate me. Did we have to go this far into the woods?

"Alright, you be useful for once." She said as she drops the bundle of rope on the ground.

"I could say the same for you." I grin.

"That made no sense." She scowls back at me. "Just tie your the crazy-ex to the tree and let's go."

"Your not gonna help?" I ask.

"I lead you here, I shot her with the tranqs-" She rattled each of them with a satisfying smirk. "Hmm, seems like I've been doing all the work."

"You didn't carry her here, you ass." I replied.

She tilted her head smiled coyly "Your a strong alpha male, aren't you?"

I march past her while grabbing the rope and placed her on the base of the tree. I stopped to look at her she looked so peaceful. A calm, careless smile was on her face.

"Hurry up, we don't have all day."

I sighed and start tying the rope around her and wrap it around the tree. I'll do this four times the rope is long enough for that, but each time I go around I can't seem to stop for a glance at her, maybe it's the fact I'm still worried she'll wake up and start pleading for me to let her go, not that she deserves it... or maybe—Sara grabbed the rope from me. She was surprisingly silent as she tied the rope around for the final time behind the tree, I folded my arms and yawned. "I'm almost done, say your goodbyes quickly we don't know how long she'll be out for."

I look down at her, she's still asleep. I crouched down and look at her one last time, at a relatively safe distance...I remember the day at the bar where I meet her, it was...a pleasant memory. She laughed at my corny joke, she gave me her contact info and we chatted for small hours at a time...What the hell happened? I'm not the best guy—scratch that I am the best—but what made her lose it like this? The calm, funny, and confident female turned psycho at the drop of a hat?

I hear Sara patting her knees off, it seems like she's done.

I stand up and stretch my legs, that's enough time to gawk. She brushes past me and keeps walking. I start to walk behind her but I stop and glance back, now that I think about her toned legs weren't the only special quality she had. She stood out from the two air-heads at the bar with her darker toned colour, like dark chocolate.

I think I...No-No! Don't you dare puss-out on this! She tried to kill you, twice! I need something—A bad memory, a shitty quality, freaking anything...I clutched my head curiously as I start walking again barely catching up with her. She glanced at me.

"Keep up, I'm not waiting for you again." She scowled.

"Aww, you missed my manly charms?" I say smugly.

"I rather not have to answer why you didn't come back with me."

"Fair enough." I rolled my eyes as we continued to walk...Well, now that I think about it, she was quiet. No that's nothing I need something else. I look to the ground, there's not much but I noticed a broken branch on the ground as we're walking and narrowed my brow. We're we—No, I didn't hear anything—maybe it's a wolf or something.


I snapped my fingers. Now I remember—her cooking was dreadful, like she didn't care what was in as long as it resembles the food was it's fine. Her brownies were the worse offenders, sure you'll taste the chocolate...And everything else is foreign, I swear she put salt in them once when I decided to visit her exhibit for some fun.

We pass a white tree stump and continued to walk, I remember this spot we should be real close to the zoo now. First thing I do when I get back...sleep and nothing is gonna stop me from passing out face first, it's been a long day.